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  1. Well, there is no lobbying effort. I would pickup my kids and get the hell out of there. Nobody would take my kids from me. Statistically that are in far greater danger when "unrelated" caregivers take charge.

    Nobody is coming to save you. Move to a state where it is legal to marry one's cousin  And put this behind you as quickly as possible.

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  2. Our beloved mod Nat is with us no more; she died of natural causes on Saturday. I've been here with her for the past months to help her. She really had nobody. She was really nice and just a bit eccentric in a wonderful way.

    Two days after she died her sister and brother showed up here at her house telling me I had to leave immediately. They even brought her doctor with them; she is my doctor too. It ended with me dropping a lot of f-bombs. I've been quarantining here.

    I will leave soon when I find a safe place to go!! Where were these clowns when I was cooking Nat three meals a day and helping her dress? Oh well. I guess I need to worry about myself now. The Governor has suspended evictions for the time being anyway.

  3. The EARN IT Bill is an attempt to squash encryption that would circumvent the government to read every bit of data coming from your computer. Interestingly, they now frame the issue in a child protection bill; it is not! The bill could possible be the demise of websites such as this one. Per the bill, if I do not play ball, I could be sued for content that users post on this message board. 

    There may be a way to host the site outside of the USA. In any case, the USA will be following great ideals such as communist Russia, China, N. Korea and Iran. This could be the end of free speech as we know it.

  4. On 1/19/2020 at 4:36 PM, CatchyEyes said:

    Hi, i recall i ever used this website last year, yet i cant find any post that i posted that time with this account. Will they erase some topics within a certain time? Or i made some mistake? 

    i cant recall my topic's tittle which is hard to search now. But i never know any other website for this thing.

    Some help please?

    It shows that you have made 9 posts total and that should be correct. I do not know where your posts went unless there are archived -- which is an automatic process. I forget exactly how long messages stay around.

  5. Yeah it would be so much easier to move out of Texas! However, I think you are overthinking everything. You could certainly get a family law attorney and he can guide you through the right steps. This I do know:

    Your kid's relationship to you are son and daughter -- it supersedes anything else. Wife/cousin is just a spouse. 

    Head of household will typically be the way a family would file vs filing separate. Being cousins doesn't change this!

    If you don't feel comfortable with this, it is time to move to a cousin-friendly state. Who says you have to buy your first home in Texas? If you do stay in Tx, your family needs to sit down and understand some legal terms.............

  6. I do not think anything has changed. I suppose there will always be those that drum up the hemophilia aspect and stats that are not representative of cousin couples. A LOT on the internet is recycled garbage. People write these halt-baked articles and put ads on them and post them on the internet. It's mostly kids probably not in high school yet.

    I don't really follow Alan Bitles; however, the NSOGC and Martin Ottenheimer agree that you shouldn't worry about the outcome and they do not recommend any special tests. You should order the book. I posted a paper from the NCOGC not long ago. Maybe you can find it.

  7. Thanks peoples! My doctor prescribed one for me. I will see how it goes. The drug is bupropion and is similar to crack cocaine according to some sources. People are abusing it by crushing it up -- to circumvent the time release mechanism. 

    So maybe I quit smoking and realize I am addicted to this stimulant? I bet it will be a bi**h to get stop using. Just venting. Now see, this is why I wanted the Canadian drug. 

    I can't figure out why they would give this shit to me in the first place. I have PTSD, panic attacks and anxiety. I need a stimulant like I need four cousins fighting over me!

  8. On 11/25/2019 at 8:21 AM, KC said:

    There will be a major price increase in membership fees starting the first week of January. The price will be, maybe, between 14 and 25 dollars. Don't wait for the prices to quadruple +! Get your membership today! 

    The prices now reflect market value. Or financial feasibility value, Sorry if you didn't join in when I said you should, Your ability to read the message board is in jeopardy --- that is the next thing to go,

  9. 7 hours ago, MarcosUve said:

    Why do you think so? Tobacco companies provide their policies against vaping.

    I don't think so. What I have heard is that Big Tobacco is investing heavily in developing their own vaping products because they see the writing on the wall and the demise of their main products.

    My theory is that much of the chemicals used, especially in THC products, are sourced from China, who are poisoning us with their cheap and counterfeit products. When I was vaping, I made darn sure that every molecule was sourced in the USA. If I was still vaping, I would probably mix my own. Menthol, PG and VG that is already mixed with nicotine. Boom! 


  10. Girl, what do you do? Roll up a fat blunt? That is a funny picture in my mind. 

    I usually do not allow links like that, but I will make an exception. If you want to smoke it, your link may be helpful. I would prefer to find some AC/DC buds that are very very low in THC. 

    No--- I have never had diarrhea, but these health products are unregulated. I typically shoot for 50 milligrams/dose. You need to find a company that you trust and stick with them. Here are a few good ones that I have personally tried.

    CBDfx (our sponsor)

    CBDMD (very expensive)

    Balance CDB

    Also, I would stay away from vaping (anything) indefinitely. Look for "full-spectrum" CBD; otherwise, it is probably made from powdered hemp or hemp that should be fed to the pigs.

  11. If everyone else can have a Black Friday sale, so can we! Our prices have been slashed so low that I am not allowed to mention them on the message board. Even the book, Forbidden Relatives, is on sale. 

    If you do not sigh up for a membership now you will be kicking yourself all year. In January, this will all be a dream. 

  12. Tonight I started on our first newsletter. We had one years ago but it didn't gain traction. So, I started with Adobe's In Design. It is going to take some time to fill those pages, so I have decided to make this a quarterly newsletter. It is not just for members, but everyone who has signed up (whether or not you have paid the membership fee).

    If any of the mods or members want to contribute an article, feel free to submit it : [email protected]

    It can be about anything except the humdrum of the usual message board posts. If you are from a different culture, I would love to have an article comparing and contrasting marriage, especially cousin marriage customs. If you can answer questions such as: why are love marriages taboo  and how could one possibly avoid these?  These things fascinate me. 

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