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  1. CM: http://www.cousincouples.com/forum/index.php?action=pm;sa=send;u=41 LadyC: http://www.cousincouples.com/forum/index.php?action=pm;sa=send;u=28
  2. email -at- cousincouples -dot- com if you would like to chat with me. Or contact CM or LadyC.
  3. I can say that everyone isn't going to like the fact that you are cousins. Everyone isn't supposed to like you anyway. Eventually, most people will come around. Religion can be so needlessly divisive. Christians sometimes "eat their own." You should be well versed in the facts; read our pages on religion. The three administrators here are die-hard Christians. I lack a few semesters for my BA in religious studies. Even so, we don't push religion. This is a website about cousins. If you want a religious discussion, please post in the Religion forum. If you have questions, I just have to match up your query with the right answer. I've been married to my cousin for 18 years, so there isn't too much that surprises me anymore. I've been manning these forums for about that long and there isn't much I haven't heard about. It's like a never ending soap opera. Welcome aboard!
  4. Ok it is fixed. That is the last perl script I ever install. They make you want to pull your hair out! :undecided:
  5. It's a permission problem. I will fix it unless CM gets to it first. That is an old hateful perl script.
  6. Hey I'm not going to ban your IP. Uh, I just do not want newcomers to think we are a website dealing with anything but cousin relationships. That's all I ask. So please -- no tag lines about sister relationships. I think that is a fair request. Ok?
  7. Correct. Siblings are not only taboo but illegal with heavy criminal penalties everywhere that I am aware of. I don't know of any websites that deal with that subject matter. Initially, I thought you were a troll. Your relationship is really really far out there. Nothing good can come of it. In fact, it is so far out that I am speechless. Are you sure that you want to pursue this? I can think of nothing else that would ostracize one faster or more completely. This is not a healthy avenue for either of you.
  8. I deleted you. We have never and will never support sibling relationships. You are welcome to find a website that does. If there is a misunderstanding, please PM me; otherwise, please leave.
  9. The admin password only allows you to make changes to the router's settings. Change it. It is usually admin or password,or 1234. THe wifi password will keep out everyone else. Make it unique. Write it down. Have fun naming you network. If you have bad neighbors , could use "neighbor in room 1A is a thief... :evil:
  10. Suppose you neighbors are child porn freaks. They download lots of it through your unprotected wifi. Months go by , then suddenly the FBI is knocking YOUR door down with military rifles pointed in your face. Your dog gets shot right off the bat. This happens too frequently. To protect yourself , you must secure your wifi connection. At the least, uninvited guests will be leaching your bandwidth, slowing you down to a crawl. To secure your network, you simply run your router's setup utility. Here are some sample images of what you are looking for. Make sure you add a password and try to use Wep2 for security. This will keep the pervs and leaches away. If someone asks to use you network, tell them you don't Have the bandwidth. And then act stupid. You may have to google your routers manual to find the steps to enter setup and change the settings. [attachment deleted by admin]
  11. http://wordpress.com and blogger.com are free. Wordpress.org allows you to download the script and install on your own hosting service. That option would cost you but gives you more control.
  12. According to our survey 78 percent believe the relationship with a cousin is "more intense" than others they have experienced. Interesting!
  13. I can't explain it either, but this question had been asked 1000 times here. Many insist that the attraction to their cousin eclipses all others. I think it is true. I've always thought of my cousin and I as opposite pole magnets.
  14. Even without genetics at play, cousins share so much in common that it would seem natural for them to hookup. GSA is probably a factor too. It shouldn't apply to 2nd cousins so much since they aren't genetically more similar than strangers. But they are probably very similar in social/economic terms which people look for in selecting a mate. "Positive assortative mating " might describe second cousins better than GSA. Then again those terms may be synonymous lol. I would have to double check.
  15. Interestingly, many states have passed laws to stop Mormans from marrying underage relatives. The new Texas law that prohibits marriage between cousins was targeted at the 'runaway' Mormon sects. I'm not bashing, I just think it is interesting.
  16. http://www.blogger.com/ http://wordpress.com It seems like I got better traffic with WP.
  17. KC

    yum yum yum

    If it's bar food, I've tried it :-D If it's deep fried and smothered in blue cheese, almost anything would be good.
  18. Those are some good thoughts, Macky. If your religion doesn't allow you to ask questions, it is a controlling, unhealthy mind game. I've heard lots of Christians insist that we shouldn't even question God. Excuse me, but God is the one with all the answers. We have to asking questions. I figure that God gave me a mind, and I'm gonna use it! :drink1:
  19. I married mine. You never totally get over a love. You will be 99 years old thinking about your cousin on the steps of the old folks home. Isn't she smart? And hot as a fire cracker? Good lawd! What are you waiting on? And what is wrong with you? Big up yourself. She can only say no!
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