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  1. Even without genetics at play, cousins share so much in common that it would seem natural for them to hookup. GSA is probably a factor too. It shouldn't apply to 2nd cousins so much since they aren't genetically more similar than strangers. But they are probably very similar in social/economic terms which people look for in selecting a mate.

    "Positive assortative mating " might describe second cousins better than GSA. Then again those terms may be synonymous lol. I would have to double check.

  2. Interestingly, many states have passed laws to stop Mormans from marrying underage relatives. The new Texas law that prohibits marriage between cousins was targeted at the 'runaway' Mormon sects. I'm not bashing, I just think it is interesting.

  3. Those are some good thoughts, Macky. If your religion doesn't allow you to ask questions, it is a controlling, unhealthy mind game. I've heard lots of Christians insist that we shouldn't even question God. Excuse me, but God is the one with all the answers.

    We have to asking questions. I figure that God gave me a mind, and I'm gonna use it!  :drink1:

  4. My Indian brother, it's the 21st century already! Your cousin can resist and refuse to marry the arranged husband.

    The ball is in her court and there is nothing you can do about it. You speak up now and man up now or loose her forever. It's really that simple.

    I am also feeling the same problem;

    i love my first cousin for last 10 years but last month her family arranged her marriage with some person and now my cousin also avoid me to make his family happy but i know well that i cant live with her.

    Two months left for her marriage so give me some advice what i have to do now.


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