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  1. 4 hours ago, LadyC said:

    pooch, can you please clean your mouth out with soap, DUUUUDE? your f-bomb is anything but holy. as a former moderator of this site, you should appreciate the fact that bombs of any sort are not family-friendly language.

    Yeah Pooch be careful! Since you are doing translation work under the Admin title, you can bypass the word filters. Don't do that please. Only I can drop the F bomb cause I know Christie won't. Heh. 

  2. Nobody thought of cousins as "close kin" in those days. The OT stories are full of people who married a cousin, and Jacob even married two -- Rachel and Leah. While these marriages were pre-Leviticus, the Jews were known to have a first-cousin marriage preference. So, the cousin part is certainly not any kind of problem, it was business as usual. God even instructed Jacob to go find a mate(s) from his father's side of the family. If we don't believe that God had foreknowledge of how smitten Jacob would be with his cousin, when we do not understand the God of the Bible. Nothing takes God by surprise. 

    If we go back to the beginning, God is there. If we go to the end, God is already there waiting on us. He is omniscient  and omnipresent and other big words that I am forgetting. He is not limited by mere physics because it was He who wrote E=MC2, not the other way around.

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  3. Well if you don't do something soon, there will be nothing left to do. 

    I am separated from my cousin now. Yeah forever. BUT I LOVE stories like this. Maybe I am more of a romantic than I think!

    There is a theory called "Assortative  positive mating." It simply means that individuals typically seek out mates that are more similar to them rather then dissimilar. It makes sense. Cousins share all of these attributes that would attract a mate. So the fact that her boyfriend is a lot like you is no surprise at all. 

    At this point she is giving you mixed messages. She is testing you for sure. The question is not whether or not she likes you, the question is what are you gonna do about it.

    Frankly, if you have to ask the question, I suggest that you do nothing. Leave it alone. Sure she is cute and you have a connection, not to mention a shared history. But you both have mixed feelings and that, I believe, is a sign just to let it be. Let her marry her dumb-ass boyfriend. If you can do that, then you should leave it where it is at.

  4. I have an interesting ad running. Man would I L-O-V-E to do this! I've heard that when you fall through clouds, the clouds actually slow you down a bit. I don't know if it's true or not.

    I would also love to highline/slack line whatever. I may have to settle on a zip-line, but that would just get me started. Anyone seen "Free Man" on Netflix? It gave me the fever.

    This would also be great to do with a spouse, expecially if you wanted to get rid of him or her hehehe. Yeah baby! Hey there is always a risk. Sorry I haven't slept all night. I could just a nap.


  5. Ok, I have reduced the price to $5 for the time being. Don't giggle please. Next, the price will go wayyy up -- like the price of milk. If few people register, then each member will have to pay more to cover expenses. We are looking at $25-$50 at that point.

    And, again, if nobody wants to become a member, I am down with that too. Old timers, Admins and Mods are exempt from fees. If you are a student under 25, or you have been married to your cousin for less than one year, you may start a support request or send me some documentation at [email protected] and then I can move you to a membership  plan for free. Please allow 72 hours for this, although it shouldn't take that long. You need to register first, and use that same email address when you contact me. 

  6. Please check out thebosshost.com and let me know what you think. It looks and works best on a desktop. 

    I did add some brand-building ads in there. There are 4 random ones --- displaying "Don't be this guy......   Be a boss." I would like to know if these are in good taste or not. Sometimes, I know it's hard to believe, but I can be over the top. Feedback please. (Press the refresh button or see them all)

    And feedback on everything. What do you like best and what do you like least? Please tell!

    Here are the images so that you don't have to refresh and refresh. I love the one where the girl is taking her balloons and going home LOL. The one with the banana is me without any cold beer in the house ?

    If you are a guest, you may use the contact us forum at the bottom, or better yet, register!





  7. "It looks like you're using an ad blocker." If you are using an ad blocker, you may see this error message. Please be kind and unblock/whitelist this website. Ads help pay the bills.

    I will let you in on a secret, if you download the Brave Browser that I have been highly recommending, that browser is actually smart enough to thwart my ad-blocking detection! I'm telling you, it's the best thing since sliced bread. It gives you precise control over cookies, scripts, and ads. You should still whitelist this website to be on the safe side: sometimes blocking elements can break a web page. You usually don't notice until you try to submit something and it crashes. I hate when that happens.

    So then, if you are getting this error, please use the Brave browser if you won't, for some reason, whitelist this website. Otherwise, you will see that nag screen every time you come here. It's a nag screen and it is fair. 

  8. 4 hours ago, BlackSheep said:

    Just to clarify, is the membership fee for new members signing up or all that are already here also? Thank you

    Membership is for everybody, although it is affecting new member a little more. New members can't start new topics, they can only reply to them. It would not be fair to impose this new restriction on long-time existing users. People that have been here a long time should want to help keep the website out of the red. My goal is to help offset the expenses that I have to pay personally.  

  9. Starting today, new members will not be able to start new topics on the message board without first paying a membership fee. The cheapest one is only $15! [I will bring the price down for one week, so now is the time]

    I suspect the website will die down quite a bit, but the upside is that there will be more privacy for us all. This is my personal website and it sometimes feels as though someone built an interstate in my front yard. (Superhighway???)  I was doing fine before every Tom, Dick and Harry showed up here wanting interviews, to post spam and whatever. I will continue to to fine. 

    Fairly soon, we may as well get rid of the "guests" too. We can have some level of privacy even on the Internet. I hope my honestly isn't mistaken for a bad attitude. While I am not particularly invested in cousin relationships at this point in my life, I plan on being here indefinitely. 

    Until the 24th, you can use the coupon code love to get a nice discount (-$5.01 which brings it down to 9.99!)

  10. Naaa. The punishment for marrying one's cousin is ..... marrying one's cousin :D

    We got priests and preachers and all sorts of Christians here, incl. me. I guess all of our admins identify with Christianity and that is actually part of our "brand" -- the conservative undertones of our collective discretion. Some have even called us the Christian Cousin Couples group. Oh well. 

  11. FWI - I have turned off guest posting for good. The Russians are literally overrunning the place! 

    I created a new server last week and within 5 mins, 10 communist, God-hating, Chinese hackers were trying to break in (how did they even know about my server??). The Russians love cousincouples.com. 

    I like the Russians; can't we be friends? I will give all Russians 10% off of a collaborator membership, just email me in advance. 

  12. I am still figuring all of this out -- just how restrictive this forum will be. I think it has to be a little painful in order to get people to actually pay LOL. My inbox isn't overrunning with registrations. So, the answer is "whatever it takes" and it will take time. It's like a photo appearing in the solution. I am waiting on it to become clear :)

    I do have an answer to a previous question,  I will also get associate+ and collaborators out of jail is need be. I can't do that for ordinary members, tho! :D 

  13. The article that Robbin Bennett co-authored was gone for a long time. One website wanted $40 for a copy of the now famous study. I found it and have attached the PDF for all to read. 

    "Genetic Counseling and Screening of Consanguineous Couples and Their Offspring. Recommendations of the National Society of Genetic Counselors."


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