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  1. I changed web servers. I had to get tech support to issue a new cert because the script locked up. We're all good now!
  2. Thank you for taking the time to point this out! I fixed the main pages. I did sign up with the Facebook link and it worked for me. Do you have any ad blockers running? It seems to work for some of us. It's a new feature and maybe they will polish it up with the next version. Thanks again!
  3. What are your favorite browser addons/extensions? Here is a list of some of my favs. uBlock Origin - Blocks ads and is great if you must save bandwidth HTTPS everywhere - adds some security by using https instead of http where possible Grammarly - Gone be typos and bad grammer!! LOL Zotero - I would have failed college for sure without it. It saves references.
  4. Yes Ladyc! That is exactly what's happening. It's poor writing, and i wonder if the director is on lsd. The overriding homosexual theme is a deal breaker for me. A big $&@##@ goes out to Netflix! That is how I feel after watching the rest of the season. Netflix turned a great series into the "Arrested Queens."
  5. Anyone following Arrested Development? I've watched two episodes of season 5 and I am a little confused. It doesn't seem nearly as funny as it was before Netflix bought it. They are still stringing the kissing cousin theme along. Even that is getting tired. Another thing they do to a successful series is to never let it end. Netflix is ruining it.
  6. Concerts is a good one! I just read where one study found that attending a concert could make one live longer and is better than yoga. Within the past 2 years I saw two of my favorite bands play live. It was pure bliss.
  7. A Celtic Festival? Very interesting.
  8. These are excellent ideas. I'll let you know what I choose.
  9. What do you guys do to have fun or for hobbies? I used to love to fish and prospect for gold. Fishing now seems a bit boring for a nondrinker. Also, I'm realizing, after 20-some years of marriage, how self-centered I am. I would especially like suggestions of things my wife might enjoy. Wife loves Rollercoasters. I believe in self-preservation. She does not hence a small dilemma. I'm thinking of taking her to one of those zip line outfits. Anyone done this? Also does a broken neck actually hurt as bad as it sounds?
  10. Workout knowing what is causing the blindness, we can't say if your children would be at an elevated risk. Can you tell us more or give us a name? For all I know your sister could have childhood cataracts, which is very treatable. I'm not trying to patronize you, but this is very important.
  11. believe it was a problem with the SSL certificate. It's very easy to make a mess with them. I think I might have fixed it, I will take a nother look. At the moment I only have my phone and not a computer. If you still see these problems please tell me again and I will make sure they are fixed. Thank you for pointing this out!
  12. https://www.cousincouples.com/?page=states Is the only page we maintain. Wikipedia is not an academic source and should only be used as a reality check.
  13. Anywhere in the Middle East, they typically PREFER a cousin vs. a "stranger." Europe has no prohibitions against cousin marriages. Many US states allow cousin marriages.
  14. At what age do they typically marry in Columbia? In the States, we think 18 is a magic number but that is not the case everywhere. The reality is if you do not express your feelings within (?what the next year?) she may be snatched up by some fast-talking Columbian who is on the cartel's payroll. So my friend, you really are in a situation. Your options appear to be: 1) Let her go 2) Have a longer than normal courtship, which is a wise thing to do (and you need to get the ball rolling) I nearly always advise people to wait until you are both mature and settled-in somewhere after college. That is the ideal, but this not going to work for you. I am not advocating anything here, but I live in the South (and no I will not apologize; I love the south :D) folks used to marry very early. I have an aunt who married at 14 (or was it 13?) and she seemed to have the greatest marriage of all. 40 years later, if you saw them, they were always holding hands, hugging or whatever ... very much still in love still. I do not advocate marriages of this nature, I am just musing about young marriages in my own family. If I were you, I would not put all of my eggs into one basket. There is no such thing as "the one" for you. No soul mates. In reality, you have billions of wild women to choose from. So be more honest with your cousin and the other women you will find attractive.
  15. (If you have never seen The Big Lebowski you may not get my little jokes) My cousin is nearly 5 years younger than I; it's not a biggee. You mentioned torture! Bro, you are torchering yourself by keeping this all bottled up. You have to be brave and bite the bullet, like all of us. I do love the women who are so sure of themselves that they peruse their "prey" and fearlessly express their feelings. They are hard to come by because they get "snapped up" pretty quicky. Most women, unfortunately are not this way. As the Big Lebowski, uh, The Dude would advise, drink one White Russian and call that girl up, man. Or KC might say, grow a pair! What are you waiting for? Is she not worth a little disapproval from people you do not care for anyway? Who cares what "the family" thinks? They are not marrying her, you are. Wow you little nihilistic cousin lover, you hold to every excuse in the book! What a wimp! You wouldn't last in 'Nam for five seconds. Don't get Walter upset with this nonsense. It's best to take a page out of those fearless womens' book and spill everything to your cousin; otherwise, you are just pissing on the rug, man -- the one that ties it all together.
  16. KC

    Admin status

    Rom, you do! But I just set them all up wrong. Let's all think of a better member group tho for you guys.
  17. KC

    Admin status

    Nat, you got it! Looking good!
  18. Guys! Guys! I'm trying to get three other sites off the ground! You are worrying me! LMAO! I'm teasing. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I fixed it. Well -- you tell me. quarter25 - this is what you call responsive websites / templates. When they are shown on a smaller screen, like a mobile, some elements may disappear completely (like a sidebar). I am sure that is what is happening, so it is working correctly.
  19. Well I probably broke it, or one of the new features I turned on is buggy. I will make small changes until we get it right. You just gotta hollar at me when I do! Google is actually causing a JS error which may explain everything. I am working on that.
  20. KC

    Admin status

    That is a great idea C! I thought about that, or a special designation anyway. I like your idea better.
  21. KC

    Admin status

    Yeah but it was nothing personal. We no longer have mods. Any mods. I know everybody is busy. I spent every 45 mins one day approving or deleting posts and I wondering, why do we need mods? Even though I am not seen too much, I spend a lot of time working on this site. About 8 hours in the last 3 days. I know you are enjoying your retirement, and you should. I do not hold that against you. I do not know where the other mods are, and as I stated in the admin area, I cannot and will not work with these people! As the founder, I have to make these hard decisions, and yes, I put myself in these positions sometimes. I no longer want mods and there will be no more. I do appreciate all of the hard work you guys have done. I hope you do what you do best and that is share you wisdom with these kids. Even if you are mad at me, you can't be mad at them
  22. Let me know if it is fixed please.
  23. KC

    password reset email

    Register again. We have changed forums and lost some members. Also, you could have been pruned if you were absent for a long time.
  24. Hi guys! Long time no write! I just wanted to give a little update. I am still around. I check in every day but I really do not have time to participate like I would like. School and other projects are taking up my time. Plus, I haven't felt too well in a while. In fact, if God doesn't move, I may have a very rough road up ahead. They diagnosed me with severe COPD and I keep getting these upper respiratory infections. Would you believe that I am such a dumb-a$$ that I am STILL SMOKING! I am quiting smoking like I quit alcohol -- slowly. I have switched to lights and using my electronic cig more and more. Ok, sometimes I cut 1/2 the filter off of these light cigs. Smoking is the hardest thing to quit! I've quit drinking, getting high (years and years ago) and never had a bit of trouble. But cigarettes .... ahhh. I am still here, behind the scenes making sure this place is running smoothly. We just had an message board update. I'm not sure what new features they added but I hope you enjoy them I do see some nice cosmetic changes. Wife and I are going on two years apart now. We briefly tried to make it work. It didn't and it never will. I am busy, so not really looking for that special lady. New rule: ladies must pursue me. Seriously. I have some kind of date next week but after that, it's gonna be over. I may just stand her up, she is no prize. I rarely have encounters with women where there is romantic chemistry. Yea I see the honeys; I'm not blind. I'm just pretty happy being a bachelor right now. The chemistry between my cuz and I was crazy. The last time I was smitten was like 3 years ago out of the blue. I was at a bar... I mean restaurant. [cough] The waitress came and introduced herself. She was average, maybe a 6. I could immediately tell, somehow, that this girl had been through hell in her life. I was completely smitten like a little schoolboy which was odd because she was no prize. I could tell that she was just a party waiting to happen and the kind of girl I need to stay away from. Hey - I need someone to keep ME straight. Anyway, what am I thinking? I'm just prattling on and on like I'm on too much medication or something. I hope everyone is doing good and I hope to interact with you guys more very soon.
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