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  1. It could be a lot of things. I turned of caching for the entire website because I am remaking the info pages. I also optimized the database which seemed to get it out of wack. I also cleared the forums cache.

    Pick one lol. I really don't know. It should be temporary tho!

  2. I am putting this here for comments. It is longed believed that "generations" of cousin marriages exponentially cause birth defects. It sounds reasonable but I don't see any evidence for it.  Here is a quote from Dr. Brittles:


    In a study based on combined data from 38 populations in eastern and southern Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and South America, with average coefficient of inbreeding (a ) values ranging from 0.0005 to 0.0370, mean excess mortality at the first cousin level was 4.4% (Bittles and Neel 1994). This estimate appears to be valid for all of the large human populations so far examined. However, consanguinity interacts with a range of sociodemographic variables in determining rates of mortality during infancy and early childhood. When these influences were simultaneously analyzed using data collected retrospectively as part of the 1990/91 Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey, the major determinants of early death were maternal illiteracy, maternal age at birth of less than 20 years, and a birth interval of less than 18 months. But, even after controlling for these factors, first cousin progeny had statistically significant odds ratios for neonatal, postneonatal, and infant mortality of 1.36, 1.28, and 1.32, respectively (Grant and Bittles 1997).


    He finds a 4.4% increased risk for the offspring of cousins. I think the NSOGC found an increased risk of 1.6 - 2.7 % for North American cousin couples. There does appear to be a difference but it could be accounted for by poverty and many other factors that are not unique to cousins.

    LadyC, a closer look at the " congenital anomalies bullet list " shows that cousins have three times the risk of non-cousins. I think that is way out there. Given the fact that the Powerpoint doesn't mention cousins and it erroneously lists hemophilia, the whole darn thing is unmitigated BS.

    For once anyway, the Trump supporters are exactly right. Dr. Dena is a "brain dead moron!" I think she deserves her very own cc.com page. Who knows? It could happen if I get bored enough.

  3. 7 hours ago, LadyC said:

    they look very similar to what i can remember alan bittles publishing about the complications in middle-eastern and third world countries where pre-arranged marriages between first cousins is common, even through multiple generations. 

    You have put forth this claim for years now and I still can't verify it. Ottenheimer scoffed at the idea and stated that cousins seem to have more children than unrelated couples. She could have got her stats from those British Pakistanis which had big problems.

    btw Dr. Dena is called "[sic] brain dead moron" by Trump "trolls" per her twitter account. Dr. Phil forgot to mention that she is a crackpot failed politician as is her husband who beat his first wife and cheated on her with the lovely Dr. Dena.

    Isn't life grand?

  4. Hi Dr. Dena,

    Would you please share your footnotes for the stats that you presented on the Dr. Phil show? I have serious questions as to the validity or applicability of your stats as it relates to first cousin marriages. The powerpoint title doesn't mention cousins specifically, so you can where one may be confused as to the applicability of the stats.

    Thank you for your time in clearing this up.


  5. My point is based upon two things. The title of the powerpoint presentation is titled, "Consanguineous Marriage Complications." These stats are made up. I've read every study out there. Cousins actually have a lower chance of miscarriages than the general population. I know bs stats when I see them.

    Dr Phil appeared to be hungover or stoned. Part of his brand image is being an a$$ hole.

    Now I'm furious about them claiming that we cherry pick our data. Up yours Dr Phil!


  6. Ouch. It looks like our friends from Utah got blindsided on the Dr. Phil show. It appears that Dr. Phil found a yahoo to mislead the viewers by using stats that represented all consanguineous marriages (incl father/daughter incest). All of the stats were off the wall. It certainly didn't have anything to do with cousins.

    Dr. Phil warned them to be wary of websites like "cousins-r-us" LOL. I say be wary of talk shows.

    It's painful to watch this all go down:



  7. In a few weeks, I will be back in school. I am going to finish my masters if it kills me. I only have about a year left. A year of grunt work!

    I will be paying for the last year of tuition out of pocket. I may stick a few unobtrusive ads on here until I finish school. You guys can help me buy ramen noodles and tea. I think I need to upgrade to coffee for real. I can't find any legit 2nd flush Darjeeling anyway. I would even be satisfied with some good Nepal teas. I digress. 

    I am trying to convert the main pages into Wordpress format before I run out of time.

  8. I think LadyC is correct, although she and I both know that sometimes marriages come to an end. If that is the case, now is a very good time to break the news to your husband. You should do this before you are any more wrapped up in your cousin. You really put us in a bad spot when asking "should I leave my husband for my cousin." The short answer is no, of course. 

    My wife and I have been on and off for years. Two years ago, I decided to try again with her -- not because it was easy but because it was hard. There was a whole lot of crap to get past and to process. The experiment didn't work out but I am glad that I gave it one last shot. Is that an option for you? I suggest that you give it another try with your husband, maybe go on a cruise. In my opinion, you should keep the affair to yourself and take it to your grave. Look, if it doesn't work out, then do it right. Leave your husband before you start back with your cousin.

    Second marriages statistically are more likely to fail than first marriages. If you keep carrying on with your cousin, you may very well end up with nothing but a lot of heartbreak. I would hate to see that.

    Affairs are a great way to burn bridges. You are sabotaging your marriage. Are you sure you want to go down this road?

  9. Why do you only work 30 hours a week? Are you crippled or something? If you don't like the fact that your husband keeps pointing out that you're lazy then I would just tell him so.

     I I would try to make my husband happy. Get a second job. He probably knows you are running around like a little busy bee. Yeah too much time on your hands. Well obviously he is right. You have enough time to chase after your rugged cousin. What does rugged mean anyway? I like to think of myself as rugged. Sometimes I skip a day without shaving.

    Go do some work please. Something constructive.

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