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    My story

    She could certainly like the attention, but still have no intention of getting into a relationship with a cousin. I would not take any of this as a sign that she is into me. You will have to bite the bullet, ask her out and confess your feelings for her. Flirting hasn't gotten you too far with her. Therefore, I would try the gentleman approach. So get cleaned up, turn on the charm, and make her say, "Where in the hell has he been all of my life!" Good luck with all of that We both may be in a fantasy world!
  2. Tell her, "If we were not cousins ..." and see how she responds!
  3. You should treat your second cousin like any other potential mate. You are about as related as random pairing, so consanguinity is not a problem. I should say that genetics and outrage from others should not be a factor. The next question you have to ask yourself is, are you simply taking advantage of a cousin who has been nice to you? Where do you see this relationship going? How would things be different if you were not related?
  4. You may talk to a lawyer from CA. Off the top of my head, it seems that if you marry your cousin in Mexico, it should be easier to get her to the States. I would contact an immigration lawyer.
  5. Just a heads up: our TOS has been slightly modified. I will post the important changes below. It may be slightly offensive, but it is necessary, I'm afraid. [ Note from KC/Owner: I would like to make one point crystal clear: if you are a pedophile, you are at the wrong website. The moderators here have over 100 years of combined experience with computers and computer security. Some are experts. I can and will hunt you down and turn over all incriminating evidence to the police, any local gangs, post your information on public perv websites or worse. If you abuse children, I am your worst nightmare. That's my word. ]
  6. You would have to search their laws, but I'm guessing 6 months. If you move there and rent/own a home, you are golden. I wouldn't worry too much about it. You do not need to be a resident to marry your cousin there.
  7. No, not unless you stay in Mexico. If you come back, then it is technically a felony. Everyone of you who live in Tx needs to be raising cain with your state representative until they change the law. The lawmakers had no clue that a particular child abuse bill would change the marriage laws. It was enacted and you guys have to do something about it. Be aware that if you write your rep, the letter may be public record and available to journalists. But do not be sissies. Write them anyway and write them often. Another great option is to write to some prominent political writers and tell them your story. If you can get the media behind you and to tell your story, this gets the lawmaker's attention quicker than anything else.
  8. Thanks for your question. On this website, and most forums, your password is encrypted in a way that it can't be decrypted. I can't read it. The login procedure can only compare the stored password with the newly encrypted copy of the one you provide. If they match, you are golden. In theory this is great. However, these days hackers have a database/dictionary that can decrypt many these encrypted passwords (they just match them up). Sites like Paypal and Bitcoin websites have 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). You enter you username/password and then enter a number from your cell phone. I think this is the direction we are heading with all websites of import... any banking website. My best advice is to use a password manager like LastPass, or StickyPassword. They can generate a unique password up to 30 some characters long. Hackers can't break this. If the website allows 2FA, you might turn it on. Be advised that it is a pain, esp if you loose your phone or change your number (or can't pay the bill!). This forum does not offer this feature at this time. I'm sure there is an addon if I looked. Make sure your password is not recycled (used somewhere else) --- just let the password manager create the password and you will be safe here. This forum will lock your account after so many failed password tries. The ten mill per second password trick will not work unless they can download the whole forum database. Even then it will not work with a good unique password. Again, they can only download your encrypted password. The answer is a password manager.
  9. I make $240 last night in 45 mins! I'm so happy that I could kiss the sky!

  10. Oh cool. I was afraid that I had the settings out of wack.

  11. Wazzz up peeps? Am I the only one who can use the update box?

  12. Thank you for not taking offense! It's just that I feel my pending divorce ruined my life. I refer to my marriage as "my old life." Things are certainly different now. This is a new kind of normal. It's taken me a good year to get my bearings straight. I'm actually kinda liking the single life for now. So -- it really pains me to hear of someone divorcing for a frivolous reason. I mean if you were not a good cook or didn't know how to make grits, I could understand divorcing you in a New York minute. But to satisfy a mother-in-law? Are you kidding me? That woman has mental problems and you should not let her control your life. Do not give her one inch, and if the sister wants to write you guys off as well, so be it. I'm afraid that you two will never be happy until you rid yourselves of these vipers! Once they realize that they can no longer control your lives, they will come around and cease the nonsense. This holds true most of the time. I wish you luck, but please do not divorce to please anyone. You are kidding yourself if you think a divorce is just a little bump in the road. Your family unit is important and precious. You do not throw that away for anybody in the world. Good luck. I am praying for your family.
  13. I hope you don't say in 10 years, "man, I wish I had listened to KC!" I hope it works out for you. The last I heard was my wife was living in a tent -- homeless. She chose that lifestyle and she is no longer my responsibility. I would be lying if I said I don't worry about her a bit. It is dangerous out there. But it is just too bad. I can't live the way she wants to live. I refuse. You need to set boundaries for HER and if she crosses them, get rid of her. Life is short bro. We don't have to put up with this crap. I understand the falling in love with the one girl thing, but it is all a mirage. There is no such thing as a soul mate IMHO. Good luck and I truly hope everything works out.
  14. I'm sorry that I do not understand the black and white thing you were talking about; it went over my head. But yea, I do know about personality disorders and frankly, insanity. LOL. It runs on my cousin's side of the family, not mine. Her dad spent ten years in prison for burning houses down and attempted murder. He is a classic psychopath. I could go on. He once drug his own momma around the yard by the hair of her head. You decide if he is insane. I am certain these "disorders" are genetic. Fast forward --- I married his daughter. All I can tell you bro is that we have had trouble from day one. However, about 5 years ago, she started doing and saying very bizarre things. I would accuse her of being on the "pipe." She acted hopped up on something. Bizarre things led to even more bizarre things (and unforgivable things) until it was a living hell trying to stay with her. I'm a fairly private person, so I will shut up now. But not before I dispense some advice. My advice is sometime terse, concise and shocking so brace yourself. It is mitigated by my great wisdom, so here goes: Get the H-E-Double-L away from that woman! Pray that she goes back with her husband where she belongs. It will not be without lots of pain and agony, but you must put your own sanity first. We have 6 billion people on the planet, 3B females. You can do better my friend and I am afraid that you must.
  15. If I may chime in, I would like to point out a few things. Don't take offense at anything please. I'm a straight shooter, and generally concise. First, if you are a Christian, your mother-in-law's disapproval is not a valid reason to divorce. If you are not a Christian, then I would say that it is just a dumb idea to divorce in order to "walk out of someone's life." Hold your head up high and just walk out. That woman is poison and neither you nor your husband need her in your lives. You have already married your cousin which tells me that you have ALREADY MADE THE DECISION. So stick with it. You will never be able to satisfy her, no matter what you do. Now you have your own family, incl children. It is time to be a family and do whatever it takes to preserve a healthy marriage. Your husband needs to grow some and be a man. He is acting like the biggest sissie I have ever hear of. It's his job to fight for his family and he is being a complete failure. He is a failure to you, your kids, and a failure to men everywhere. I had a lot of trouble with family when I married my cousin too, but I had to tell people, in so many words, to go %$#$ off. It's time to stand up for yourselves and quit playing this sick game.
  16. KC

    I'm just wondering

    Do us all a favor and don't have any kids. There is no rule that says you must!
  17. Oh boy, it does sound like your relationship is in real trouble. It makes you wonder what the heck is wrong with people, huh? Don't they not know that when the pieces break, sometimes there is just no putting them back together? Unfortunately, I know about the trust issue. It is no small detail. It is essential in any relationship. Without it, the relationship is simply over. So, there is your answer. You answered it yourself. Some people sabotage their relationships and I am not even sure they know why they are doing it. But that is not for you to figure out. You have to have some piece of mind. You are just going to have to put an end to this abuse and leave. And yes, it is abuse, the same as if he had busted you square in the mouth. Trust is something that can take 40 years to build and and be shattered in a minute. It doesn't sound like you can rebuilt this essential ingredient for your relationship to ever work again. FWI- you should have told the counselor to kiss your #$% and left immediately. I wish I had a penny for every quack counselor out there. I have given you a lot to think about, so I will stop here. I wish I had a magic bullet or at least some good news for you. Be strong. You have some hard decisions to make.
  18. I think there are two types of cheaters. One where two people end up getting too close, maybe a boss and secretary. The other kind is the serial cheater, who aren't good for anything except everlasting torment. You have to decide which one your cuz is! I can feel your pain and I'm very sorry you have to go through this. My personal opinion is that you should give the person another chance. One -- and that is it. You should make that crystal clear to him. You can get past this. A lot of marriages last so long, not because they had a perfect marriage, match made in heaven. They lasted so long because they stayed together even when things were unbearably difficult. It helps to talk it out. So feel free to talk to us. We are here for you.
  19. You are just kids. Enjoy your youth and stop worrying about such silly things.
  20. The Old Timers forum is back, but nobody has enough posts to qualify! We lost a bunch of messages somewhere. If you were in the Old Timers' forum on the old board, drop me a PM! I will change your posts to meet the requirements.
  21. I just added a fun (I hope) board called "Questions and Answers." The answers will be rated until the best answer is found. The forum software supports this feature and I thought we would at least try it out! So please go participate!
  22. Are folks in the Western World becoming more or less accepting of cousin marriages... say within the past 25 years.
  23. Please read "Before you become a member" in the Shoot the Breeze section. It has great information.

  24. Burned out and tired! Last week of semester! Cram time.

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