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  1. DillerDahl:

    Welcome to cc.com and thanks for your question. I am afraid that LadyC is correct and doesn't need a lesson on genetics. Hey, there is certainly room for all of us to learn more about DNA and kinship. You are so distantly related that I can't determine what your relationship is. You are not double cousins and you certainly are not inbred. You are just uninformed.

    The Brittish Pakistanis that you referenced are an anomaly -- a fluke resulting from the founder effect. Feel free to look that term up. Your stats are too wacky to correct. Good luck to you and please take a chill pill.



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  2. The master naturalist thing sounds good to me.  We all need a hobby like that. Well, Christie, everything has an end. I have to remind myself of that sometimes. Things have to come to an end so that God may being even better things into your life. It looks like you started something very good!

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  3. Yeah I remember the doc you are talking about. It was very good. It seems like it is hard to find anybody who will say anything bad about Mullins lol. That's a good thing but everyone makes it clear that he had problems lol. I like the whole Ragamuffin concept because I never really feel that I fit in in church. I go because I feel invited by the Lord, honestly. Without that, I wouldn't go.

    I don't think I saw the film on Brennan, but it was just a youtube video. If I can find it, I will post it. It's probably better than the movie, which is only getting fair reviews.

  4. I just watched "God's not dead - a light into the darkness." Is that the same one? I also watched the doc on Mullins. It wasn't as good as the one that featured some of his music but it was interesting. All of the docs referred to Mullin's problems and I keep wanting to find out what they were!

  5. God will take care of the birds, Christie. LOL. Hey, you gotta get back out there. I know the druggies will wear you out, take advantage of you and perhaps try to kill you, but that is your ministry. When I visited you, I wasn't at your house for 30 minutes and some lady in need came knocking on your door and you gave her something. You gonna feed the birds now?

    I remember when the wife and I were at a homeless shelter. Remember that?  I met a lady who had just got out of a mental hospital and was literally dumped there. She was scared to death and she couldn't function at all. She was our shadow until she realized that she had money and she left for nicer digs. Another guy was there because he did 20 years for "a body."  I told you about that. Another lady was there because her husband was dying in a hospital and she couldn't pay the bills.

    Nobody is there because they are "self-entitled Millenials." Sure there are legal absconders (25 percent), crack heads (50 percent) and those that just can't get along with anybody. I'd say it's your calling. Get Mark involved. You really do need a bodyguard.

  6. I see a couple of movies about Mullins and one for $3.99 for Brennan on Prime Movies. Check it.

    A friend of mine started playing some youtube videos of Manning and I started writing stuff down. He is a really profound guy who does not wear a mask. I've never worn a mask either, but it hasn't exactly boosted my career.

  7. This message is mainly for Christie, but it is for everybody too. I know she enjoys Christian movies. I was wondering if anyone has seen a movie about Brennan Manning or even Rich Mullins? I've seen the one about Mullins and it is inspiring. Brennan is a bigger-than-life-drunk that has inspired me and countless souls out there. What a wonderful story that literally brought tears to my eyes.  I don't care if he is Catholic ? I'm certainly a "ragamuffin" inside and out.

    Also, what are some of your favorite Christian movies? Maybe I will watch them. Mine is Goodfellas! I mean I really don't watch them. I'm not trying to be funny but so many are just low budget and awful.

  8. Merry Christmas everyone! Thank God for Jesus, who selflessly gave Himself so that the whole World may know God and escape hell's eternal punishment. This Christmas, I would like to thank God for his inexplicable grace that pursued me when I was yet agnostic and on my way to hell.

    I am still here and God continues to bring me long distances from the man that I once was.

    May the Lord bless everyone who reads my reflection.

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  9. Yeah Yeah definitely break it off until she is 18.  He had better smarten up. He is playing with fire, or more like a bomb. In our society, this relationship is completely unacceptable because he is an adult. He needs to forget about his cousin or else move to the other side of the country. 

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  10. She keeps inviting you to spend some time with her. Do it. As long as you are a gentleman, I think you will be fine. No drinking and don't let your heart get ahead of your smarts. Trust me, you can make a fool of yourself without dating a girl cousin. I mean, I can do it with any girl lol. Take it slow, but take it nevertheless. Go see what happens. You owe that to yourself.  You can't live your life based upon others' opinion of you.  Good luck and keep in touch. How about telling her, "if we weren't cousins . . . " and see where the conversation goes. 

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  11. I remember the low-level sexual tension between my cuz and me. That smoldering flame can very quickly get out of hand until it reaches the proportions of a good California wildfire. 

    You know what I think? I think that is exactly what you need. You are 57 and aren't getting any younger. Spend that long weekend with her. Something tells me that you will not regret it. Now get her on the phone, you old fart. Quit dithering like a little schoolgirl and go live a little!

  12. Oh wow, that is so amazing from a Western perspective! You are equally related, genetically,  to both of your cousins (cross and parallel cousins). There is no difference. The problem is a bass-backwards worldview. Sometimes traditional thought was just wrongheaded and short-sighted. I'm sorry for your trouble buts there is nothing you can do but pick of the pieces and move on.

    It's embarrassing, isn't it? Look at it this way, if you had never asked your cousin, then you would be second-guessing yourself the rest of your life. Rejection is the response that we always face when we put our feelings out there. You did well my friend. Good for you and good luck next time.

  13. On 12/16/2018 at 2:55 PM, LadyC said:

    LOL sorry, i know you've kicked him out, but this just made me laugh!

    and yeah, i remember when we got positive feedback. it made it feel like what we did here made a difference. i think that's why we're all burnt out, because there is so little appreciation from those we try to help.

    for what it's worth, it's not just here that i'm suffering burn-out. i just "quit" the pantry, too. it's not that i don't care anymore about the hungry people, i am just ready for someone else to feed them.

    i guess that doesn't sound very Christ-like. 


    Oh man, do I understand burnout! The most important thing I ever tried to do -- get my masters degree -- didn't quite work. I got to the point where I could not read another book or write one more essay. The stress of it all started making me physically sick. Sometimes you just have to take a long break. At some point, I'm sure you will go back to doing the things that you love. Helping other people is just your calling Christie. 

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  14. 11 minutes ago, Ken said:

    That is so funny KC. You remind me of some former church leaders I dealt with. As long as people were saying "you are doing everything just great", they were happy. But as soon as someone gave some insight from a new member perspective... they attacked.  You & I just don't seem to be able to communicate with one another


    Ken, what happened to your status as a mod on the other website? I'm not certain why you keep on with your whining about churches and comparing me to past church leaders you had to "deal" with. If you dealt with them as you deal with me then I don't blame them for kicking you out.

    Personally, I don't owe you a damn thing. Seriously, GFU! This isn't the Waffle House. Goodby.

    Happy holidays to everyone!

  15. 4 minutes ago, LadyC said:

    Wow, that's a sad commentary for churches. I wish I could just say you're wrong, or most churches aren't like that, but I can't. The last two churches I belonged to (one where I used to live years ago, and another that just never had enough members to keep the doors open) and the one I'm attending now are certainly not that way, but my husband and I visited lots and lots of churches to find ones that were truly welcoming. 

    You're right about this forum not really being very welcoming either, in that a lot of threads don't ever get comments. I can only speak for myself when I say that after 20 years here my heart really isn't in it anymore. I wish it wasn't like that, but it's true. The site seems to be on life support and *this* piece of equipment is worn out. 

    I'm feeling it too! Remember when we used to get positive feedback on the forum? Good grief!

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  16. It's always great to read your caustic remarks, Ken. Some of us have been here for 20 years trying to make a difference.  I guarantee that when we get new or unique questions, we answer them. CC.com just welcomed a new member to our moderation team a few weeks ago. Romalee graciously accepted my request to help after I decided that we didn't need moderators in addition to the admin team. What a jackass I can be! I can't count the number of years Romalee has been with us. So, Kudos to us despite the growing (or shrinking?) pains.

    Merry Christmas everyone out there!

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