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  1. Nattana

    Long distance second cousin

    As usual, Hawk (the smartest and wisest man I know!!!!!) has given you the wise and practical advice that will help you. His is also the "masculine" point of view as well. Good luck and do, please. keep us informed. We're here to support you, HUGS Nat
  2. Nattana

    7 Big Problems in a Relationship and How to Fix Them

    You are a newbie and you show up and announce how to solve relationship problems without referring to the special problems our members face. Do you have the credentials to back up your advice? Nat
  3. Nattana

    Confused feelings for 2nd cousin

    He is married. Off limits. It is wrong to have a relationship with anyone who is married. Good luck. You are going to need it. HUGS Nat
  4. Nattana

    Distant romance

    he is ten years older than you - his behavior was wrong to pull you into his bed and kiss you. Your mm is right. He has been disrespectful to you AND to your parents. A thoughtful caring Man would not treat a much younger girl in that way. You should be able to complete your education and mature gracefully. not to be prematurely introduced to adult responsibilities. Kisses and touches are exciting but true love is much more than that. In some places his behavior could result in him being arrested and put in jail as well as being marked as a sexual predator for life. I hope he is on a long, long, long voyage. I am glad you have a Mom who is going to protect her.child. It may be that someday you will have a relationship with your cousin. This site does support adult cousin relationships. We do NOT condone abuse of children which is what has, unfortunately, happened to you. Please do keep coming back and tell us how things are going. We really, really want to support and encourage you. HUGS Nat
  5. Nattana

    Age old mystery: Solved!

    Hooray for you Boss!!! That's very exciting news. I am very certain that you will do a "boatload" of business!!!!!HUGS HUGS Nat
  6. Nattana


    I hope you all have a lovely day with lots of fun things. I'm planning to go to the fireworks this evening - unless the usual thunderstorms develop! LOL HUGS Nat
  7. Cadbury. Let me recommend that you read a book: NASTY PEOPLE: HOW TO STOP BEING HURT BY THEM WITHOUT STOOPING TO THEIR LEVEL by Dr. Jay Carter. I found that book years ago and used it to change me into a happy, positive person. In spite of the fact that my cousin is married to someone else. When I found that book I kept reading it again and again. It took some time but it worked, I have been telling people about that book - I'm trying to straighten the world out - one person at a time. LOL Good luck. HUGS Nat
  8. Nattana

    What do you guys do to have fun

    Well, my idea of fun is a bit "different": I have filed to be a candidate for a local election! Never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever think of doing that! LOL HUGS
  9. Nattana

    In a dilemma

    My advice is too keep him blocked - it will be hard but don't come crawling back in a week. You don't need abuse or rudeness and that is all he is giving you. Be strong and hang in there. HUGS Nat
  10. Nattana

    In a dilemma

    My advice to you is to keep him blocked - he has been controlling you AND abusing you. So he gets angry and hates you if you do block him. Too bad! His behavior is rude and unkind. Take a good look at the way he treats you - as if he is more important than you. And he has a girlfriend. You deserve better treatment. Keep him blocked and go on with your education. Stay busy and things WILL change for you. Things will get better. Please come back and tell us how you are doing. We really care. HUGS Nat
  11. Nattana

    1st cousins

    How lovely that you two are in such a great relationship! We are not lawyers so can't give legal advice. It would be a good idea to consult a family lawyer. The other option that I see is for you to move to another state. I live in Florida and I know cousin marriages are legal here. There are other states where you would be legal also. Do please let us know how things go. HUGS Nat
  12. Nattana

    Happy birthday to us all!!

    and I'm almost as old as the site - GIGGLE!!!!!! HUGS BAT
  13. Nattana

    My Story

    A man of integrity!!!!!! Thank you for posting this. HUGS Nat
  14. Nattana

    The Benefits of Cousin Relationships

    Rachael - you and your cousin are adults. Cousins are legal in the UK. You have the right to live your own life without getting permission from your parents. I think your cousin is right. It is scary but if I were in your position, I would rather be with my cousin. Do please let us know how things go with you. HUGS Nat
  15. Edward, First of all. take a deep breath and relax. We don't know of any place where second cousins are illegal. Secondly, give us a little more information: how old are you and your cousin and where do you live - just country or state is all we need. That information will help us give you the help you need. HUGS Nat