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  1. I agree totally with Hawk. He is very wise. Good luck to you and your cuz!! HUGS Nat
  2. Happy Saint Patrick's Day, y'all I hope you have a lovely day! Here in north Florida it looks like Ireland - cloudy with showers and cold! HUGS Nat
  3. and what did you say about my Deviled "Eggs???? HUGS Nat
  4. Welcome Pooch! Glad to have you with us! HUGS Nat
  5. The real KC has been a very delightful surprise to me! He’s been hiding a very serious educated person behind a rather frivolous facade. He’s a hard worker with the computer business. He is determined and thoughtful. I knew I would enjoy having him here but I did not realize what fun we would have. Life is definitely more serious AND happy with him around. He is also a great help with ordinary living. He says he is an ‘ole country boy” - don’t let him fool you - he’s halfway through earning his Master’s Degree. His education is obvious when you talk to him. He also likes to tease. HUGS Nat (Going to leave this here for a day and move to public view shortly)
  6. Welcome back Serendipity! We missed you. HUGS Nat
  7. Nattana

    All right!

    Here's information from an expert. KC is doing just fine - he has moved to a new state and is starting a business and making new friends. How do I know? Because he moved in with me and NO I am not a replacement for his ex. He's too young for me!!! LOL Nat
  8. Well Boss - did I babble enough to you tonight???? Stop your whining and TAKE A TRIP LOL HUGS
  9. As usual, Hawk (the smartest and wisest man I know!!!!!) has given you the wise and practical advice that will help you. His is also the "masculine" point of view as well. Good luck and do, please. keep us informed. We're here to support you, HUGS Nat
  10. You are a newbie and you show up and announce how to solve relationship problems without referring to the special problems our members face. Do you have the credentials to back up your advice? Nat
  11. He is married. Off limits. It is wrong to have a relationship with anyone who is married. Good luck. You are going to need it. HUGS Nat
  12. he is ten years older than you - his behavior was wrong to pull you into his bed and kiss you. Your mm is right. He has been disrespectful to you AND to your parents. A thoughtful caring Man would not treat a much younger girl in that way. You should be able to complete your education and mature gracefully. not to be prematurely introduced to adult responsibilities. Kisses and touches are exciting but true love is much more than that. In some places his behavior could result in him being arrested and put in jail as well as being marked as a sexual predator for life. I hope he is on a long, long, long voyage. I am glad you have a Mom who is going to protect her.child. It may be that someday you will have a relationship with your cousin. This site does support adult cousin relationships. We do NOT condone abuse of children which is what has, unfortunately, happened to you. Please do keep coming back and tell us how things are going. We really, really want to support and encourage you. HUGS Nat
  13. Hooray for you Boss!!! That's very exciting news. I am very certain that you will do a "boatload" of business!!!!!HUGS HUGS Nat
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