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  1. I want to express my sympathy on the loss of your baby - such a terrible grief. Hopefully, you will be able to have another one safely and soon. HUGS Nat
  2. I hope you will get access to Dr. Carter's book. I found it in a thrift store by accident (Thank you, God! LOL) and used it to change my thinking. It really works. I used to have a lot of anger but no more. I am happy and peaceful. The bullies no longer have an impact on me and I laugh at them and confuse them. It is FUN!!!!!!! HUGS' Nat
  3. What a bunch of bullies! You need to read a book: NASTY PEOPLE, HOW TO STOP BEING HURT BY THEM WITHOUT STOOPING TO THEIR LEVEL by Dr. Jay Carter. He teaches you how to recognize them and how to handle them in a positive manner. They are mistreating you now and , if you continued the connection, the bullying will become much worse. You don't need that crap! You are absolutely right to remove them from your life and move on to a much better one. HUGS Nat
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    Try me!!!!!!!!
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    I'll proof for you. Boss!!!!!
  6. Count me in KC! HUGS Nat
  7. An 8 year old who has a fabulous relationship with the father - the ex is going to lose!!!! There are going to be lots of people feeling very jealous of your happiness and some of them may be relatives. LOL So please keep us aware of how things are going. HUGS Nat
  8. First of all - take several very deep breaths and RELAX! This is a new relationship and you need to take time to figure it all out. You aren't teens so you can make your own decisions. If the families have problems they are their problems - not yours. The one thing that is most important, in my opinion, is his small child. How old is the child? That problem can be handled as well. Don't give in to fear and risk losing happiness. We are here to support and encourage you. HUGS Nat
  9. please note that the last post was entered over ONE YEAR ago
  10. I suggest you get a book: NASTY PEOPLE, HOW TO STOP BEING HURT BY THEM WITHOUT STOOPING TO THEIR LEVEL by Dr. Jay Carter. You can download it from Amazon. Read it as many times as it takes to get the information securely in your head. It is how to deal with bullies and your stepdad is definitely a bully.The book works and makes life easier and more fun. HUGS Nat
  11. My suggestion is to break up your post so that is more easily read and to leave out the graphic details. Also she is married so you should not be pursuing her. Do not dwell on what is long past. HUGS Nat
  12. Rob It sounds like her ex is a bully and I know a "cure" for bullies. It's a book called NASTY PEOPLE, HOW TO STOP BEING HURT BY THEM WITHOUT STOOPING TO THEIR LEVEL by Dr. Jay Carter. You can download it from Amazon. It works in a positive way. I know because I used it to change my thinking and I'm having a great life. Be sure she reads it also. It really works! HUGS Nat
  13. Rob: As far as I know, there are no restrictions in the UK for First Cousins so there should be no problem with a Third Cousin. My best advice to you is to show her this site. She may have encountered some ignorance or prejudice from another source. We'll be here to encourage both of you. HUGS Nat
  14. First of all - RELAX! Get your information on your exact relationship - use the chart we have on site. You are NOT first cousins and that is good. Other than that there are no laws that we know of against relationships. that is NOT legal advice as we do not give legal advice. You have a great relationship - don't let ignorance or prejudice affect it. You;ll get lots of support here. I'm glad you found us. Ask any questions. I'm sorry but my mind is too fuzzy to figure out how close you are. HUGS Nat
  15. Look up the definition of "emotional blackmail" which is what is happening to you. there is a lot of advice on how to recognize it and how to handle it. Good luck. HUGS Nat
  16. It sounds to me like this is actually blackmail. Win a lottery jackpot and see how they talk THEN!! They have NO right to control you lives. Hang in there and good luck! HUGS Nat
  17. You are very welcome! Just remember you are only responsible for YOUR thoughts. I found the NP book at a thrift store and got it for TEN cents! The best bargain of my life! I read it over and over again until I really understood it. Since that time, my life has been very happy ALL THE TIME. HUGS NAT
  18. Yasmin, First of all, you can't fix stupid. People who say such things haven't researched incest, they are just repeating what they've heard. Secondly they are just trying to control your thoughts. They have no right to do that. For years now, I've been recommending a book: NASTY PEOPLE; HOW TO STOP BEING HURT BY THEM WITHOUT STOOPING TO THEIR LEVEL by Dr. Jay Carter. Dr. Carter explains how to recognize bullies and how to treat them in a positive manner. This book really works. You can download it from Amazon or your library can get you a copy. It is lots of fun confusing the bullies! HUGS Nat
  19. Dovey, Romalee is right! I know it is hard but building a strong friendship is the best idea for now. Patience is a hard, hard lesson at any time but especially when you are young. And if you check my profile - the age listed is how long I've been on site - I'm a bit older than that!! LOL HUGS Nat
  20. Heather - Your parents are your parents NOT your aunt and uncle. The primary relationship is biological parent. the fact that they are also related is not YOUR problem but theirs. How they handle it is a reflection on them, NOT YOU. Again, if the father is ashamed of the offspring - he is the problem. I feel your pain and I know you have been abused. You had no choice and are stuck with his dumb attitude. You are the victim, NOT the cause of the problem. I cannot grasp how deeply your pain goes. I know it does and I just wish I could give you a major hug and some desperately needed comfort. Send me a pm if you want to talk more. I want to help you feel there is hope and happiness in the world. HUGS Nat
  21. I agree with KC. Don't try to "fix" the relationship - it is not fixable and you should move on to a better life. Good luck to you! HUGS Nat
  22. I live in Florida - cousin marriages are legal here. there would be no no notation of "cousin marriage" on the certificate. If you want to make sure, call the Clerk of Court in any county and ask to make sure. You could do that in any state for verification. No need to pay an attorney fee. Good luck. HUGS Nat
  23. I'm getting ready to smack KC up side the head! Of all the idiotic comments! I've been through sometime similar and got a divorce. which, I think, saved my life. I found a book that is very helpful in dealing with difficult people in a positive manner. It is Nasty People, How to Stop Being Hurt by them without stooping to their level/ You can get it from Amazon. I do agree with Hawk that you should sort out your marriage before continuing with your cousin. Pay no attention to KC's humor - I'll be sorting him out. LOL Send me a message if you want to know more. I'm on your side!!! HUGS Nat
  24. There are a number of us who are active - it's just been a bit quiet which happens sometimes. Welcome. I lived in Denver once and really loved it out there. I live in Florida now. HUGS Nat
  25. and you can do a critique on Tijuana Flats and it's "healthy cooking" HUGS Nat
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