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  1. If you are wanting more than a friendship with her, that should be out of the question, you are both married and that means hands off for both of you.. There is no need to tell her of your feelings because of the afore mentioned reason.
  2. I would suggest keeping your hand out of her shirt, at least until you know how she feels about you. Treat her like the precious person she is and cool it with the hands.
  3. Just a disclaimer, We do not give any legal advice on this site. Best advice is to contact a lawyer if you think you are in need of legal advice.
  4. What is it with you guys that just want to have sex with your cousin!!!! Do you not think enough of these young ladies to either have a REAL relationship with them and treat them as they should be treated or are you just STUPID enough to think that they think you are the BEST thing in the world to come their way??????? Honestly I may be old, but if I were either of your cousins I would kick you to the curb, and be HIGHLY insulted that you think so lowly of me! Maybe it is time to mature in your thinking, it isn't all about you.
  5. If you really want to get over your feelings for your cousin then refrain from doing any of the above mentioned activities!! Neither of which will give you what you seek. Using your cousin to "relieve" your pent up feelings is bad and selfish. If you wish to have a real relationship with her then pursue her honorably and in the same way you would another woman you were interested in.
  6. Romalee


    Regardless of what her reasons are. rational or not, she has spoken that she doesn't want to be in this relationship. You need to honor her wishes. You can tell her about this site and the information, however it is up to her if she wishes to check it out or not. Then you have to back away and let things fall where they may. Don't pressure her, as that is a sure way to push her further away. Best wishes.
  7. Serendipity and Ambra are both correct, the secrecy will get old really quick! I suspect that the family will figure it out quickly, probably before the secrecy gets old! You can go ahead and implement your plan and move in together but don't be surprised of what comes after. Love can't be hidden, especially in the eyes!!! Best wishes.
  8. Romalee


    We are second cousins, married 15 years. No problems with family, except for a few comments in fun. We just don't announce it to the world. It isn't any of business of others unless we want them to know. I'm not sure what you are struggling with, but if you have been married that long, something must be working. Did your families have any problem with your relationship? Personally speaking, you may be borrowing trouble where there is none. Because the Utah couple chose to be so public, doesn't mean you have too. Of course many of those cruel/mean comments that are made toward them are behind the anonymity of the internet and very well might not be so cruel/mean in a face to face situation. Also most of them are not aware of the state laws and biblical recognition of cousin couple relationships. They speak from ignorance of the correct information. Don't let the negativity integrate into your relationship. At the end of the day they get no say in your life. Best wishes as you work through our struggles.
  9. How old are the two of you?? He sounds really young or maybe immature. All you can do is keep repeating that your aren't interested, don't waver or give in. You don't need to feel guilty that you don't love him. If his feelings are hurt that is for him to work through, not for you to feel guilty about.
  10. Not sure what you mean by this. Have you read the information available on our site? The risks are fairly small for first cousins having children.
  11. Romalee

    Guess Pooch is still up to his giving bad advice to kids and women.

    On another post in the last few days, his advice to some girl looking for advice

    was "always try to look pretty for him".  Come on!! 

    He needs to be put on "read only" status.  I still just shake my head at the 

    juvenile and bad advice he passes out, even if he isn't a mod anymore.


    In answer to your request, I always try to steer the young'uns in a different direction!

    If you know what I mean.



  12. Hi Dovey, welcome to cc. I'm going to tell you a true story. Please bear with me. I met my second cousin when I was 13 and he was 15. We didn't live in the same city, but the same state (USA). We hit it off right away. Always knew we had something different than just "cousins", but didin't know what it was. We wrote letters ( yes, we are that old!), and kept in touch that way. Only saw each other a few times after that first meeting. He told me he asked me to marry him when I was 17, I didn't remember, but he told me I told him NO! Not because I particularly had anything against cousin couples ,but I was still in high school and wasn't interested in marrying anyone. Having too much fun, like school age girls do! Life went on for us, we both got married to others, more than once to be honest, and had families. We even got our families together when at one time we lived in the same state. NO hanky panky or anything went on. But we always kept up with each other through our respective parents that were first cousins. We reconnected 38 years later when both were once again single. We have now been married for over 15 years. All this to say, I think your best option at this age and time would be to build a friendship with her. Not a relationship. She is young as are you. You are both going to grow and change and meet different people before you are ready for any serious relationship, whether it is with each other or someone else. I am not trying to discourage you, but I am trying to show you that at your ages you both will go through changes and growing pains. There will be boyfriends and girlfriends, maybe wives, husbands and children. But If this is meant to be it will. But you also have to be open to the fact that it may not be in the stars for the two of you. Work on the friendship, don't bare your soul to her and for now enjoy your times together. And I DO NOT think it is a good idea to just go for it at this time. Wait, wait, and wait some more. Give both of you time to grow, mature and live life as teens should.
  13. Welcome to cc. It sounds as though you both have done your research and are on the right track. As you said, your father has had only a short time to process this new relationship, where as the two of you have had longer. Have you shared with him the research you have done on cousin couples? Or maybe have him visit this site and read the information on our pages. Give him time and he will more than likely come around. When my second cousin and I told my mother that we were getting married ( at the ages of 51 and 53) her question was "don't you KIDS think your are rushing things?" So age doesn't influence our parents need to protect us. Best wishes on your journey.
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