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  1. I didn't mean to make you cry. Maybe you just needed a good one to get past some of the frustration you are feeling.🥰 We travel most of the time, well did until the virus stuff hit. We may have been near you then at some time! I hope you find some peace within yourself and continue to do well. Whoknows maybe we will meet up some day!
  2. We are in the Panhandle area of Texas! What area are you in? When I feel things are getting to me and I'm overthinking the situation, I distance myself from the negative. You are ok! Your younger children with not grow up with negative feelings about your relationship if you don't make it a big deal. Don't make the fact of your relationship be a big secret, but don't neglect to honor you relationship. It's best not to keep it from them but no need to broadcast it publicly either. I guess what I am trying to say is, if they grow up always knowing about the cousin-ness
  3. Our kids were grown and out on their own when we got married. None of them, even at that age, seemed to have a problem with it. They all (6) are fine with it. My oldest (son) made a light joke of it at first. He lives in Georgia, and said "Mom if you were in Georgia I could understand, but you are in TEXAS!!" He is good with us and really enjoys being around my hubby. And asks him for advice on lots of stuff. My daughters are good and his kids are good. I understand you are asking from the standpoint of younger children but though the perspective of grown chi
  4. I have not been in your situation, but I would advise you to not message her UNLESS she messages you first. You have hit her head on with something she is not sure how she feels or how to deal with it. Give her time, lots of time if she needs it . In time you will have your answer. Whether it is what you want to hear or not what you expect it will be clear. You have loved her for a long time, maybe she loves you the same way or not, she hasn't had knowledge that you felt as you do. She needs the time to process the information and search her heart, soul and head for the c
  5. Yes his name was Dale! Her name is Kathy.
  6. Hawk, I do remember the lady whose hubby/cuz was killed. In fact when we are in her area I meet her for lunch at least once. I was fortunate to have met her hubby. He was a really nice person. And funny. She has remarried in the last year and seems to be very happy. I don't however remember her screen name for this site. The other person you mentioned I don't remember.
  7. Just curious Hithere, did you contact admin before posting this?
  8. Just curious Trevor, did you contact admin before posting this?
  9. I am so sorry to hear of Nat's passing. I was aware that her health was not good in the recent past. Prayers and hugs to you for being there for her and for finding a safe place soon.
  10. Emily please check dates of the original posts. So far the ones you have posted in are over 6 months old and most of the posters are no longer around or active.
  11. Just curious Emily, did you gain permission from an admin to post this? If not please read the TOS under the Shoot the Breeze area. Thanks
  12. roger78 you have posted this same post in several different threads. It is not necessary to continue to post the same exact thing over and over. I have deleted some of them. If you are unhappy that no one is answering your posts, it might be that no one has had the experience you are dealing with. Also you are not asking about a cousin relationship for you and that is what this site is about. Maybe you would be better served by seeking a site that deals with your particular interest. Have a nice day.
  13. Then try the tried and true ""if you weren't my cousin, I would love/like to date you..." Or some such statement. If he gives the ewww factor, you have the out of saying I said IF. Now you have opened the door without declaring anything. And leave it as his option as how to respond. Best wishes.
  14. I wouldn't put much trust in wiki. Best to contact an attorney.
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