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  1. Chanel yes you are only first cousins due to your respective parents being siblings. Once removed refers to generations of cousins. Example, If your mom and your partner's father were first cousins rather than siblings then you and your partner would be second cousins, That would mean his father and you would be first cousins once removed. I hope this clears the situation up for you. Indeed the chart tends to be confusing to some.
  2. I like the blue better than the orange. Looks good!
  3. If you can go back to who the common ancestor of both her grandfather and your dad it will help. Like if her grandfather and your dad have the same parent or grandparent. Not sure if that is clear or not.
  4. AlmondDante1994, it would depend on what their relationship actually is. Can you give more info or do you have more research you can do to help out?
  5. Oops, responded to the other post before I saw this one!
  6. Romalee

    Merry Christmas

    We are heading to Arizona tomorrow, weather permitting in Amarillo!! Have a blessed and Happy New Year!! I will check in when I can.
  7. Romalee

    Merry Christmas

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Best wishes for many blessings on you this season and in the new year.
  8. First question, is he still married? I did not find a clear answer to that in your post. How long is he incarcerated for? That can have a big influence on the future of your being together even as just family. Having spent 25 years working in a state prison system, I would caution you on baring all your feeling and emotions to him. Yes those behind the walls have a tendency to get carried away with what they think they feel and desire as there is no face to face communication, or VERY limited at best. They don't have much else to do but let their imagination run. I would suggest that you continue to develop a friendship, be there for him as family, but cool the "romance". Definitely don't send certain types of photos to him, they get passed around like wild fire. I am not trying to discourage you on a possible future relationship, but cautioning you to the goings on where he is. Best wishes on your journey.
  9. My first question before actually giving any answer is how old are you and how old is your cousin?
  10. Ken, you won't regret it! My sister lives in OKC.
  11. We travel with our 5th wheel trailer. Visit places, family and friends on the way to where ever. Have been in Missouri for about 3 weeks. Visited the Clydesdale horse ranch, the WW1 memorial and museum in Kansas City and several other historical places in the area where we are. Heading back to Texas in a couple of days and will be at a lake for some r&r and some fishing!!
  12. If you are indeed second cousins 1R, no worry. marriage between second cousins is legal in Texas. And about anywhere in the world that is known of on this site. If you are uncertain about doing that you might want to contact a family law attorney for clarification and peace of mind either way. Most attorneys will give a consultation at no charge. Best wishes on your journey.
  13. Romalee

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    Can I have like senior member or something distinguishing???? Lol
  14. Romalee

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    LadyC we did have a fun time. She is such a delight to be around. She is doing well.
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