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  1. Hi and welcome to cc. Actually we have had same sex couples here in the past. It has been a while but you might try searching the older threads to see if you can find them. Also we have had at least one black member that I can recall, though her relationship involved her male cousin. She was a hoot. loved reading her posts. Think her "name" was Chocolate. Feel free to peruse the site. Maybe there are members in your position that are lurking and will come forward. Best wishes on your journey.
  2. It would help if you would remove the black background of your posts. Sure makes it hard to read. Again, please refrain from posting the same post more than once. Doesn't mean you will get more or different advice or responses.
  3. Hi and welcome to CC. First I deleted your double post. It isn't necessary to post in more than one area. It sounds like you both may be quite young. I'm not going to hold that against you! I do think he may like you, but maybe not as a girlfriend at this time. The best advice I can give you without knowing more about your ages is to build a good solid friendship with him. We all can use all the friends we can get. Who knows what the future may hold for the two of you. Don't be in a hurry to make this a relationship, those are difficult enough at any age, but a relationship with a cousin is even more so, due to the family dynamics and social taboos. Take it slow, become friends and just enjoy having a good friend.
  4. YEA!! Great to have you back Hawk!
  5. SLOW DOWN!!! You just met and have been texting for 4 days!?!? First off, knowing your ages may help with any advice you may receive. You sound young, and I am not holding that against you or going to preach to you. The best advice I can give for now is build a solid friendship. Do not start declaring how you "feel" about her. I seriously doubt she "feels" the same way after such a short time. Do you live in the same area? Are you able to visit in person? These things are important in getting to really know one another. Best wishes on your journey.
  6. Guy45 I agree with CM that what you suggest the OP do with his cousin is disrespectful to women!! I would kick you to the curb so fast your head would spin. I am not a teenager or young but I wouldn't stand for that treatment. Blow bubbles on my stomach.....I THINK NOT. I will also caution you on some of your descriptive things you do. We have members and guests of all ages and some are offended by this. Also I am having difficulty understanding your stand on cousin relationships, do you not understand what this site is about?? Yes we have FIRST cousins here that marry and have a sexual relationship.
  7. Congratulations to you! Keep us posted on the events to come!
  8. Glad you are enjoying your vacay! Maybe one day we will meet up too!!!
  9. I agree with LadyC! Man up and do what she suggests! Or ask her out to coffee, no need for the liquid courage, and use the tried and true line, "if you weren't my cousin, I would like to date you ( or whatever your words might be)" Or "You possess all the qualities I look for in a date, mate, etc..." Get the idea?? If she gives you the ewwwww factor, remind her you said IF!!! Then say no more. Let her think it over, you may or may not get the answer you want, but you will get an answer in time. Don't push or rush her for an answer. Best wishes on your journey!!
  10. What good news! Best wishes on your journey and many years of happiness!
  11. I keep my fb account to keep up with long lost friends mostly. Been missing you Boss!! I don't post much and what little I do post is probably not worth any one arguing over or about!! LOL And NO you are not the last kissin' cousin left!
  12. My hubby and I are in Congress ,Az until Feb 14. Have been married for almost 15 years. We are second cousins and from Texas.
  13. The best advice I can give for you is to make a phone call to the marriage licensing office of the county you live in and ask. Be prepared for the person to not be familiar with the marriage laws of the state pertaining to cousin marriage. Don't be afraid to ask for someone further up the chain of command to get the right answer. Disclaimer: We do not give ANY legal advice on this site. Always seek legal advice when in doubt. Best wishes on your journey and keep us posted on what you learn.
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