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  1. Long Distance relationship with my cousin.. help!

    Charms don't necessarily have to do with looks!
  2. Long Distance relationship with my cousin.. help!

    Pooch, why do his looks have to have a bearing on how you comment. LOOKS are the last thing to consider, unless one is so shallow to think that is most important in a relationship.
  3. Long Distance relationship with my cousin.. help!

    Welcome to the site. First off you are not second cousins, but first cousins once removed. As opposed to Pooch, (no offense intended) I fail to see what his looks have to do with the relationship. But I do think he makes some valid observations otherwise. My personal opinion, and it is only mine, is there is just infatuation and maybe lust going on here. You neither one really KNOW the other, and four months is a very short time, being you are so far apart. Texting, talking etc. just doesn't make up for actually spending time in each others presence. I'm not saying that it isn't possible, but there are other considerations. If you want to proceed with cousin then it would be best to end it with boyfriend. You then start with a clean slate and it allows said boyfriend to have one also. If you and cousin really want to be together, there is always a way to work things out for being able to live in the same area. Otherwise, to me, this appears to be a FWB type of thing. OK, maybe I am wrong about the intentions of both sides, if I am, sorry I misunderstood. Best wishes as you work thorough this on your journey.
  4. Is my cousin attracted to me?

    Ok, this has me confused. Guess I am being a little slow this morning. Are one of you adopted? Please explain "not related by blood". Thank you.
  5. Unsure How to Proceed

    I agree with LadyC! Throw that line out and see if you get a bite!! LOL IF she has the eww factor, remind her you said IF! Good luck!
  6. How To Propose mY Cousin

    Yeah....what LadyC said!
  7. Things have gotten complicated

    OK I have read all of this thread and the part I want to address is Pickledpie said that her cousin cheated on his girlfriend many times. How would you deal with him cheating on you if you should end up together?? And the chances (or probability) of that is great. Otherwise I agree with LadyC and ColoradoMarried and their advice. Best wishes on your journey.
  8. We Started Talking Again

    With her being in a relationship, she may not want to be that close with you, even through texting. Her attention is probably focused on her present interest. Don't take it wrong, just be in there if she needs you. She knows how you feel/felt and may not want to unintentionally lead you to think there may be more in store for a relationship with you. She may never be in the place that she feels she could return any romantic feelings. Are you prepared for the event that you may never be that close again? Best wishes on your journey.
  9. Merry Christmas happy holidays

    Merry Christmas Boss and Mrs. Boss!! Best wishes for a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!
  10. If you are indeed second cousins 1R, no worry. marriage between second cousins is legal in Texas. And about anywhere in the world that is known of on this site. If you are uncertain about doing that you might want to contact a family law attorney for clarification and peace of mind either way. Most attorneys will give a consultation at no charge. Best wishes on your journey.
  11. How would a state know you're related anyway?

    In some states the question of being related comes up either on or when obtaining the marriage license.
  12. No legal advice is given on this site. That being said the best advice would be to find an attorney that would be willing to discuss these issues with you, like a tax attorney or maybe a family law attorney. Since cousin marriage is illegal in the state, I would be inclined to think that some of the issues you mention would not be possible. But I am NOT a lawyer. Best wishes on your journey.
  13. Fancy My Cousin

    I'm not aware of where you are from, but you are 18 and she is 15, and she is considered a minor and you an adult. At least in the US. MIght think about that before you "try" anything. If she does indeed think it is weird then you might be setting yourself up for a bad time. She may have just been " in the moment" at the bonfire and her actions don't mean anything other than she felt comfortable with you and nothing more. I do think you are trying to read more into this than may indeed be there.
  14. For starters please go back and edit your post with more punctuation and paragraphs. Us old folks here have a really hard time reading. Second of all you can leave off the graphic details, we can get the drift without them. You may get more and useful advice if you will do the above. I was unable to do more than scan this.. thanks
  15. been a while....

    Hi Jessie! good to see you stop by. Stay safe with the impending weather in your area. God bless you too.
  16. Am I wrong

    Since you are both "old" enough, no current relationships and you want to test the waters with her, try the trusted and tried line... "If you weren't my cousin I would like to..." date you or whatever fits the situation, your wording. OR " You possess the qualities I find attractive in a girlfriend...." Just remember you said IF and are just stating an observation, in case she gets the "eww" factor or in your mind is a negative response. Give her time to digest it, no pressure. If you should get a positive response or answer then you can start giving her information from this site or maybe bring her here. Use whatever may be helpful and however it might fit your situation. Best wisher on your journey!
  17. Admin status

    Hey Boss, I'm missing my admin status and access to admin area. Did I get demoted?
  18. Admin status

    Can I have like senior member or something distinguishing???? Lol
  19. Admin status

    LadyC we did have a fun time. She is such a delight to be around. She is doing well.
  20. Admin status

    Not mad by any stretch of the imagination! Was just wondering due to the update. I do check in almost everyday, have deleted a number of posts I felt did not meet the standards of "our" site and approving those that are appropriate. No hard feelings. I know you put a lot of time in here. I will continue to be an active member. Thanks for all you do KC! I have been around here for about 14 years and will be available if you change your mind. Just let me know. We are totally enjoying retirement!! In Georgia this month. Met with Kathy for lunch on Tuesday. Had a good visit.
  21. Just an update

    Hi Boss, so sorry to hear of your health diagnosis. As a former smoker (quit 20 years ago) I know how hard it is and pray you have a successful time of it.
  22. Hey Hawk!!  I would join you in chat too!!

  23. 1st cousin love

    I on the other hand have to disagree with Sophia. No hard feelings intended. My take on the situation is that you make yourself available as a friend. An ear to listen if she needs it . Since she has just experienced a broken engagement, regardless of who broke it, she may need time to get over it. And usually "rebound" relationships rarely end up being something long lasting, I feel you may gain more by the friendship route at this time. No need to profess your long love for her yet. Give her the time she needs and who knows what might happen. Best wishes on your journey.
  24. ok. just wanted to be sure. No dancer58 not interested, thanks.
  25. Did you clear through Admin to post this?