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  1. Romalee

    Crush on Cousin

    That sounds like the best choice. I wish you well with your new pursuit.
  2. Romalee

    Crush on Cousin

    Dangerous in that you say you already have a crush on him, got drunk and tried to put the moves on him. You don't need to be alone with him! However I feel you are going to do what you want and have no respect for him, his wife or children. We don't give pats on the back and say go for it, just because this is a cousin couples site. Sometimes our advice or comments sound harsh and are not what one wants to hear, but you asked.
  3. Romalee

    Crush on Cousin

    Invite his wife to join you. She should be included to help you avoid any uncomfortable and/or dangerous situations. I would not appreciate someone (female, cousin or not) inviting my husband to hang out, go to or watch a movie without inviting me also. Put yourself in her place..... ,
  4. Romalee

    Crush on Cousin

    I did not intend my response to sound as though I was attacking you. I did mean to be honest. I think the best way for you to get over the crush thing is to cut all contact with him. No facebook, text, calling or any other social media you might be connected on. I do wish you well.
  5. Romalee

    Crush on Cousin

    You have answered you own question. I think he is trying to tell you something and you are refusing to hear. He is MARRIED and has a family.. You are doing the wrong thing by asking him to hang with you, knowing how he feels about his family. The best thing you can do is cut all communication with him and move on. He is not available to you. Best wishes on your journey.
  6. Romalee

    Need advice

    What exactly is the relationship of this family member? Depending on what it is can affect any advice you might get here.
  7. First question, is he still married? I did not find a clear answer to that in your post. How long is he incarcerated for? That can have a big influence on the future of your being together even as just family. Having spent 25 years working in a state prison system, I would caution you on baring all your feeling and emotions to him. Yes those behind the walls have a tendency to get carried away with what they think they feel and desire as there is no face to face communication, or VERY limited at best. They don't have much else to do but let their imagination run. I would suggest that you continue to develop a friendship, be there for him as family, but cool the "romance". Definitely don't send certain types of photos to him, they get passed around like wild fire. I am not trying to discourage you on a possible future relationship, but cautioning you to the goings on where he is. Best wishes on your journey.
  8. Hi and welcome to CC. Sounds like you are on the right track and not doing the pressure thing. At some point that the two of you are together, use the ole tried and true line of something along the lines of "if you weren't my cousin I would like to date you"..., or" you possess the qualities I am looking for / desire in a girlfriend..." Make the words yours and that fit the scenario, however if she gives the EWWW factor then remind her you said IF. She may immediately answer back with the same feelings or not or say nothing. Even if she doesn't say anything you have planted a seed, It may grow and one day she may just say "remember when...?" Either way, give her time, develop the friendship and see how things go. Best wishes on your journey and keep us posted!
  9. My first question before actually giving any answer is how old are you and how old is your cousin?
  10. Romalee

    I don’t know what to do - help?

    I don't understand "half cousing techinically"", and if you are cousins how can his son be "technically your nephew"? Until I knew the answers to this part, I don't really have any advice other than confirming what his relationship to the child's mother is. Are they married, separated, never married but share a son, not together? That will have a big part in any further advice you may get.
  11. Romalee

    Things have gotten complicated

    What about the BOYFRIEND, Pickledpie???
  12. Romalee

    What do you guys do to have fun

    Ken, you won't regret it! My sister lives in OKC.
  13. Romalee

    What do you guys do to have fun

    We travel with our 5th wheel trailer. Visit places, family and friends on the way to where ever. Have been in Missouri for about 3 weeks. Visited the Clydesdale horse ranch, the WW1 memorial and museum in Kansas City and several other historical places in the area where we are. Heading back to Texas in a couple of days and will be at a lake for some r&r and some fishing!!
  14. If this situation is keeping you from moving on with your life, then I think it is definitely time to let it go. If I remember correctly, I think you mentioned he had a girlfriend in another post. Maybe that is where all his attention is now. Bottom line is if he is interested in opening the lines of communication back up, he will. That you are not hearing from him speaks volumes. If he is indeed visiting the site, he knows how you feel. If it were me, I would move on. Best wishes on your journey.
  15. Hi Peaches! I have been without a good wifi for a bit and am just now catching up. I am so glad to hear of your decision. I know it won't be easy but you are aware of that also. As LadyC said please keep us updated and if you need a ear to listen, we are here. Best wishes to you.
  16. With so little information it is hard to tell anything. Info needed for better advice; what are your ages, do you see each other frequently, etc. Depending on some of this missing info, she could just be an outgoing person and that is her way of texting. There may not be any other meaning to it. You sound as if you both might be young. In reality there is nothing illegal or biblically or medically to keep second cousins from having a relationship. I am married to my second cousin. Give us a little more information and more advice may be forthcoming.
  17. "Be a jerk to her" Come on Pooch do you really think advising some one to be a jerk is really good advice? I would hate to think if that was my cousin looking for advice I would have to wonder or worry that some stranger on a website was telling him to treat me bad and act like a jerk. Just because there have been people in her past that acted that way is no reason the OP should do it. Maybe , just maybe, by being himself and "non- jerky" he will still have a chance with her. And I hope that for goodness sake his plan isn't just to get her "between the sheets".
  18. Romalee

    Happy birthday to us all!!

    Happy Birthday!! I have been a member 15 of those years!!
  19. You are in a situation we have many coming here with. The fact of the matter is you are MARRIED. You did state that. AND you do nothing with the cousin. Regardless of the feelings you two have for each other, you need to cut all ties with him. No text, facebook, phone calls or any other form of communication, UNTIL you decide what you are going to do about the marriage. We do not just give you a pat on the back and say go for it with the cousin just because this is a site for cousin couples. You are essentially cheating on your husband, you said he is a good guy, but he doesn't deserve this. It isn't up to you to decide whether to rip the family apart or not. It is you husband's. You owe it to him to tell him what is going on with you and cousin and let him decide if he is interested in continuing the marriage. I am not throwing stones, nor am I judging you, Just giving you something to think about. I am sure LadyC will chime in on her thoughts too. I wish you the best in dealing with the situation, but truly believe you need to work on your marriage or tell your husband what is going on and let him decide.
  20. Romalee

    Mod approval

    Send KC a PM for approval (or not) of your request. He is the one to give permission
  21. Romalee

    Early stages of a possible relationship

    Hi and welcome to CC. You are developing the friendship with your cousin that we tout here as being the best thing to do! One can not have too many friends. I hope things go well for you and your cousin in the days to come.I One idea we give to judge where one might stand with their "object of affection" so to speak is use the line "if you weren't my cousin I would date you,,, or "You possess the qualities I look for in a date, mate..." You use the words that make you comfortable. If she gives the EWW factor, you have the out of telling her " I said IF..." Something along those lines may give you an insight to what she may be thinking or feeling. I look forward to hearing more of your story as it unfolds. Best wishes on your journey.
  22. Romalee

    Long Distance relationship with my cousin.. help!

    Charms don't necessarily have to do with looks!
  23. Romalee

    Long Distance relationship with my cousin.. help!

    Pooch, why do his looks have to have a bearing on how you comment. LOOKS are the last thing to consider, unless one is so shallow to think that is most important in a relationship.
  24. Romalee

    Long Distance relationship with my cousin.. help!

    Welcome to the site. First off you are not second cousins, but first cousins once removed. As opposed to Pooch, (no offense intended) I fail to see what his looks have to do with the relationship. But I do think he makes some valid observations otherwise. My personal opinion, and it is only mine, is there is just infatuation and maybe lust going on here. You neither one really KNOW the other, and four months is a very short time, being you are so far apart. Texting, talking etc. just doesn't make up for actually spending time in each others presence. I'm not saying that it isn't possible, but there are other considerations. If you want to proceed with cousin then it would be best to end it with boyfriend. You then start with a clean slate and it allows said boyfriend to have one also. If you and cousin really want to be together, there is always a way to work things out for being able to live in the same area. Otherwise, to me, this appears to be a FWB type of thing. OK, maybe I am wrong about the intentions of both sides, if I am, sorry I misunderstood. Best wishes as you work thorough this on your journey.
  25. Romalee

    Is my cousin attracted to me?

    Ok, this has me confused. Guess I am being a little slow this morning. Are one of you adopted? Please explain "not related by blood". Thank you.