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  1. SeatleSeven hit the situation head on! She has never loved you, at least like you wanted her to., she has only used you and it has affected you greatly. Best to cut her out and off completely. It amazes me though that you thought you two were together and yet you said she had a boyfriend. I would say that was a VERY BIG clue that there wasn't a relationship between the two of you. Cut your losses and the potential for any further hurt and move on. Easy?? No but you will get through this if you are determined. Best wishes.
  2. Dan, Please remove the abbreviated foul language. NOT need for clarification that you are in a bad place at this time. We have visitors of ALL ages visit and this is offensive to many.
  3. Firefighter 2019 you do NOTHING!! She is a CHILD!!! The only advice you will get here is to leave her alone. She is in no way capable of understanding what you are proposing and it is illegal. Best advice I can give you is to move on. Leave her alone and let her grow up without you having tried to make "her understand my love". Second this thread is over 3 years old. The original poster is more than likely long gone. The thread will be locked.
  4. Hi Jessie! Wishing you a Merry Christmas also! We are doing great. Still traveling the country. Contemplating putting house on market in the summer and truly going fulltime.
  5. Unknown2, I don't have any advice on your situation at this time. I would like to suggest you make a new post of you own. This post is over 3 years old and the OP is most likely not checking back. Also you may get more advice with a separate post.
  6. Romalee

    Texas laws

    Pancake, you can ask any questions you feel you want to. Just be advised we DO NOT give any legal advice here. Any legal questions need to be directed to an attorney. The legal facts pages are posted as to the best of our knowledge at the time posted. There may be changes to some of them we are not aware of. Oh and welcome to cc.com!!
  7. Hey Boss and Nat!! We are just north of Houston til end of December. Back by home for Dr. appts in Jan. and then to Arizona, Nevada, maybe California and Wyoming That should take us up to mid to late June. Back home for Dr. appts again. Debating putting house on market and really going full time RVing. Hope you both are doing well.
  8. Consider your backside sufficiently kicked!!! You know better than anyone to not go there!! ???
  9. Romalee

    Legal laws

    You can find the state laws under the info tab at the top of the page. However, since laws can change and we aren't always aware of those changes, please contact an attorney for any further clarification or questions. We do not give any legal advice on the site.
  10. Hubby and I, second cousins, are very happy. Married over15 years, retired for over 4, and having a great time traveling wherever we want in our RV! Life is good!
  11. Anonymous34 this post is over 6 years old. I am sure the OP is long gone and will not see your reply. Please check dates of posts before reviving OLD posts. Thank you.
  12. Serendipity, I have been guilty of this as well. So now I usually look at the date first before commenting on some of the posts. Seems that a lot of the newbies read all the old posts and revive OLD ones because they "speak" to them, not realizing that many of the OPs are LONG gone by the time they read the posts. I try to lock the old ones so no more can be added to them.
  13. Pooch do you realize this post is almost a year old??
  14. The thought has been planted in her mind. If you were to keep trying to get her to see you as a couple could backfire on you. Let it be, no pressure on her, no mention of it, and just be her friend, If she should begin to see you in the way you want, she will let you know. It might be by actions or maybe by words, but you will know. BUT you must also be prepared to accept that she may never see you in the same way. When she next visits, play it cool, just be a friend and enjoy the visit with no other expectations.
  15. Advice would be sort of dependent on your ages. But if you see each other often, are around each other and know each other pretty well, if the situation arises you could always use the line " if you weren't my cousin I would date you" or "you possess the qualities I look for in a girlfriend." If she gives you the EWW factor or shows shock or disinterest, you always have the out of telling her " I said IF" Gives you an out, lets you know if there is any interest, and/ or plants the seed of possibilities with her. Don't mention it again, let her take the lead on this after you have told her. Whatever you do, DON'T declare your love for her----- yet anyway!! Build a solid friendship, one a potential relationship could be built on. Best wishes.
  16. Kamalime, this post if over ONE year old. This person is no longer around to see your answer.
  17. She's MARRIED, makes no difference how "toxic" you think it is. You do NOTHING except back away. Doesn't matter if it is consensual. She is not in a place to be giving consent for such activity, and if you respect her at all you are not in a place to ask her to.
  18. I have to agree with Nat. Clean up the post, remove the graphic details. and move on. This site is visited by persons of all ages and not a place for porn. She is married and totally out of your range.
  19. I understand your wanting a "sort of" time line for her to make a decision. I also understand you not wanting to be left in waiting mode indefinitely. HOWEVER, my cousin and I met when I was 13 and he was 15. To make a long story short, it was 38 years before we got together. Both married others, more than once, had families and even our families visited each other once. We kept up with each other through our parents for years. It wasn't until we were both single in our 50's that we reconnected and the rest is history. I know that sounds like forever and who knows if it would even happen for you, but our expectations of timelines are not always what happens. Best wishes on your journey.
  20. The military will never know or will they ask. There are no laws (USA) that we are aware of that would prohibit 3rd cousin marriage. The only people that will know are the ones you choose to tell. It is your business. Married to my second cousin for 15 years now. He is retired military.
  21. The closest relationship is what is considered. They are brother and sister. If I read your post right. I am sure some families want to try to figure out all the "extended" relationships. Theirs is as siblings.
  22. He's a troll. Been deleting his posts, nothing is original except for some weird website he is pushing.
  23. If you are wanting more than a friendship with her, that should be out of the question, you are both married and that means hands off for both of you.. There is no need to tell her of your feelings because of the afore mentioned reason.
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