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  1. Oops, responded to the other post before I saw this one!
  2. Romalee

    Merry Christmas

    We are heading to Arizona tomorrow, weather permitting in Amarillo!! Have a blessed and Happy New Year!! I will check in when I can.
  3. Romalee

    Merry Christmas

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Best wishes for many blessings on you this season and in the new year.
  4. First question, is he still married? I did not find a clear answer to that in your post. How long is he incarcerated for? That can have a big influence on the future of your being together even as just family. Having spent 25 years working in a state prison system, I would caution you on baring all your feeling and emotions to him. Yes those behind the walls have a tendency to get carried away with what they think they feel and desire as there is no face to face communication, or VERY limited at best. They don't have much else to do but let their imagination run. I would suggest that you continue to develop a friendship, be there for him as family, but cool the "romance". Definitely don't send certain types of photos to him, they get passed around like wild fire. I am not trying to discourage you on a possible future relationship, but cautioning you to the goings on where he is. Best wishes on your journey.
  5. My first question before actually giving any answer is how old are you and how old is your cousin?
  6. Ken, you won't regret it! My sister lives in OKC.
  7. We travel with our 5th wheel trailer. Visit places, family and friends on the way to where ever. Have been in Missouri for about 3 weeks. Visited the Clydesdale horse ranch, the WW1 memorial and museum in Kansas City and several other historical places in the area where we are. Heading back to Texas in a couple of days and will be at a lake for some r&r and some fishing!!
  8. If you are indeed second cousins 1R, no worry. marriage between second cousins is legal in Texas. And about anywhere in the world that is known of on this site. If you are uncertain about doing that you might want to contact a family law attorney for clarification and peace of mind either way. Most attorneys will give a consultation at no charge. Best wishes on your journey.
  9. Romalee

    Admin status

    Can I have like senior member or something distinguishing???? Lol
  10. Romalee

    Admin status

    LadyC we did have a fun time. She is such a delight to be around. She is doing well.
  11. Romalee

    Admin status

    Not mad by any stretch of the imagination! Was just wondering due to the update. I do check in almost everyday, have deleted a number of posts I felt did not meet the standards of "our" site and approving those that are appropriate. No hard feelings. I know you put a lot of time in here. I will continue to be an active member. Thanks for all you do KC! I have been around here for about 14 years and will be available if you change your mind. Just let me know. We are totally enjoying retirement!! In Georgia this month. Met with Kathy for lunch on Tuesday. Had a good visit.
  12. Hey Boss, I'm missing my admin status and access to admin area. Did I get demoted?
  13. Hi Boss, so sorry to hear of your health diagnosis. As a former smoker (quit 20 years ago) I know how hard it is and pray you have a successful time of it.
  14. Hey Hawk!!  I would join you in chat too!!

  15. Romalee

    My story

    Doesn't sound to me that she is interested. I would suggest if you are wanting to see if there is anything possibly getting serious here maybe if you stop being such a cad and playing grab a** and start acting more mature she might start taking you more serious. And then there is the chance she just isn't interested in the cousin thing.
  16. She is married, off limits and you do not pursue! Plain and simple! No ifs, ands or buts!
  17. Hi and welcome to cc. You didn't say whether he ever explained the "complicated" nature of the relationship with his girlfriend. I am going to assume he is still with her, In that case you probably shouldn't tell him anything about your feelings for him. If and/or when he should no longer be in the relationship, then if you still feel the way you do for him, then you can tell him in whatever way feels best or right for you. Until that time, continue with your schooling, become self sufficient and able to live on your own. Best wishes on your journey. Hugs, Romalee
  18. I lift mine all the time. Sometimes the ingredients within need to be stirred, more or additional ingredients added or I just want to make sure there is enough liquid. Also it depends on the directions of the recipe. I understand it takes a bit for the slow cooker to return to its previous temp when you do that.
  19. Hawk I did read all of your post. While you gave good advice to the OP, I truly "felt" your pain and joy in this post. It is so good to have you back, if only for a brief time. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas. If I were close I would give you a big hug!!!
  20. Ok I'm going to be the bad one here. He is in a long term relationship and has children with her. He is cheating on HER with YOU. Introducing you and his WIFE, not good. You owe it to yourself and him to back out. His relationship needs to succeed or fail on its own with NO outside influence. If you are to be together it will happen in time. Otherwise he is where he needs to be and you need to move on in the "love" department. Nat is spot on with her advice. You are being used and abused as is his girlfriend and children. You will ultimately do what ever you want. Just remember you asked for advice. I hope you come to a workable solution for the situation,
  21. You say you love her, but does she feel the same way? You didn't provide any information about how she feels. We are not lawyers and immigration is not something we get into. Best advice is to contact someone that knows the law and can gutde you. Best wishes on your journey.
  22. Did you get permission from any of the admins to post this???
  23. With no formal or legal medical background, my opinion is I would not do it until stopped. However your best information will come from your doctor. Follow his/her advice.
  24. Yeah, what she said. Don't overthink this. Move on.
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