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  1. Hey I will go with the flow and the majority. Sometimes posts have nothing to do with advice, wisdom or reliability but it could work. Go for what works best for the most.
  2. I think "like" works for me. If I agree with or like the post I have read, it fits better. Not sure the terms you suggested work for me. Sometimes there isn't and "wisdom" involved!! lol But I am only one here. I do agree with not having a "dislike" button. I was joking. And I think it would be nice for staff to have the option also.
  3. I really don't like the "reputation" term. I agree we need a like button. And a dislike one to go along with it! hehe
  4. Then stop with the games and start a real relationship with her. Treat her and talk to her like she is the valuable person she is. Tell her to stop "randomly" showing you her body. Tell her it sends the wrong message to you. You aren't interested in just that. Bring her to the site and show her the facts. Check the fact pages. Find out what the law says for where you are. If it isn't on our pages we will try to direct you to find them. Also look up some of the posts by Hawk. He has some EXCELLENT advice for our younger members. We are here to help you understand. Best wishes and keep us posted.
  5. I just realized almost all my last post was underlined! Not done on purpose and don't know how that happened. LadyC I like Colorado bullcogs, They have vodka, khalua, coke and milk. Can't remember the exact measurements. Been a long time since I made them myself. You can probably google it and find out. Tastes like chocolate milk and goes down really smooth. But watch out it will kick you when you least expect it!!! LOL
  6. Hi all!! I have been out of the loop for the last week and got a surprise when I logged on today!!! KC I like the looks of the new software, but it will take me a bit to figure it all out. Tim and I spent the last week at a really neat state park campground about 1.5 hours southeast of Dallas, Tx. I caught the most fish! Don't tell him I was bragging! We liked it so well we are thinking of applying to be park hosts next year. All else is well in our world. Will be heading out to Georgia in about a month, plan to be gone 4-8 weeks. Will be spending most of that time with our son and family. Haven't seen them in over a year. Pass me a slice of pizza and some vodka and mixer! Later guys
  7. You don't say if he is still married or not. If he is then you back away and don't pursue any more of a relationship with him. If he is not married any longer and the two or you are of a like mind, do what ever you want.
  8. Since he is uncertain how he will feel "until the baby comes", I would tell him to go back to the girlfriend. I know it's easier said than done, BUT as you said you don't want to keep getting more attached to him. He needs to stand up to his responsibility to this young lady and the baby. If after the baby is born then he can take some time to evaluate and search his feelings. If he no longer wants to be in a relationship with the mother then he needs to end it in an adult manner and do the legal thing of having visitation etc with his child. Leaving immediately upon his return because his head was turned by someone else is not the way to go about things. I do believe there is some selfishness going on here, but things to think about, If he leaves her in her time of need going through this pregnancy, how responsible does that make him in your eyes. It could happen to you too. Bottom line for me is I think he needs to mature and you need to put this situation on the back burner until such time as all is dealt with and both of you are single, not just one of you.
  9. What a neat ending to your story and what a great beginning to a new and happy life! If you have read enough on the boards you have learned that 2nd cousins are legal anywhere we know of. As you said you are both old enough to make your own choices and no one has a say in your relationship. It is great that your kids accept and even better that you and your ex have a " relationship" that you are both comfortable with the situation that he visits with is SO. Hope that came across right. Children need both their parents in their lives even if the parents can't be married. Best wishes to you.
  10. Romalee

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to you Boss!
  11. Have been following and think Serendipity has given good advice. I do think counseling is in order, I also feel that disclosing the relationship of cousins is relevant to the outcome of the counseling. BECAUSE from the description and things you have told us, this may hinge on her getting on track with and accepting the cousin-ness of the relationship. The counselor would need to know the relationship otherwise he/she will be grasping and not knowing where the depression is coming from. That being said I do believe honesty is best if you want real results. Don't give up on the two of you working this out yet. Give help a chance. If you are not comfortable or pleased with the first one you see, go to someone else. Find your comfort zone and you will find help. Best wishes.
  12. My reply, short, is two words. He's Married!! Done deal. Nothing happens, you cut him off at the pass and let him know why. Don't contact him when you are back in his area. How do you think his wife would feel if she knew? Of course you may both be heartless and don't care. This site will not support infidelity. Just because it is cousincouples. Not meaning to be harsh or rude but this is how we see it. Give it some thought before you give in to urges.
  13. I am married to my second cousin and live in Texas. 12 years next month. We did however get married in New Mexico, but not for any particular reason.
  14. From everything we know 2nd cousin marriage is legal anywhere! Congratulations and welcome to the site.
  15. I still stand by my original advice. But it is your choice. And I hope it doesn't backfire on you. No bad feelings intended.
  16. I have to disagree with Travis. DO NOT take and send him any pictures. I feel that would only add fuel to his fire. His PTSD and alcoholic situations are not an excuse for you to "enable" his fantasies. He can get professional help with the first two. YOU are the only one that put a stop to the last one. You can let him know that you aren't going to "tell" the family on him, but you would like for him to join the family function as he could use all the family support he can get. Best wishes.
  17. I would advise you to NOT move in with the new bf. From the sounds of this last post you would be doing both of you a disservice. It wouldn't be fair to the new bf who would think it is a step forward in the relationship, when in fact it is only a step that would make you "think" you are moving on from your cousin. You need to make sure you are over cousin before committing to such a decision. It is good that you are trying to move on, proud of you. But what appears to be a hasty decision might prove to be very wrong. Best wishes as you continue to move forward.
  18. Romalee

    My nephew

    The only thing I see as a potential problem is that there might be numerous like requests. If it is made policy that It must be run by admin/mods before posting such requests in the future. Maybe made a Section all its own. Like " Special requests" or something of the like. I still don't see a problem with your posting it.
  19. Romalee

    My nephew

    I see no problem with posting it. Hopefully they will receive some help.
  20. Hi Katie, Though I am not in your situation with children, I am married to my second cousin. My thoughts on the situation are that you should start NOW, not wait until the NEED TO KNOW arises. As I see it the longer you wait to start introducing the fact to your children the more likely they are to associate shame and your distrust of them with the information. One of the admins, LadyC, always advises starting with the Beatrix Potter story of the bunny rabbits. For shame on me the title has COMPLETELY evaded me at this moment!!! (And I feel really dumb!!) Though it may be a bit young for your children it might be a conversation starter. Best wishes to you.
  21. Congratulations!! I know you are so happy and anxious for that day!! Pics, we must have pics!!! Lol
  22. SBT you are both well able to make your own decisions, kids don't get a say, and if you are both of the same mind, I say GO FOR IT!!! You only live once and sounds like its time both of you start to live and be less lonely! Best wishes.
  23. rebeccarosesmith, I apologize if you thought I was being rude. I was not intending for it to sound that way. However if you go back and reread your post I think you will realize how easily it would be for one to interpret that you were heading in the direction of wanting a sexual/physical relationship with him. You did not state that you just wanted him as a friend. Maybe I am just old, BUT I don't/ wouldn't be "sexting" with someone I wanted to be a friend with unless I really did want something more. Nor would I think someone of the opposite sex admitting to such an "addiction" would be appropriate or necessary to our friendship. If someone has a true addiction they desire to get over, it won't happen in a week. I'm not sure if that is the thought behind your comment or not, You didn't give your ages and you don't have to if you would rather not but that can have an impact on any advice you might get. Not sure that came out how meant, but hope you get my thought.
  24. beccarosesmith, if you have a bf and he is married the relationship doesn't go anywhere. His "sex addict" confession sounds as lame as they come. And you bought it? Advice is to leave him alone until such time as you are both free of other relationships.
  25. Romalee


    after kicking him to the curb I would send the other woman a message telling her how he has been cheating on her too!!!! But I am like that. Don't be second for anyone!!
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