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  1. glx, it really doesn't matter what her name is. This site prides itself on anonymity. The fact that he has used random numbers and symbols to "identify" her is his business. I do believe you are a troll. This is a warning to discontinue as such or steps will be taken to limit your access to these boards. If you honestly and sincerely want to become a member of this site and have legitimate questions, concerns or advice that can possibly help someone then please register.
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    Welcome to the boards!! What an inspirational message. You are repeating all the same things we tell our members and guests about the family dynamics of a cousin relationship. I have been married to my second cousin for almost 12 years. Best wishes.
  3. Well looks like you are definitely old enough to make your own decisions. I will tell you like we tell everyone on here at first. As long as your are both single, not married or in a relationship with someone else then go for it. You can always use the tried and true "if you weren't my cousin..." line. Like if you weren't my cousin I would date, go out with, __________ ( you fill in the blank). If she appears to be put off by the thought you have the out of saying "I said IF..." Or she might say " yeah, too bad huh?" Then you can take it from there. Tell her about this site. Become FRIENDS first. Don't rush or even mention the sex thing. If she is put off then don't just give up. You have planted a thought in her mind and believe me she will think about it. You may not get the answer you want or get any answer right a way. That is ok. Do not bring it up again, unless she does You don't say where you are and don't have or you can be real general to location. Read the facts pages on here. Learn the information and have it at your disposal. Last of all, no you are not abnormal!! It is perfectly fine to have feelings for your cousin. I have been married to my second cousin for almost 12 years. Best wishes.
  4. Knowing your ages will help in the advice you receive. BUT if you only want your cousin for sex then you need to change your thinking.
  5. Before you begin "something" with your cousin, you owe it to your fiancée to come clean and give him the option of staying or leaving, It isn't fair to him to be basically your second choice. Just my two cents worth.
  6. As hard as I am sure it is for you to do this Marla, I applaud you for being wise enough to do what is right for YOU. Not everyone has the inner strength to do what is best for them in the long run and continue to stay in a situation that is so unhealthy. Someone is waiting for you that is everything you desire in a healthy relationship. Don't settle for less. Best wishes.
  7. Maybe it is time to lock it! It is a very old thread.
  8. I got a healthy hubby!! After suffering a heart attack in June and two subsequent heart caths and more stents in Oct and Nov, he is now healthy again!! ( Well as healthy as he can be under the circumstances!) And I love him so much!!
  9. Sure you can date other girls. BUT understand that dating and sleeping around are two different things. One is not dependent on the other. You can date, go out to dinner, to the movies, to a museum any number of things BUT that doesn't mean you have to "sleep with" the young lady. Treat her as a LADY deserves to be treated, not as a conquest. If your cousin doesn't like guys that do sleep around, DON'T be one of them! You are in control of your actions in that department, no one else. Be someone she would look on favorably. Your cousin has to know that you can't put your life on hold waiting for her to change her mind about the way she feels about you. That may NEVER happen. And is not fair to either of you. It might make her feel guilty for not returning the feelings and you would have put your life on hold hoping that she will change. Talk to her about how she feels if you were to see other girls. I have a feeling that it will go one of two ways. Either she will encourage you to do so or she may realize that she does have some feelings for you and feels a twinge of jealousy thinking of you seeing someone else. Don't be pushy about it, but at the right time you can bring it up.
  10. Had a crush on him from the time I met him at 13. Fell on love with him 38 years later. We will have our 12th wedding anniversary in April!
  11. I think your kids are old enough to understand and hopefully would want their mother to be happy. As you said the baby factor is no more. We all need companionship and its so much better with someone we really care for and love. Give them the benefit of the doubt. You don't have to blurt it out all at once but maybe if the time feels right you might broach the subject in general. They are not going to let you have say so in who they spend their life with and at their ages doesn't give them the right to do that to you. Sure they may be weirded out to start with but once they see you are happy and sincere it goes a long way in the way they will see the situation. My kids love my hubby/cuz and can see how happy we are. They were also grown when we got together. I'm not saying this in any harsh or derogatory way just making a commet. Please don't take it wrong. We all love our kids and want to make them happy too.
  12. The question I have is how old are your kids? Maybe a wee bit hasty on the honest reply. I think if you are both of a mind to pursue this then I say GO FOR IT! Don't pass up an opportunity to be happy or at least give it a chance to see if it is indeed what will make you happy. Life is too short to let these things pass you by. Best wishes.
  13. Hawk gave you the best advice on the situation. I agree with him 100%. Looks like you need to go back and read it again and again. Sounds to me like you are only thinking of yourself and having to divulge your feelings becauses it is weighing on you. Don't you think she deserves to hear it in person? And if there is a chance she is still in a relationship this needs to be kept COMPLETELY to yourself. I wouldn't want someone I was in a relationship with to receive something like that. Regardless if it was a good relationship or not. I don't think it is a good idea to be telling your mom at this time either. But all this is just my opinion and I am not in your shoes.
  14. I think you should remain friends do the things you have always done, and don't give up on the thought that she doesn't feel the same way as you. Given time she may change her mind. Don't however live for that day but remain aware that it could be a possibility/probability. At least she is willing to talk with you and didn't laugh at you or get weirded out. That is a big plus. Stay in the "friendzone" Hawk told you about. Best wishes.
  15. good to see you Jesse. Happy New Year.
  16. If that is the best idea you get from this site then you haven't read enough. That plan is very, very much advised against. It will not work long term and will come back to bite you harshly! Keep reading there is much better advice than that on here.
  17. I do believe LadyC has already answered the facebook question. And I agree with her answer. I am one that does not think I need my relationship with my hubby/cuz on there so would not be willing to do the same to some one else.
  18. The older I get the less importance I put on decorating (this year I didn't even put up my small tree), gifts and cooking! I would rather take the less stress free route. I did minimal gifts, mostly grandkids. checks or gift cards for kids. No baking for friends. And since I am retired now no worry about doing something for any co-workers. Hubby and I made mutual agreement not to get anything for each other but spend funds on things for travel trailer and trips. Would rather be with family and friends and do it stress free.
  19. And if Hawk's advice doesn't work, then you get your father to intervene to tell him his " little girl" is OFF LIMITS!! OR tell his wife! :evil: :grin:
  20. Ashish. I have deleted your email address. Please for your own safety, do not post personal contact information on the site.
  21. Harsh123, I have edited you post and removed the profanity. Please keep any posts PG this is a family site. Second. It would be best if you will start your own thread. You are more likely to get more advice and you will not be hijacking anothers thread.
  22. That makes her your neice I think. and everywhere I am familiar with, though limited, it is wrong.
  23. If she is making you this uncomfortable then it is up to you to put a stop to the situation. No more massages! If she asks why you need to be honest, ( brutally if need be) and tell her what you are telling us about how you don't feel about her. Would you continue to accept such actions from someone you weren't related or attracted to? She is a grown woman and definately knows exactly what she is doing.
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