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  1. A hearty congratulations for taking on the dream of yours. You did succeed even if you didn't make it to the top!!
  2. Good luck! Looking forward to pics!!
  3. Romalee


    Mine has been doing that forever!! Thought that was normal! But look who is typing this!! LOL
  4. What am I doing wrong? Can't get mine to show.
  5. That's what we are here for. Support and help and friendship. I think everyone that visits this site whether they stay and become active members or just quietly move on, came for the same basic reason in the first place. I have made some great friends here and have met some of them also. Thanks for the kind words.
  6. Love basil!! Haven't started mine this year. So far we have had so much rain I can't get in the garden!!!! But I will take the rain!
  7. Yes joseph I can give you some advice. Leave her alone and focus on your marriage. You will not find any support here for what you want. We do not encouage and in fact discourage such behavior. Harsh?? Probably. Apology?? No
  8. Thats's a better idea nessa. At least it won't damage your so very important teeth and I bet you have a great smile without anything added!
  9. Believe it or not. but tongue piercings are bad on the teeth also. The person develops a tendency to "tap" the teeth with it and can evetually crack and chip the teeth. The mouth was not designed to have such "jewelry" in it.
  10. I am a dental hygienist and first hand have seen the damage these things can cause. Whether worn for a "few hours occasionally" or "full time", they are nothing but bad news. But as you say to each his own.
  11. Nat, the cash flow is lookig up!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  12. Welcome to cc. Your post is long and I usually skip the long ones. However you even used punctuation and paragraphs and no text lingo, so I did read it!!! I understand that you want answers from her and you are going through a myriad of emotions right now. What you want are answers from her and are wanting a timeline set to get them. You also said you realize she needs her space right now. Ok that said let me present another aspect that may or may not have crossed your mind. You have been in love, loving her for a long time. You are comfortable with it and want her to be too. BUT ~~ you have sprung on her something she didn't have the slightest idea was coming. Is she in shock? Probably. If you think back to how long it has taken you to process all the information available on cousin couples in general (not just on cc.com), with all the misinformation and sorting it all out, then you should realize that it may take her a while also. Not something you can put a timeline on and get answers. My best advice to you is don't say anything else to her about the situation. She knows how you feel and needs time to process all that. To continue to press for "time to talk", "be alone and cuddle" may only serve to push her further away. All she has to really know now is that you are still her friend. She may have blocked you because she just needs time to not have any contact with you and process what she has found out. Give her time and space with no expectations. But also be aware that after all is said and done, she still may not share your feelings. Are you prepared for this? I don't get the feeling that you would take into consideration this is a possibility. So you have some work to do in the mean time also, figuring out how you would deal with this possibility. This is only my take on your situation. There may be more to chime in and give you more or even better advice. Sort through it all and use what is relevant to you. Best wishes.
  13. Welcome to cc.com! As for your last question~~ I can't answer with any guarantees, but it sounds like he may like you back and with more knowledge on both your sides, your chances could be EXCELLENT that you two could be a couple. Doesn't sound like your dad was opposed to the idea and that is a good thing. Have you guaged how other family members might feel about cousin relationships in general? And how do you feel about it? It must not be a problem for you since you have come here for information. I do not know where you are and you need not say ( in general) if you don't want to. Having said that second cousin relationships are legal almost everywhere that you could think of. One question I would ask you to make sure of the relatedness is are you sure you are second cousins? If one of your parents is a first cousin to one of his parents then you are indeed second cousins. Now that you have that information you are good to go. If you must "break the ice" on the subject with him, you might start with the "If you weren't my cousin... I would like to go out with you", or whatever fits for you. Another one is "you have all the qualities I look for in someone to ... date, go out with, share life with. Whatever fits. By the way I am married to my second cousin for over 10 years now. Got questions? Ask. Best wishes to you and keep us updated.
  14. I agree with LadyC. Don't think I would be interested in your "stuff".
  15. I absolutley love listening to Frankie Valle and the Four Seasons! And yes "Jersey Boys" the movie is on my list. I am a big country music fan. Like ChuckD from the 50's to 90's. Not so much of the new stuff now. And King George (Strait) is the KING!!!!
  16. Same here. needs punctuation, and spell check.
  17. This thread was started over a year ago. Not sure the original poster has ever been back. We may never know the ending. If a post is over a year old with no current updates, you can probably assume this person is no longer active on the forum.
  18. sauravsony5u, send aPersonal message. click on the posters name and it will take you to their "page" so to speak. there is a place you can click that says "send PM"
  19. Can you not ask her to go out with you as "just cousins" for some cousin interaction? Making it understood to family it is just being nice? You confuse me when you say that there isn't a problem with cousin relationships then say your families are very conservative and it can't happen. Sorry if I am missing something.
  20. I have read your posts in this thread. Hawk has given you EXCELLENT advice. I may be out of line here but you keep saying your family thinks you are immature, and I think from your posts I have to agree with them. Now I do not know your family and obviously never will, but you are only going to get answers if you ask the questions to the person you are interested in~~ your cousin. If you can't "man up" as Hawk says and ask those questions of your cousin and your fathers then you may be lacking in maturity. We are not mind readers and cannot tell you if she is "into you" or not. Only she can answer that question. So you have to take your chances and ask her. You must also then be mature enough to accept her answer should she not view you as a potential mate. There is nothing that says that our cousins must like us back if we have a romantic ( read crush, etc) in them. They are human and just as not all unrelated persons will end up in a relationship with the person of interest so is the same with cousins. You are both still young.. Build the friendship and a good foundation and let the rest fall into place. I am not familiar with the traditions/customs of your country so some of my thoughts may sound biased to where I am from. I do wish you the best in your endeavors and this relationship. Remember that you must be prepared to accept that she may not be ready/interested in the same outcome you are.
  21. How old are you two? Maybe more advice will follow. Age has alot to do with the advice that one is given.
  22. A little more information would help in the kind of advice you will get. Such as general ages, location, independence ie, education, employed, self sufficient?? Any present relationships~ married/engaged to someone else, long term relationship with gf/bf, You don't have to be specific but you get the idea.
  23. Search the threads, we have a number of members from the Philippines here.
  24. for some reason munne's previous post was moved to the recycle thread LadyC. But not by me.
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