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  1. When two cousins get married or reveal they have feelings for each other, it causes alot of drama. For the people who are married or in a romantic relationship with your cousin, who caused the most problems for you?
  2. When You Say You Love Me- Josh Groban It is not for good reasons. The reason is because when I told my cousin that I loved her, it caused problems.
  3. leingod

    Do U ever get over cousin love?

    This is my first post in almost 3 years on this forum.Yes, it is possible, but the memories will still be there. I have the right to be happy without my cousin as much as she has the right to be happy without me. If my cousin is sad and depressed without me, I still have the right to be happy without her. I being happy without my cousin is a right and not a privilege and I do not apologize for saying that. Almost every night before I go to bed, I pray that I can be happy without my cousin and this is something I want and need more than anything.
  4. leingod

    Any other nonbelievers here?

    Hes4me, I think you are a Deist.
  5. leingod

    Another simple poll.

    I'm 24 and my cousin is 18.