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  1. LadyC

    Complicated 2 cousin question

    that's ok, dilly-doll here has no way of knowing that i spent two years researching this subject under the direct and indirect tutelage of world reknowned genetics experts like robin bennett (former president of the NSGC) and alan bittles (edith cowan university/centre for human genetics and murdoch university centre for comparitive genomics) and martin ottenheimer, professor of social anthropology and the author of textbook "forbidden relatives: the american myth of cousin marriage". he has no way of knowing how many times i have been interviewed for my expertise on the subject for magazines (discover) and on radio and television programs owned by both fox news and abc news. he has no way of knowing that i was consulted to fact check a chapter on genetic risks to children of cousin couples in a book written by john stossel. he he's more interested in whining about how pathetic he thinks his gene pool is. for all his bravado and talk of educating us, he must think himself terribly mentally deficient, given that he is a product of 2nd cousin marriage himself. 🙄
  2. LadyC

    Complicated 2 cousin question

    it does not make you inbred. your parents are 2nd cousins. that is genetically no more similar than two UNrelated people. as for what relation that makes you to your parents? THEIR CHILD. oh, and your grandparents' kinship to each other doesn't change anything about this equation. get a grip. it sounds like you are trying to find something to resent them for. i get it. it's a teenager's role in life to hate their parents. but you're going to have to find some other excuse, because this one is just plain stupid.
  3. LadyC


    when i first saw the movie, i didn't believe rich had really had such a potty mouth and so many problems with drinking, so i started running google searches. what i found, and i don't recall where, were a few comments in discussions about the movie by former bandmates and friends who seemed to confirm those things.
  4. LadyC

    Cousin Couples Success Stories

    no, you really don't. you can't even speak of her with respect, so you have no business having sex with her. what you NEED is to grow the heck up and stop trolling.
  5. LadyC

    First cousin love

    i'll echo that warning, but from a different perspective. when i was in my 20s, i fell long and hard for a guy that was a regular customer at a pool hall that i worked at. oh, he was hot! we dated, but it wasn't exclusive at that point. and then he went to prison for a year. he actually had two ten year sentences for drug related charges that ran concurrently and he was released after about 14 months. i stood by him during his time in prison. it was a beautiful romance! he would send me the most wonderful letters, with these envelopes that had the most elaborate artwork on them. i didn't have a car at the time, but i had a roommate, and every time i was able to visit, she'd either drive me or let me take her car. i had two daughters, and this guy that i was so in love with talked extensively about us moving forward as a family whenever he got out. it was, just like you said, the most "real" relationship i'd ever had. and then he did. i don't for one minute think he was insincere at the time. in fact, i think he meant every word of it. and i think he meant every thing else too... he had given his life to Christ, he'd sworn off drugs forever, yada yada yada. but here's the thing. when people are locked up, they're in this totally altered environment. anyone they can attach to on the 'outside' (including God) becomes their lifeline. it's the only thing that gives them hope. they change while they're in there, sometimes in a good way. and then they get out. and all of a sudden life as they knew it resumes. old friends, old habits, new women. or in my case, men. like i said, something happens on the inside. and whoever you think they are while they're in there, it's not likely to be who they are when they get out. this "most real" world you're living in right now is NOT real at all. real relationships have physical interaction. disagreements. jealous moments. hurt feelings. daily struggles that actually make you stronger as a couple when you overcome them together. prison romances don't have any of that. the person in the prison has an emotional savior that helps them get through the next day. the person on the outside has absolute and total devotion from the person locked up. it is the very definition of co-dependency, and i really hate that word. but it's what it is. and even if you two can make things work after he gets out, it will be a terribly unhealthy relationship. chances are though that your relationship bubble is going to shatter like super-thin glass, and you're going to be devastated. i can't tell you to walk away from this while he's still locked up. i'd like to, though. in fact, i'd like to tell you to run. but it wouldn't do any good. you won't give up this fantasy, because it's everything you want in a relationship, and i get that. ya know, i don't regret wasting a year of my life on the guy that broke my heart within a couple of months of being released, because he needed me to get him through, and i was able to do that when nobody else would. but you're gonna get hurt. just remember that.
  6. LadyC


    Dove I'd still doing the year for 24.99 sale. At least according to their fb page. Promo code deckthehalls2018.
  7. LadyC


    Yes, a light into darkness. That's the third one. I think it was my favorite! I must not have seen the same doc on Rich. I loved the one I saw, him working so hard with the Native Americans, teaching the kids to play the dulcimer, etc. As for his problems, Ragamuffin highlighted his struggle with alcohol and depression, anger issues, a foul mouth, and the broken heart over the girl he left behind. I was pretty shocked. I had only known the 'sanitized' version... The singer/songwriter that could make Bible stories into poetic awesomeness. The free-spirited artist that performed in bare feet and cut off jeans. After seeing Ragamuffin, I did some digging and discovered that he really was all that the movie portrayed him to be. A deeply flawed man with a heart for Jesus and a phenomenal talent. His story reminds me a lot of Scott Stapp from Creed. Sometimes I believe that God extends the most love to those who are the biggest screw-ups.
  8. LadyC


    i have seen ragamuffin. in fact, i think i own that one. love the story, because i always loved rich mullins. in fact, i remember when he died. i was on my way home from church one morning when i heard the news on the radio. i had to pull off the road and cry. anyway, yes, i loved the story, but it was poorly produced. poorly edited. dang, his hair length was so inconsistent. one scene he'd have short hair, the next it would be long, then in the next it would be short again. i know movies aren't filmed chronologically, but that was downright confusing. i have not yet seen the one about brennan, although i have wanted to. i guess i forgot about it while i was waiting for it to be released. that was probably a few years ago. i did see another one once about rich. it was a documentary. a very, very good documentary. i should watch it again. i have a lot of favorite christian movies. God's Not Dead (especially 1 and 3) Woodlawn (True story, football theme) When The Game Stands Still (also true story, football theme) Facing The Giants (football theme, good story, B acting) The War Room (not quite B acting, but maybe just an A-) The Case For Christ (true story) Do You Believe (LOVED this one) I Can Only Imagine (true story of the lead singer in mercy me.) Meet The Browns (Tyler Perry... complete with Madea) I Can Do Bad All By Myself (also Tyler Perry, also complete with Madea. Strong subject matter though.) To Save A Life (A- acting, great story, not suitable for younger kids though if anyone with kids is reading this) Faith Like Potatoes (LOVED this one!!! True story about a Scottish drunk-turned-evangelist in south africa. heavy accents.) most movies produced by PureFlix entertainment are very good. Check out the Dove Channel. I think right now they are running about $5 a month, but sometimes you can get specials for $24/year. they were running one of those at Christmas, but it looks like that one is over. Pureflix and Up Faith and Family are also good subscription streaming services for christian content.
  9. LadyC

    Moderators needed

    well as of yesterday, the red door pantry was officially closed down. in the end, it was the person who started it that caused its demise. she had two main helpers... me and another woman named chrys. we both quit the same week. mostly because we were tired of the drama, tired of having orders barked at us by the founder, and tired of the founder doing nearly nothing other than taking the credit for the many hours of sweat and hard work chrys and i put in it. when i quit, i hadn't realized that chrys had quit two days before i had. then the founder decided she was jumping ship, too. she wasn't about to do all that work by herself. the free-standing pantries will remain in place, and the people of mckinney can put stuff in them when and if they want to. it just won't be an organized effort anymore. i do still have my contacts at the bread distribution center and at the place that donated produce, and both have told me i'm welcome to drop in anytime and take what i want to fill those. of course, i can only do that once a week, but i can do it on MY terms. seriously, you have no idea how much work it took to make weekly pickups of produce and bread that would be distributed twice a day, seven days a week, stocking, sorting and crating up canned and boxed food for distribution, working in a building with no windows, no a/c during the summer, and no heat during the winter... it was exhausting both mentally and physically. picking up enough to drive and drop into 5 small pantries is something i'll continue to do. but i'm totally stoked about being able to do the master naturalist thing!!
  10. LadyC

    Half brothers son .

    they married in Guatemala. i don't know what the laws are there. i THINK that a half-nephew would be the genetic equivalent of a first cousin, but it's definitely a question for a genetic expert.
  11. LadyC

    Merry Christmas

    wow, that was beautifully said! hope you all had a wonderful christmas, and look forward to a great new year! when the new year rings in, so will mine and mark's 20th anniversary
  12. LadyC

    14 years passed but, feelings are same

    embrace being single! it is during this time that you will grow strong enough emotionally to have a beautiful relationship in the future, whether it is your cousin or someone else. is your cousin single?
  13. LadyC

    Moderators needed

    i'm ready to help animals. for years i've wanted to take the master naturalist course here locally, and always forgot and missed the deadline. this year it looks like i just can't afford to do it, because mark's surgery has him on short term disability (and out of work) for three months. we're going to need every penny we can get. but hopefully NEXT year, i'll take the course and get certified, and then can do extended classes to become certified to help rehabilitate wildlife. i think that might be far more gratifying than dealing with self-entitled millenials.
  14. It's free on amazon prime. it's my new favorite christmas movie.
  15. LadyC

    Moderators needed

    LOL sorry, i know you've kicked him out, but this just made me laugh! and yeah, i remember when we got positive feedback. it made it feel like what we did here made a difference. i think that's why we're all burnt out, because there is so little appreciation from those we try to help. for what it's worth, it's not just here that i'm suffering burn-out. i just "quit" the pantry, too. it's not that i don't care anymore about the hungry people, i am just ready for someone else to feed them. i guess that doesn't sound very Christ-like.