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  1. pooch, can you please clean your mouth out with soap, DUUUUDE? your f-bomb is anything but holy. as a former moderator of this site, you should appreciate the fact that bombs of any sort are not family-friendly language.
  2. LOL well my fave is the gum on the shoe one. i HATE stepping in gum!!! the site looks nice, KC. really. and great prices!
  3. i think it's a wise choice, kc. i support it 100%
  4. i have 2 daughters from a previous marriage. they were 11 and 12 when mark and i married, and they were pretty good with it. we went way, way public with our relationship.... not long after we got married we went on a talk show... the first of many media appearances discussing the topic. my girls kinda became little celebrities in our tiny town as a result. they got a little ribbing, but also discovered that a couple of their friends (who were siblings) were the biological children of cousins.... and that my oldest daughter's best friend at the time, whose father performed our wedding, was the granddaughter of first cousins. so really it was not a big negative in their lives. bullies move on when they don't get the desired reaction from their targets, and my girls didn't give the expected reaction. now, however, we tend to stay lower key. we're no longer out to change the world, and the girls (who are now in their 30s with kids of their own) are glad not to have to explain the facts of life to their peers. mark and i tell very few people these days, although every pastor of every church we've belonged to has been aware, and we always share the info with any friends we become close to. but no more media coverage, and we don't advertise it on social media either.
  5. mark and i are first cousins once removed. we will be celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary on new year's day. yes, we're still happy... it's kinda like fine wine i guess, the more we age, the better we get
  6. how old are you NOW? you said you moved into their house when you were 11. how long ago was that?
  7. browneyedgirl, i have to agree wholeheartedly with serendipity. i think it's wonderful that you have found such a wonderful young man with such admirable qualities! but the next four years are going to bring a lot of changes. those feelings that seem so strong right now may fade when the two of you are so far apart! jeapardizing the financial aid your parents can provide during your college years for your relationship may not be the most prudent thing. there will be plenty of time to stand your ground and tell your parents you intend to marry him once you have finished college and know for certain that your love will stand the test of time (and distance!)
  8. relevant links, yes. no spam though! you wouldn't believe how many people post spammy links to dating services around here. we have a low tolerance for things like that :/
  9. the thing is, he had the ability to have a genetic specialist on there, and he CHOSE instead to have someone who would give slanted and inaccurate information. that was not by accident. it was totally intentional.
  10. personally, i think his behavior sounds kinda stalker-ish. if it's all just by text and social media, then i don't know what can be done. but if he bothers you in person or at your home or workplace, you might consider filing a restraining order.
  11. i hope everybody can watch this and laugh. it really is funny! hey, we gotta be able to laugh at ourselves once in a while, right?
  12. i suppose you can call him whatever you want. YOU know he is a 2nd cousin once removed, but 90% of the rest of the world would need an unnecessarily lengthy explanation that they would still not understand. besides, all that is really irrelevant anyway, isn't it? you're distantly enough related that there would be no legal, moral, or even "ick-factor" reason for someone to object.
  13. ummm, i thought media was now banned from posting requests? princesofthelma, i strongly encourage you to retract your offer. we have not vetted this person. and most media opportunities are not helpful at all. they're exploitive. even the dr. phil show that aired recently was deceptive in their "purpose", and instead put out more bias and misinformation instead of facts, and it was a very stressful experience for the couple.
  14. i really like it KC, good job.
  15. LadyC

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    it looks more normal today
  16. why are all these topics that are really old showing up in my unread content as yesterday's activity? it's very confusing.
  17. Yeah, my math ain't so good and my memory is worse. I had to go look at our own info pages! The data we have shows a 1.5 to 3% higher risk, which at the outside would be a max risk of 5.4%, as oppose to her claim of 6.1 percent. I suppose they figured an exaggeration of only a half percent would be easy enoughonly a half percent would be easy enough to pull off. And they were right. It even rolled past me I mostly hold dr. Phil responsible though. You can't tell me that he didn't intentionally look for someone who would support his bias. Any genetic counselor would have given accurate info. He chose to go with some person with lots of titles and no expertise in genetics instead.
  18. LOL i didn't really read the powerpoint, just listened to the clip. you're right about that, hemophilia is chromosomal, and would not be affected regardless of biological relation or lack thereof of the parents. she may be an expert in many things, but this topic is not one of them. the congenital anomalies bullet list, aside from her egregious error about hemophilia, does look pretty close to accurate for this part of the world though. but that's the part that was downplayed so they could make everything else sound so much scarier. and i REALLY would like to know where the heck she's getting the idea that mood disorders and schizophrenia are so much higher among children of cousins. really? REALLY? compared to... ?
  19. Kc it was on his website, consang.net. mostly stuff that was over my head, but he had a number of studies. I used to refer people to that sight frequently, don't you remember?
  20. the stats aren't made up, they're just irrelevant to western civilization where cousin marriage accounts for about 1 out of 1000 marriages. they look very similar to what i can remember alan bittles publishing about the complications in middle-eastern and third world countries where pre-arranged marriages between first cousins is common, even through multiple generations. they did get blindsided. and i've reached out to them on here by PM, and on FB messenger but they haven't responded to me. i think they may be upset with me because i never did connect with the producer of the show, and maybe because they got very little interaction with anyone here when they posted. or maybe i'm just imagining it because i feel guilty that i wasn't able to help them through the whole ordeal. and i DO feel guilty. i feel like i totally dropped the ball on this one. i dropped the ball on them. as for dr. phil, i never have liked him. he's just an oprah-wanna-be. and an oprah-prodigee. she did "raise" and "groom" him into what he is now. he's a smart man. he could have gotten a true expert in the field of genetics on there, instead of someone with such an impressive list of credentials that have little or nothing to do with the the human genome. why didn't he reach out to a genetic expert? alan bittles maybe? or robin bennet? or whoever the current president of the NSGC? instead he brought on some pretty face who has helped develop oncology and neurology treatments and preventions. not once did anyone even bring up the research published in JAMA. dr. phil chose someone who would push HIS agenda, HIS bias, without any data or research relevant to north america. one thing you can count on though, is this is going to start a couple of years of media circus. every talk show on tv will be wanting to cover the subject. the good news is that so will a lot of legitimate, reputable media outlets. i'm glad you turned off guest posting.
  21. I swear i don't remember seeing this till now, and only because i came searching to see if y'all had posted here before. I just caught the end of Dr. Phil, which i never watch. Was just flipping channels and saw the last few minutes. Phil is a bit unsupportive, isn't he? Sorry you two didn't have more support.
  22. you're married. that means your cousin is off limits. you need to find a way to reconnect with the man you vowed to share your life with, and that means you're going to have to walk away from the sexy cousin.
  23. i think denver is pretty also. but i've only driven through!
  24. LadyC


    i think you should talk to her about it. she may surprise you and be completely supportive. hey, can you provide me a link to that "conservative voice in the christian faith" you mentioned? i have been communicating privately with another member who is really struggling with this lately, and my assurances and scriptural references don't seem to be helping her.
  25. hmmmm... i picked up some zukes this morning. i think i'll go slice them up and let the water soak out so that i can fix them for dinner.
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