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  1. Midwest, I concur. I want her to weigh in the consequences of her decision before she decides. Your advice is very good. Not judgemental. People will listen to you because you're at least trying to understand the situation, trying to get some more info and hoping to correspond to you more. I don't think she's still on this site since I have not seen any reply from her. I hope she comes back and read what you posted. Thanks for your wisdom.
  2. We talked about writing a book about our love story. It's almost 36 years since we met. When we finally live together, we'll start writing it. Lots of stories and memories.
  3. Jasper, congrats! I'm happy to hear that...I agree, to some people, it may be easy to let go...for some, it stays forever...always remembering good old memories...we have memories that will last a lifetime...still hoping that someday, she'll have the strength to decide to live with me...
  4. I know that it will take sometime. Please thank God for giving you the opportunity to love your cousin every time you miss him. It's a special love. I'll praying for you. Really sad too hear this...
  5. I think you re-post your original post. Anyway, I think you need to give him some space. Let him miss you and don't initiate any contact. You said you are a patient lady, then this might be a good test. I was reading an article about "How long should you wait for your lover to come back to you". A lot said less than a year. For me, I've been waiting for almost 37 years. The question for you is the same, how long will you wait?
  6. I just read this story. I agree with Llhdlv. (Reading your story, I realize how very important it is to NOT WAIT for love. So many times we hesitate to follow our hearts, so concerned with how other people will react to our choices. It is such a waste of time. We should take every opportunity to be happy, as soon as possible, life is too short to wait.] Yes, Life is too short...
  7. Congrats! that was quick...Keep us posted.
  8. Congrats! Thanks Tee and Dee for sharing. I missed my cousin while reading your story. Specially while you were taking care of her when she had an accident. I did the same for my cuz when she had a surgery. Keep us posted.
  9. Welcome! Not sure how old you are and your cuz. Keep us posted. Looks like your guys are on your way. Cousin relationship is no different. It takes more than love and patience. Love and respect is a cycle. The more you respect him, the more he loves you and the cycle goes on.
  10. Wow! Bearbait, I'm shocked to read your update. So sorry to hear about your cousin. I was browsing on the Our Love stories and happened to see your update. It's been about a year since my last post. I can't imagine how you felt when you heard the news. Same thing for me, I was reminding my cousin about traveling 6 years ago. Her husband didn't care about her driving around late at night in a dangerous places. Thank God she finally stopped stop travelling now after she realized that she was liked a workhorse and not a wife to her husband. Thank God you had a chance to see each other before he died. Wow, life is really short.
  11. CM. it's too hard explain since you're story is different than mine. You're lucky to marry your cousin. I know that you're treating her like a princess. It's been 37 years of fighting this love for my cousin. It's never gonna go away. It's not fair to our spouses that we can't give our love to them 100%. I just have to fall on God's mercy and grace. It's a struggle and God knows we tried not to talk or see each other but our love grows stronger. Thanks.
  12. CM, I'm asking her if she wants to be selfish now or later. That's for her to decide and I'm not going to judge her. That's between her and God if she's a believer. I would recommend that she stays for her kids sake. Women are different than men. Their emotional needs are different than men. We can give all the advice to people, but in the end, they have to decide for themselves and think hard of all the consequences before making the decision. I decided not to be selfish that's why I stayed with my family but that might change in the future. And I'll take responsibility for my decision and not blame others because they adviced me. Thanks
  13. Thanks CM. It's tough. Tom knows. Yes, I'm still married. We're Catholic and we believe in annulment. We have strong Christian who was divorce by their wives and are now happily married. Even Pope Francis acknowledge that married couples fall out of love. It's really hard to judge people because we're not in their shoes. I'll let you know when we decide to live as a couple. For now, the pain and suffering of being separated will continue.
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