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  1. hahaha.. yeah.. when i told my friend that i was involved with my cousin, she just said.. "oh, that's the reason why you have some facial similarities.. hehe" and she said, "well, i was in a relationship with my cousin before.." and we both laughed.. and from that time, she was the bestest friend i've ever had
  2. yeah.. i agree with mojo.. you are still young and i wish you to enjoy your life first.. Make that "puppy love" of yours for your cousin to be your INSPIRATION in everything you do especially in your studies.. MAke your cousin PROUD of you..
  3. wow.. nice to see fellow "kababayans" (countrymen) here.. Thanks August for sharing some information about our history.. it's really nice to know.. i will take note of them.. :grin: We all struggle on the Philippine law that cousin marriages are not allowed.. Well anyway, certificates are just certificates.. Not all married have happy endings and there are some people who are not married but still HAPPY BEING TOGETHER.. Just like what i said.. "being married" is not a "solution" for a relationship to grow.. Married or not for as long as LOVE is TRUE and both of you are willing to make that DREAM COME TRUE to be together forever.. MAKE IT HAPPEN.. Don't allow anyone to tell you how you will live your life.. It's your life.. IT'S YOUR CHOICE..
  4. i knew how it feel ending up the relationship.. the first few months would be so tough but soon you'll be okay.. time can heal all wounds.. we all go through heart aches if we fall in love.. but those pains makes us much stronger and wiser person that we used to.. forget the past but keep the lessons.. u said, u are studying and u have a son.. give your time to them especially to your kid.. u know what make me happy after breaking up? i have more time to be with the people who truly loves me.. my family.. i also have time for myself and my friends.. and i did enjoy that 2 years healing time until i found my husband... who came at the right place and time.. when my heart is healed and ready to love again.. i see u a strong woman and i know u can overcome all the pains.. everything that happened to us has a reasons.. u might want to check what u have taken for granted for the relationship.. i wish that both of u could still fix things.. but i am praying that God will open your heart and eyes so u will see your path for your purpose in life..
  5. u can also check some forum topics that might be useful in your situation like, "how will i know if my cousin is in love with me" if still bothered.. browse more topics.. but if you are below 18 yrs old, i advise u to focus on your study first..
  6. hi! hope u don't get me wrong asking your age.. i just don't want to think it was just a teenage stuff, changing hormones.. i guess.. lol most of us cousins have like brothers/sisters attachment.. i mean, we really go along very well with our cousins.. based on your story of having the "looks and smiles.." hmm.. i just really can't tell.. sorry.. some of us are confused of body/face language and even message language.. for example, he texted you a simple "hello!" but u might read it as "hel-lo" if someone is special to us, everything they do will be so important and meaningful.. even if someone called out his/her name, it already gives shivers on our bone.. hehe.. just go ahead, hang-out more with your cousins and other cousins as well.. if really LOVE is on the air, time will come that it will reveal itself..
  7. oh gosh!! glad we have this on C.C. thanks for sharing!! :jig: :jig: :jig: :thx:
  8. O, how I wish someday Rey and I cross roads again and still find love in each others arm.. thanks for sharing your story..
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