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  1. The suggestion of a lawyer was to try and find out if cousin marriage would effect his job in the military. I'm in Canada, and in my province, one can phone a lawyer and the first half hour is free. Check to see if you have something like that in your State with your law society. If a lawyer could not answer your question about cousin marriage affecting his military job, perhaps the lawyer would know where you could get that answer. Ambra
  2. Perhaps wait for what others have to say, but I think you should find a lawyer who can answer both your questions. Perhaps a lawyer could answer your military question too. Good luck Ambra
  3. You're right KC, I just forgot. We are to love God first, and then others as ourselves.
  4. Miracles or Coincidence I've been reading parts of some threads here regarding whether or not to believe in God. I don't want to get too involved in those arguments, because I did that many years ago in other forums, and I found really, that if people don't want to believe in God, they will simply not do it. In the end, it's simply a matter of choice. I was raised a Christian and I am still and always a Christian. As an adult, I never went to any church regularly, because I don't like being told what to think or how to interpret the Bible. That's an unpopular position, I'm sure, but as I get older, I care less and less about what other people think. I also get that mind-set from being raised in a church that did not have a strong definitive dogma, and tended to take the Bible at face value. As I have lived my life I have come across churches that have interpretations of the Bible that I never learned about from my church, and they didn't interest me. I am quite sure that God is far more intelligent than any human being could imagine, and has answers for questions, we cannot even imagine. That's besides the questions we do have for God. So in my Christianity I stick to the basics, and I observe of the world that if the world came even close to doing the same, the world would be a much better place. The main core idea of Christianity is to love thy neighbor as thyself. That means with whatever actions you take or are about to take, you should be asking yourselves how it will effect those around you, and adjust accordingly. If most people in the world did just that on a regular basis, problems in the world would improve dramatically in short order. The longer I live the more I can see that God just wants to create a society, most likely in the Afterlife, where people constantly love and consider one another, because He knows that such a society would be co-operative and loving towards one another. I have read as I've glanced at threads that some explain miracles or answers to prayer as being coincidences. I've personally been blessed enough to have several miracles in my life and none of them were coincidences, they were outright miracles. I will discuss only ONE of the many miracles I've received here. In 1993 I developed a serious fear that the Gulf War would turn into the third world war. So one night I was praying the Lord's prayer, and not praying for anything specific, and as soon as I finished the prayer, an Angel stopped by quickly and said "you won't need this," and left. The thing he was referring to was the serious fear I had developed about the Gulf War turning into WWIII. As soon as he said those words, peace and calm came over me, and all my fearful thoughts about the war vanished. Even I did not really believe that this state of mind would last, and the next morning when I awoke, I was expecting all my fearful thoughts to return. But they never did return, and they never have returned. That was a miracle, there was nothing coincidental about it. And I don't care if you wanna debate whether it really was an Angel that stopped by. If an Angel ever stops by to give you a message or a miracle, you will know it. You sense a being unlike anything you've ever encountered on earth, and their gifts are permanent. If God ever gives you the "peace that surpasses all understanding" under any circumstances, you will know that too. It's like your mind shuts off a switch to your fearful thoughts, and you cannot get back to them. And peace and calm comes over you, and stays with you. And in my regular life, I have never accomplished that by myself or with the aid of any type of medication. The good news is, is that there are many people in this world who have miracles from God. In Canada, where I am, we have a TV show called "100 Huntley Street" and people who go on that show talk about miracles they have received constantly. That show has been on TV for over 40 years now. People receive cures of terrible diseases, rescues from terrible situations. They receive miracles, not coincidences. And often people know God is working directly in their lives when they are receiving these miracles. One of my favorite stories is of an ex-hell's angel who was shot 5 times in his chest for leaving the hell's angels. Not only did he survive, but he left the hospital the day after he was shot, he recovered so quickly. That was a miracle, not a coincidence. Another one of my favorite stories was that of a serious alcoholic who repented to Christ with such sincerity that the urge to drink anymore alcohol was completely removed from him, never to bother him again! Miracles like this and more, happen all the time. God is still very much alive, and still doing miracles all the time, just like He did in the Bible days. The big question for anyone choosing to follow God and Christ or not, is (and no one ever wants to admit this), is do I want to be selfish and just live for myself, or do I want to follow God and think about what God and Jesus would do in the situations that would come up in my life, and this always includes thinking about how one's actions effect those around him. God does not save us from pain, because He gave us free will, and that means we have the free will to cause a lot of damage. God knows that the only way He will get his society of "love your neighbor as you love yourself" is if people choose to love one another willingly, not by any kind of force. God is just in all of His judgements because He knows our hearts, and He knows all the angles to all of our situations. He does not pick favorites, He simply doles out his just justice. But I'm sure those of you who do not want to believe will come up with some counter-arguments, but I'm not interested, so don't bother. Just remember it's a choice in the end. To find out why you don't make the choice to believe, examine your soul and ask yourself the tough questions and proceed from there. Ambra
  5. LOL... watch out for those Canons :wink: :laughter:
  6. That was a touching story Pepe, it choked me up. And I can certainly understand that love connection that just won't quit -- as you can tell from my love story. Ambra
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