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  1. Merry Christmas happy holidays

    Merry Christmas Mr. & Mrs. Boss, and have a Great 2018 ! Love Ambra Flows
  2. Just an update

    I've thought about your post a bit more KC. It sounds like you're not over your wife yet, but perhaps you know that. When the chemistry between you and your cousin has been crazy ... that's pretty hard to replace. There's no law saying you have to have a woman. Just stick close to God in prayer, and focus on your studies and health. I also pray that things get better for you and cuz-wife. Ambra
  3. First Cousin Once Removed

    There are no guarantees in life Guest. I wouldn't worry about it, if you're feelings stay the same, things might work out eventually. In the meantime, read the many posts, and learn about the challenges that cousin couples have. For sure, you two needed to slow things way down. Ambra
  4. Just an update

    Hi KC, Sorry to hear about your health and your struggles to quit smoking. I said a prayer for you. May God heal you. Take Care Ambra
  5. Confused soul

    Are you still married? You need to deal with that first. You can ask him for his intentions if you want. Does he see other women?
  6. Please help me out here!

    Going by what you've written, you sound like young teenagers. What are your ages? Start by reading as much as you can on this forum. Read the posts tacked up to the top of Help/Advice and Shoot the Breeze. Understand that family members can be against cousin romances, so learn about that. Find out what his intentions are, because if he has a girlfriend, then maybe he is just flirting with you. Stay away from him, if his intentions are not good. Cousin romance should only be pursued when you're older, like in your 20s, because of the family complications. And there's no point in pursuing it at all, unless you are both serious. Ambra
  7. Since you are both in your 20s, and assuming he is not married, you need to tell him how you feel, before he marries someone. Life is short. Here is your opportunity to speak about your feelings. He may not respond well at first, but give him a chance to think about it, and decide what he wants to do. You could even refer him to this website, if his objections are because you are cousins. I know it is scary, but think about how you'll feel in the future if you don't tell him now, when you had the chance. Best of luck. Ambra
  8. General advice

    I know your situation is difficult, Guest Itsamemario, because I experienced something similar to what you are going through, except I was the 13-year-old girl-cousin. Pursuing a cousin-romance opens up a big can of worms, which is daunting enough to face when your an adult. But facing it as teenagers is often a no-win situation. I have read many posts on this board, and many cousin romances start in the teen years, as mine did. The problem is, as teens, it is much more difficult to handle the family fall out, then when you're an independent adult who is paying his own bills. Also, have you considered your cousin? Even if she likes you, she may feel very uncomfortable having a romance with her cousin. At 13, she's at such a tender age, and may not fully understand her feelings towards you. She may even be in denial of her feelings towards you. I think you should wait until you're older until you say anything to her. You might want to read the information on this site to learn why cousin-marriage is okay, in case you ever need to persuade your cousin or other family members. For me, my attraction to my male cousin started the instant I first saw him when I was 7. My feelings were very strong for him instantly, and I knew even at age 7, that my feelings for him would never change, and they never have. We only saw each a few weeks each summer, when our families visited each other in the different cities we lived in. As a child, I always very afraid to tell him how I felt, because I was terrified of his rejection. When I was 12, and he was 14 - almost 15, we had a small cuddling session in his family's trailer. And then nothing romantic happened between us for another 5 years. Except the summer that he kept tickling me non-stop, until his Dad stopped him, lol. But we were kids, and our families would have crushed our tender-love hearts with their strong disapproval. And since we were dependent on our parents, there wasn't nothing much we could do about it. When I was 17 and he was 19, we did have a 4-month romance, until my Dad broke us up. And we never got back together or spoke about our romance after that. So you have to gauge what you do and when, carefully. This is not just an ordinary boy meets girl dating experience. Dating your cousin is a big thing in a family that disapproves, so you only want to pursue it if you're serious about her, and when your both old enough to handle all the fall out that can happen. Good luck .... Ambra
  9. You have to go by your gut a certain amount about this. But you might consider telling her before hand, so that if she doesn't feel the same, that would remove the awkwardness, and give you a chance to get over her. It depends on how sure you are about how she feels about you. If she rejects you after she's here, are you willing to give her some space? Don't put any pressure on her to be with you, just because you paid to bring her up. Good luck and be kind.
  10. In love with my boy cousin!

    Hi Sarah8, What are your ages? And how does your culture feel about cousin marriage?
  11. Feeling silly this morning

    No other cousins available KC?
  12. Very conflicted about 6 year age gap.

    If you read the many posts here, you'll learn about how difficult cousin-romance can be. Because the families are usually against it. If your families get wind of a 19-year-old with a 13-year-old, it will cause a lot of problems. You will have to use some self-discipline and stay away from her, because she is too young. Get your education and your career goals right, so that you can support yourself and her perhaps some day, as if you did get together even later on, you might need to do that with all of the fussing that your families would do. For now, keep your life, and your dating life, away from her. And by the way, falling in love is a decision. If you Google "is falling in love a decision" you'll get results to that effect. And this means you can also decide not to fall in love. She is way too young, and nothing but trouble can come from you pursuing her. Sorry, it's hard, but that's the wisest thing to do. Ambra
  13. Just saying hello

    Because I can sense him, and/or hear or see him in my mind’s eye. Sometimes he gives me helpful information about my life. But I did not come here to convince anyone of anything, and I don’t think the Administrators would appreciate me getting into a long thread about it. I just stopped here to say hi, as this board in a way, is my home. I spent 6 years here posting, and have many memorable memories here, with these people, and the people who have been around for years, like me. Most of the old-timers know I’ve had after-death communications, as I used to write about some of my experiences here. To learn more about ADCs, there are plenty of books and websites about it. ADCs are sometimes treated like a taboo subject, much like cousin couples. So I have two taboo subjects in my life, cousin-love and ADCs, lol.
  14. Just saying hello

    Thanks Romalee !
  15. Just saying hello

    Hello Everyone, I am Ambra_Flows. I used to post here a lot from 2004 to about 2010. I wrote the post "Talking to our families about our cousin romance." When I first came onto this board my cousin-love was deceased, having died 20 years before. But I needed to talk about our relationship and process it, and I was happy and thankful to find this forum. I've also had ADCs (after-death communications) from him, which I also used to write about. These days I get a lot of ADCs from my sweet cousin-love, even moreso than I did in the past. Over all there have been many ADCs from him since he died, which tells me that he loves me, and that's something I had a hard time believing for a lot of years, even though, when he was alive our connection was very intense. And we knew what the other one was thinking just by looking at each other's faces. I feel very happy and lucky that he is still part of my life via his after-death communications. So hopefully one day, after I die, I will get to be with him in the afterlife. I cannot wait for that actually, but until then I will enjoy his communications. So I just thought I'd say hi, as I haven't posted here in a long time. Take Care All, Ambra