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  1. Ambra_Flows

    I'm the last kissing cousin in the world!

    The thing about posting comments, on any forum, is how much time do you want to spend arguing? My experience with posting on forums is that people disagree. I, personally, don't care to argue, I care to get my information from what I consider to be reliable sources, that I don't have to argue with. So I'm not likely to comment on anyone's intelligent posts. I was right there, in 1992, when I discovered my first forum before the internet really got going, and that's all I experienced on forums, was lots of arguing. I experienced the same things in years subsequent to 1992. So I gave up discussing on forums, long ago. Besides, there really isn't much to learn from people's comments and questions. For real knowledge, I try to find more people/sources in the know. Hope this doesn't lead to an argument Ambra
  2. Ambra_Flows

    A bit of an update...

    Look around this site for our many tips on how to handle the family. There are some items pinned at the top of the Help/Advice section that you might find useful. Best of luck Ambra
  3. It's up to you ... maybe see a therapist about it ... or pray about it, or both
  4. Ambra_Flows

    Found each other and in love

    There is a document pinned to the top of this section on how to tell family about cousin-romance. It should answer your questions and help you out.
  5. Ambra_Flows

    I need advice :/ help

    It's good that you're cousin-love has support. If you go be with him where he is, you can use that support too. The reality is, that cousin-love is more difficult than non-cousin love, and you just have to find ways to cope with that. If I were you, I wouldn't be telling anyone who doesn't need to know about your cousin-love. Remember, it's your life, so don't let others tell you how to live it. Read this forum for tips on how to cope with other people regarding your cousin-romance. Best of luck. Ambra
  6. Ambra_Flows

    Need advice..I know yall get this alot.

    Since he's married, you two need to leave it alone. You will only end up getting hurt.
  7. Ambra_Flows

    At my wits end

    Jep, You didn't mention whether or not you previously had a romance with her? From what you've written, it sounds like you've not. Correct me if I'm wrong. It sounds like she's found out that you like her, but she's weirded out about it. Sometimes the cousins involved in a romance are weirded out and try to avoid the relationship. She is certainly doing her best to avoid you anyways. You also never mentioned your ethnic background. Perhaps her family has let her know they are against the cousin-romance, and she's weirded out about it, and so she's avoiding you. If you can never talk to her about what's going on, there's not much you can do about her behaviour. Take Care, Ambra
  8. My Dad broke my cousin-love and I up, decades ago. As much as I was in-love with my cousin, I couldn't believe that he was in-love with me, and I was terrified of his rejection, so I never said anything to him after my Dad broke us up. Seven years later I married someone else, but my cousin-love was never out of my heart. My family and my cousin's family acted like they were in the right, and I had no say in it. I grew up psychologically and emotionally abused and was use to not having a voice in my family about much of anything, so speaking up didn't seem like an option. Not being able to speak about my feelings for my cousin with my family or anyone else though, was difficult, and finding this site in 2004 meant I could finally start speaking of my cousin-romance. Seven years after my Dad broke us up, and 3 months after my wedding, my cousin-love died of cancer. I've lived 34 years now without him. It never occurred to me to blame my Dad or my family for splitting us up, because I know they were just doing what they thought was right. I did not have the emotional/psychological strength to fight back anyways, and I never did. My cousin-love never fought back either in the 7 years before he died. But there is hope. I hope to be with my cousin-love once I die, and I've had many supernatural experiences with him since he died 34 ago. I've realized that whether you marry your cousin-love or not, you always have to deal with the fact that you are cousins, in a society that is against cousin-marriage. It can make any cousin-marriage difficult. Just a few thoughts on the matter ... sorry for your difficulties cadbury Take Care Ambra
  9. Ambra_Flows

    1st cousins

    Your post is confusing. It's a crime to have sex with your cousin where exactly?
  10. Ambra_Flows

    Desperate!!!Please help!!

    Huggs Kallia, things will be okay, and we're always here for you
  11. Ambra_Flows

    Very long distance cousin

    Perhaps she is just using you for foot massages ... or to make her husband jealous, or both ... Beware !
  12. Ambra_Flows

    Desperate!!!Please help!!

    Check out the information at the top of the forums, some of which addresses how to talk to family about your cousin-romance. Also read as much as you can on this website, which hopefully give you some insight on how to deal with your family about this issue. If your Dad does know about your cousin-romance, it hasn't killed him so far, so you may be able to get thru to him. Also scroll down on your post to see posts similar to yours. Take Care, Ambra
  13. Ambra_Flows

    Advice Needed

    Please read as much as you can on this website, that should help you decide how to proceed.
  14. Ambra_Flows

    Tell me your thoughts on this

    So true. Please read as much as you can on this website, which contains advice on how to proceed as you go thru your cousin-romance Take Care Ambra
  15. Ambra_Flows

    Long distance second cousin

    Proceed following your own heart and intuition. As far as family goes, if you decide to pursue her, it would probably help if you got your family to speak to her family. You didn't mention your ethnic background, is it one that favours cousin-marriages? She's 18 and you're 20, so there's time to relax, grow up more, give it time and figure out whether you want to pursue her or not. There is no rush, you both have your complete lives ahead of you. Take Care Ambra