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  1. @LadyC Yes I saw them LadyC, they are adorable. I can't find the words to express myself when I was just standing there at a distance as he was playing basketball, my fav sport, with some of my nephews. @Serendipity I was just starting college at that time, maybe that's one of the reasons why she kept it and moved. I'm proud and thankful of her though, as far as I could tell she raised him pretty well. I don't know if I can be half a parent as her. Thank you all for all of your kind words. I know I'm not the best dad in the world material but I'll certainly give it my best in at leas
  2. @HappyGratefully No, it was from an another affair I had back when I was 17. Me and my cousin were already together that time, she was just far away. I was finding out first hand how hard long distance relationships are. It was tough to go through as kids, then I just found comfort in his mom. How should I explain this and myself, I guess. @LadyC Thanks. They, he and his mom, visited my grandma yesterday. Yeah, he's really making me think about how selfish i`ve been with my life, and it's not a bad thing. He's tall for his age too! Though I'm cuter, haha. Honestly, I can't wait to see h
  3. I've got mixed emotions right now. :embarrassed:
  4. That makes you remember your cousin whenever you hear it, no matter where you are nor what you were doing.
  5. How is everybody doing? Hmmm.. where should I start.. This a little story about me and her. Part 1. The Cherry Lollipop I could still remember how beautiful of a morning it was. How the sun’s light gleamed through the room, it was so calm, so peaceful and precious. It was so perfect that I could not even recall being pissed off of being awake, rather awoken, so early after a night of partying. It was my first ever break from college. I live in a small town. Back in highschool, I could not wait to get out of this place. I thought I’d never come back. But nothing does beat home. My break
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