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  1. lightning

    I just found out I got a 4 year old son.

    @LadyC Yes I saw them LadyC, they are adorable. I can't find the words to express myself when I was just standing there at a distance as he was playing basketball, my fav sport, with some of my nephews. @Serendipity I was just starting college at that time, maybe that's one of the reasons why she kept it and moved. I'm proud and thankful of her though, as far as I could tell she raised him pretty well. I don't know if I can be half a parent as her. Thank you all for all of your kind words. I know I'm not the best dad in the world material but I'll certainly give it my best in at least being his father and to be there for him. We haven't spoken yet nor have myself formally introduced, but that's what I'm keeping my eye out for. My life is weird, and exciting. <(-︿-)>
  2. lightning

    I just found out I got a 4 year old son.

    @HappyGratefully No, it was from an another affair I had back when I was 17. Me and my cousin were already together that time, she was just far away. I was finding out first hand how hard long distance relationships are. It was tough to go through as kids, then I just found comfort in his mom. How should I explain this and myself, I guess. @LadyC Thanks. They, he and his mom, visited my grandma yesterday. Yeah, he's really making me think about how selfish i`ve been with my life, and it's not a bad thing. He's tall for his age too! Though I'm cuter, haha. Honestly, I can't wait to see him again, just to get another glimpse. Though I wanna get myself together first and muster up that confidence I would need if ever I want to become part of his life. My life is weird. <(-︿-)>
  3. I've got mixed emotions right now. :embarrassed:
  4. lightning

    Told My Cousin About My Love For Her Today

    Don't make talks do, make your do's talk.
  5. lightning

    Love with my first cousin

    Please do.. and welcome bro. Is that you two? you look good together. :shocked:
  6. lightning

    Love with my first cousin

    You know, she always tells me that our family would curse us if we ever come out. We?ve kept it a secret ever since the beginning of our relationship. It is hard sometimes, but our love for each other pulls us through everytime. I?m feeling like i?m not credible enough to give you any advice anymore since we are pretty much in the same situation. However, I can be the friend that you can talk to when things get hard.
  7. lightning

    Love with my first cousin

    6 years strong. :wink: Ok.. well about your question. Since you have just started this relationship, you need not to tell your families immediately. Give it a little traction first, if you know what I mean. Finish school, get jobs, be each others inspirations for the moment while making each other happy. In time, you’ll know that you are really meant for each other(or do you already know?haha). What do you think?
  8. lightning

    Love with my first cousin

    We’re about the same age.. :cheesy: and almost the same love story as ours but ours happened earlier, almost 6 years ago. Well, anyways, you first need to talk with each other. Have you actually talked with each other after those events?
  9. Oftentimes dreams are the opposite of reality.
  10. lightning

    My brother needs help

    It looks like you found an ally with your brother.. good luck to both of you.
  11. lightning

    How to get him to kiss me?

    Just put yer face in front of his! :wink:
  12. lightning


    I?ve had other relationships, but what separates true love is that unusual feeling of happiness. Just being happy seeing her, being with her. The unconditional love. You want to give everything to her, yes, even my life, my whole life I would devote to her. It?s when you tell yourself to take care of her and love her with each of your breathing moment. This is the only relationship where the feeling of being loved by the person you love the most, outweighs the urge for bodily pleasures. Blessed are us who get to experience and live that. We may all have our shortcomings but being able to face them and the world together is what makes this life worth living. :grin:
  13. lightning


    I was also 17 and she was 16.. 6th year anniversary coming up!
  14. lightning

    help again guys..

    A girls relationships with guys are not really a thing of concern.. just let her laugh, let her love, let her live! And when she falls down, let her learn from her mistakes, that’s what life is about, that’s how we grow. Your job is just to be there to support her and to give helping hands whenever she needs it the most. Don’t be miserable, life is too good, you are too good for that. Smile kid.
  15. lightning

    Getting it off my chest

    You sir, are awesome. (This reminds me of the movie I watched last night, 10 Years)