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  1. @LadyC Yes I saw them LadyC, they are adorable. I can't find the words to express myself when I was just standing there at a distance as he was playing basketball, my fav sport, with some of my nephews. @Serendipity I was just starting college at that time, maybe that's one of the reasons why she kept it and moved. I'm proud and thankful of her though, as far as I could tell she raised him pretty well. I don't know if I can be half a parent as her. Thank you all for all of your kind words. I know I'm not the best dad in the world material but I'll certainly give it my best in at least being his father and to be there for him. We haven't spoken yet nor have myself formally introduced, but that's what I'm keeping my eye out for. My life is weird, and exciting. <(-︿-)>
  2. @HappyGratefully No, it was from an another affair I had back when I was 17. Me and my cousin were already together that time, she was just far away. I was finding out first hand how hard long distance relationships are. It was tough to go through as kids, then I just found comfort in his mom. How should I explain this and myself, I guess. @LadyC Thanks. They, he and his mom, visited my grandma yesterday. Yeah, he's really making me think about how selfish i`ve been with my life, and it's not a bad thing. He's tall for his age too! Though I'm cuter, haha. Honestly, I can't wait to see him again, just to get another glimpse. Though I wanna get myself together first and muster up that confidence I would need if ever I want to become part of his life. My life is weird. <(-︿-)>
  3. I've got mixed emotions right now. :embarrassed:
  4. That makes you remember your cousin whenever you hear it, no matter where you are nor what you were doing.
  5. How is everybody doing? Hmmm.. where should I start.. This a little story about me and her. Part 1. The Cherry Lollipop I could still remember how beautiful of a morning it was. How the sun’s light gleamed through the room, it was so calm, so peaceful and precious. It was so perfect that I could not even recall being pissed off of being awake, rather awoken, so early after a night of partying. It was my first ever break from college. I live in a small town. Back in highschool, I could not wait to get out of this place. I thought I’d never come back. But nothing does beat home. My break also coincides with our town’s festivities, week long festivities, I may add. Those were the perfect times for me. Time to unwind, to recollect and reconnect, and not worry about a damn thing. Wait, did I say not worry? Because who is that girl coming in the room behind my uncle and his son. It was like slow motion as she comes in, how her hair swayed so gently as she walked in and unweilded her bags. But nah, I didn’t really bothered with her. I did knew though that she was my cousin. But she did grew, admirably, it was only my second time meeting her. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention where I was, I was sleeping at a guest room at my uncles’ house. This is also where my grandma lives. My uncle, her father, visits annually, and just two years ago at that time, my grandfather passed. My house is just nearby but I often wound up sleeping there. But yeah, that face, I could not even properly take a look at her without kidding myself. One day, two days, no talking. I just continued minding my own business. Then one night, somehow, me, uncle and cousins went out, had shots, and had some fun. Later, uncle goes with friends, other cousins I cant remember where they went, but there I was, with her. I could not clearly remember what happened right then and there, but the walk home, it was as clear as the stars that night. And the cherry lollipop we shared, nothing was sweeter but her smiles at me. That night I didn’t sleep that soon. I remembered a part of me thinking, "what are you doing? you should be out there and partying, not here sleeping!". But there I was, lying just a few armslength from her. Have I had my day complete? Morning and everybody was here, almost the whole family. It was the culminating final day of the festivities and I was back to my old grumpy morning self. Came afternoon and obviously going out and staying up takes toll, others just saving energy for the night ahead. Some of my cousins on the floor, I was on the bed with his brother on my left and her, on my right. Then, out of nowhere, my arms lain over her. I didnt know what I was thinking, but her heartbeat, I could feel it, we both felt it. Night came, it was the height of party, my friends would have been looking for me. But there I was, lying on the bed, this time though, unlike the other nights, she laid next to me. To be continued. *This was some little story it came out to be. *I have to put it in parts for two reasons: length & sleep, it’s very late here. *I should just re-edit this and add the other parts here. *The how/why & lol to myself with my username and sig when I recovered this account thru e-mail.
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