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  1. No, you dodo! Read what JAM said... now once again... WHY doesn't anyone want to join us? Are we boring??
  2. I wonder WHY no one else wants to join in with us??? Are we boring?
  3. I don't know.. it kind of smells in here... what IS that smell????
  4. Where are you going?? And can I go along?
  5. No, you won't get in trouble... so tell us... what is he doing??
  6. I'd care if I choked!!! Don't you think you might choke to death??
  7. Weren't we talking about cousin love????
  8. OH sorry!! Are you telling me that JAM is a she and not a HE???
  9. Could online mean here, there and everywhere?
  10. You are in a predicament. Do your parents live in the U.S. also? If it's not legal for you to marry in India what good will it do for you to move there? Yes, you may be able to be closer to her, but you will never be able to marry her. And I don't think you would be happy to just live together, IF your parents would even allow it. But at least in the U.S. there are many states that would allow you to marry. I don't know enough about your culture, so it's not too easy to advise you. It doesn't sound like either of your parents will bless this union, so if you go forward with this relationship you may have to seriously consider severing ties with your family. Maybe some others on this site would have more insight into the Hindu culture and be able to advise you better than I.
  11. Hello Shahindia12 and Welcome to cousin couples. I think your first move should be to get your cousin out of India and to the U.S. That will probably be your hardest obstacle. I don't see any sense in telling your family while she is still living in India since it's not legal to marry there, and if you told them the truth while she is still there they will do everything possible to block her from coming to the U.S. Could she possibly tell her family that she wants to work/live in the U.S., and move here on that pretense? What are your ages? Does she still live at home with her parents? It will be hard, but not impossible. But my advise would be to NOT tell the truth until after you get her out of India. There is a good article under Shoot the Breeze entitled "How to tell your Mom" that gives great advice on how to tell your mom and other family about being in love with your cousin when the time is right. Good luck!! :hug:
  12. Cross the Line!!! I did and I've never looked back! :girl_in_love:
  13. Whoops... that's already been said. How about.... Law suit
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