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  1. I agree with Lady C, upfront and honest would be your best bet. It never matters who you like at first whether they are your cousins or not, finding out if they like you when you like them is always awkward. But if they are not your cousins, your more likely to do it eventually. You have to overcome the fact that she is your cousin and just be honest with her. If she doesn't feel the same way, that's ok but at least you know she knows now and you won't have to live with those hidden feelings. My cousin and I did the 'ol "if I weren't your cousin, would you go out with me" conversation. It didn't happen right away but it gave us both food for thought when both our answers were yes!
  2. My answer to this question is also NO, my cousin love and I crossed the line 26 years ago and we were banned from associating with each other. 26 years later I still wasn't over him and the love had grown stronger for me even tho we hadn't really spoken or seen each other in all those years. Was it one sided on my part??? Absolutely not, after getting in touch with him and talking to him we both knew we loved each other after all those years and we have reunited.
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