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  1. I have a question for you: you who have children, it has happened to your child been teased because you parents are related? I am 20 years married to my second cousin. We met by chance and did not even know that we were related from the beginning. For me, it never made ​​any difference and nothing I even think of, but now we have a child who is in middle school and I am so afraid that it will come out for his / her sake ... Nowadays, it is so much bullying on the internet, and all gossip spreads everywhere there, and I have read in newspapers about children committing suicide because of being bullied of something on the internet. We live in a small town and some know that I and my husband are second cousins, and now I heard that one of these people talked about this for another relative who now joked with my husband that it is "inbreeding". He told him that he not accepted to hear something like that. Our child know that we are second cousins. Would love to hear your feedback and how you handle this

  2. I don?t remember if we had found out that we were relatives, but I think we both were pretty drunk the first time we kissed :grin:... it was at a party for the employees. But after that it took a while until we really get together... he was afraid to show his feelings, not because we were second cousins but for other reasons which had to do with common friends. But he also said after a while that he didn?t like that we were second cousins, but it was too late because he was already in love... :hug:

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