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  1. She makes me feel like I can do anything. Corny I know. But Im not afraid of anything anymore, because I know that no matter what I fail at, I will still have her in my life. I cannot possibly be unhappy in the long run, and it is the most comforting feeling In the world
  2. Are we implying gay people cannot love? I know plenty of gays that arent rebellious. In fact, a lot of gays are just the opposite of what you are stating. Of course they want to change things! They want to be able to live the life LadyC just explained in great detail like any other couple. The want marriage for a reason! DUH. What makes you think they want "a bunch of gay flings and stay single." That makes no sense at all. If that were the case they would not be fighting for the right to marry. Im appalled that cousin lovers are against gays. It seems so counter productive.
  3. ugh weird brackets! Anyways, there in lies my biggest beef with Christianity. "because thats what homosexual behavior is, a sin" I am not gay, but I have friends who are bi/gay/lesbian, and I find it downright offensive that people could call that a sin. Why in the world would somebody CHOSE to be gay? With all the baggage it brings it just doesnt make sense. I have this friend Alex who Ive known all my life, and all my life he has been unbelievably gay. Is he doomed to a life of sin because of that? Another friend told me when she was 15 her Priest told her "its ok to be gay, its just not ok to act on gay impulses". Banning somebody from enjoying sex with the person they love is terrible. So she is never supposed to even enjoy a kiss because she looks at a man and feels nothing? Ugh. Im sorry, this is just a very touchy topic for me and I get enraged when its brought up. To me its no worse then saying "A black person is forbidden from marrying a white person". I honestly think its the same exact thing. Should probably just drop it because Everyone is probably set in their views on this and nobody is going to change each others mind. Sorry, I hope I wasnt uncivil, I think i did a good job of not being over the top.
  4. Well you can see from the thread I wrote in this Religion section, I was in the same boat a few months ago, still am. I encourage people to really, REALLY think about this. I dont push people one way or the other, I just push people into doing their own research. I know a lot of "Christians" who just say thats what they think ,and the only answer they really have as to why is because their parents are. I also know a lot of atheists who are atheist because "its cool". As bizarre as it sounds thats true. As somebody who went through high school a few years back, Atheism in my school and in many others in the Midwest at least, is almost the cool thing. A lot of kids would laugh at those who believe because "its not logical". Calling an argument illogical without any logical argument is counter productive. I really dislike it when people dont put any thought into it (cough cough my cousin ). I myself have settled on being a step above Agnostic at the moment. To be agnostic is to be smack dab in the middle, saying there is no proof for either side. I believe that there is some form of higher power, a god if you will, but thats it. I dont know how powerful he is, or if its even only one god. Thats where am at but i still read and stuff, opinions from both side.
  5. am i aloud to say the same question somebody else has already said?
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