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  1. Heya everyone. It's been a while - 7 or so years I think? - loving the new forum layout. I can't seem to find my original posts, probably got wiped in an update, yeah? Well anyway, my cousin-love is back in my life - a very long tedious story has unfolded over the last 6 years, some of the older members/staff might remember, but there has been no contact between us for around 3 years, due to a very messy situation that happened. Bit of a heartbreaking story that I feel terrible for but was out of my control. Suddenly she's back in my life, has two kids and an ex-husband. And our feel
  2. Surely the person in question whom that the previous questions were aimed at, seems ambiguous at best, does it not?
  3. If we didn't care, would we bother to continue playing this game?
  4. Sun Dial (chocolate, so you know, the game is "leave one word alone, and change the other", so single word answers are impossible.... :smiley: )
  5. Wouldn't we assume she was talking about a viola as a musical instrument, because of the previous questions concerning harps and musicians?
  6. So why did this game die for so long?
  7. It's never too late, but do you think it's a good idea to keep this going?
  8. Is someone in there with Dinah again?
  9. Maybe they just simply think this game is silly?
  10. If you do, should we hold our breath first?
  11. How could anyone possibly "handle" it?
  12. So if you are watching me, tell me, what I am doing tonight?
  13. If i choked to death right now, how could any of you tell?
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