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  1. Over as in over? For me no. It's become a part of me that I cannot get "rid" of it. But at the same time I wouldn't want to either. He's become such a large and critical part of me that no matter what happens this is ingrained in me. I'd be of course devastated if we were over but then a part of me would be happy for him that he could share another woman with his family. The cruelest part of a cousin couple has been and always been the social stigmas associated with it. Had it not been for that, we'd have had 4 kids and a marriage as well as respective degrees from berkeley and perhaps for me cornell or berkeley as well. Instead, we're living somewhat on a field of broken dreams. Bah I'm getting sentimental and crying. But the best thing is not to regret the past. It's to steel forward and be the absolute best you can be.
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