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  1. Hi, I am in love with my first cousin and we want to get married but I am confused about the law. Well, I now we will face alot of problems becuse we are hindu and our society and family will never accept this but we can't live without each other and love each other very much. But the main question is. Is it legal or illegal for first cousin to get married. I did some research and found that according to the Hindu Marriage Act of India "the childern of brother and sister can't marry". But people in the south India tell it is legal to marry first cousin in India. Also, it is normal and first
  2. Well our age group is between 20-25. Yes she still lives at home with her parents. Plus, she does not want to come to US I want to move to back to India to my home country. I am thinking will tell my parents after I have moved to India for job (my parents don't like, are against, hate, and think I am crazy about me moving to India so what will they think when I tell them I like my cousin).
  3. I have an issue I live in the US (I am Hindu, US citizen) originally from Ahmedabad, India. Five years ago I visited India and got to meet and talk to my cousin (mother?s bother?s daughter) for the first time. I really enjoyed talking to my cousin about everything. I visited India about 3 times in 5 years and every time I went to India and talked to my cousin, we got closer and closer, still noting between us just love for my sister(cousin). Our family member say why are they so close is something going on between them. My parents talked to me about keeping my distance from her because everybo
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