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  1. AnonyCouple_him

    Keep one, Change one

    hit title (movie, song, etc)
  2. AnonyCouple_him

    First cousin marriage legal or illegal in India?

    Wow. You seem extremely knowledgeable... Do we now have an expert in this area? :biggrin: -Mark
  3. AnonyCouple_him

    Cousin in the philippines,my story so far

    Cousins should always remain in each others lives...no matter what. And keeping your cousin in your life, even if it's only as a friend truly shows me that you care about her.
  4. AnonyCouple_him

    Cousin in the philippines,my story so far

    Sounds like a well-balanced approach! :ok:
  5. AnonyCouple_him

    Cousin in the philippines,my story so far

    I used to think that Edgar Allen Poe was sick for marrying his cousin...THEN I FELL IN LOVE WITH MINE! :laughter: Question: Do your past feelings about cousin-relationships come from the Philippine culture or from the American influence? (I'm going to guess the American one...although I know its influence is felt in other cultures too) If it's not in the Philippine culture to think that cousin-relationships are wrong, then she won't have a "problem" with you telling her how you feel. You seem to have a good grasp on what needs to be done, based on what you've written already. So, what I've written below will just be a re-phrasing of what you already know. But, sometimes, that's what we need to encourage us to stay on that path. (You talked about being careful...looking for opportunities to "become even closer"... You've got it!) If, for some reason, she has the same "taboo" feelings about first-cousin relationships that you used to, then she'll need to be updated/informed on the truth regarding cousin-relationships: THEY ARE OKAY...world-wide. MY THOUGHTS*: You might need to "test the waters" to see if she might have feelings for you too. You might also have to educate her in order to get her to see that having feelings toward her cousin is okay. try the following ideas: Look for a way to test the waters... Tell her that you could really go for a girl like her. (SMILE really big when you say it, and say it in a light-hearted way...See how she reacts) Tell her you want to marry a woman just like her (again...smiling, and seeing how she reacts) Find ways of referencing FACTS about cousins being allowed to marry in certain cultures But, ultimately, if you really think it's "love"...You will, at some point, need to sit down and tell her how you feel, before it's too late. Make sure you are "armed" with the facts, that show/prove that it IS okay to love your cousin. Go into this with the attitude that you simply want to relay your feelings and find out her feelings. (Don't "ask permission" for your feelings...Simply "inform") Sincerely, Anonymous Couple (him) *(Take my thoughts with a grain of salt...And read other peoples ideas too.)