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  1. I already know my cousin and I cannot be married legally in the philippines,but we still plan to get married,its a religious matter anyways.So we might not be married legally in the philippines,but we will be married through the church.Also If we can i will try to bring her to the U.S. and get married in a state that allows Cousin marriages.Just so my property and inheritance will be passed to her and my son.
  2. ^^ what i did with my cousin was write a letter and gave it to her.I wasn't there when she read,i just left it on her bed.Then sent her a txt message saying i left something on her bed for her.She sent a txt message back saying we need to talk.At first she thought i was joking or playing a trick on her.So we sent about 600 txts back and forth talking about the subject.Then we met face to face and talked about it.I told her up front what i felt about her.She took it well ,she was very surprised and shocked which is understandable.After i left the Philippines we are still in touch we talk on ym,and i also call her on the phone.Early on she said she was starting to fall in love with me but didn't want to have those feelings.Now she says shes in love with me.The best thing to do is just to man up and do it.You have to take risks sometimes in your life.
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