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  1. Some good news my cousin told her best friend about us.She is very supportive and it doesn't matter to her that shes with her cousin and has a baby with me.So thats good her bestfriend is on our side,the next step is getting out parents to know about us.
  2. She wants to keep it a secret.My other cousin her brother says the baby looks like me when i was younger.Actually 2 of my cousins say the baby has similar features like me.So i guess as the baby gets older he will look more and more like me.My mother has seen the baby also,but she hasn't said anything about it looking like me yet.Yeah they want to know who the father is,but she just tells them that i'm from Canada instead of the United states.She hasn't shown them a picture either.
  3. Nope we haven't told yet,and i doubt we will.She doesn't ever want to tell now.Before the baby was born she was warming up to the idea of telling our family,but after the baby is born she doesn't want to tell now.I really just wanted to tell our family myself,but i feel i can't do it unless she agrees also.I don't want to force her. Here is an update on our anak
  4. Actually our parents don't know,she doesn't want to tell anyone about us.Yeah we plan to get married but live away from everyone.I gotta finish up everything up here in the states and be ready to move to the philippines in the future(next year).We want a baby girl :-)
  5. I'm not famous,but i'm in a relationship with my first cousin in the philippines.I'm half Filipino and Italian,i got my citizenship there last year.We have a 6month old baby boy together :-).She is 26 now gonna be 27 later this year,i'm currently 24.We are planning to have more children when we get married :-).
  6. No we haven't told yet,shes too scared to tell right now.She says everyone is going to hate her and the baby.I told her i really don't think anyone is going to hate us,sure get mad for a while or a long time.I think shes more thinking about having our own house far away from our family.We should be buying a house in a year or 2.We are talking about how we are going to do it,should it be in my name or her name.I have citizenship now,so i can own land and property.I will probably just put it in her name,since we can't get legally married and if something were to happen to me its better and easier for her if its in her name.I think a big reason for her is that our family will probably mostly be mad at her than me.The baby does look like me when i was a baby,my other cousin her sister even said we have the same face.This secret isn't going to last long,i know it will come out soon.
  7. Ok here is one picture,its hard to upload pictures due to the slow uploading speed of my wireless connection.It was taken at the hospital in our room,after the baby was cleaned up.The baby looks more like me than the mother :-).
  8. update,here in the philippines now.?Our baby is going to be a boy,should be anytime now when she is going to have the baby.Been living together for about 3 months so far,everything is good.Got the hospital picked out,so everything is ready,all we have to do is wait for our baby :-).
  9. Leaving this thursday so excited :smiley: .But not excited about leaving the airport at 11pm *edit its now thursday morning,just finishing up packing my things,about to head to the airport in 3 hours.Interesting fact i learned about 2 of her friends,one of her good friend's sister is married to her first cousin .She also has a friend who married her second cousin.Gonna be spending 5 months together with my first cousin starting this Saturday when we meet again.
  10. Oh she is,she always eats lot of fruits and vegetables.For the name not sure yet,i want to find out first if its going to be a boy or girl.
  11. Next week i'm leaving here to go to the philippines to spend 5 months with her :-).Our baby is expected to be born late july or early august :-) .
  12. And i forgot to mention,since me and my cousin are first cousins we can't get marry legally in the Philippines,we can get married in a church if we get dispensation,which would allow us to marry.Its means more to me to get married at least under God which is higher than just some law that prevents me from getting legally married to my cousin. You two are second cousins so you two can actually get married under law and get all benefits if someday in the future you two want to get married.So if your family says you can't get married look at Mikey Arroyo(the President's son,for those who are not Filipino) he married his second cousin.Wish you all the best.
  13. i will keep updating this thread every now and then with new info about me and her and our baby.We are first cousins and we are having a baby.You two are second cousins,as long as you don't have a family history of illness i think you shouldn't worry about anything wrong happening to your baby.Same, me and her still disagree on the family knowing.I wish it wasn't like this in the philippines. I'm going to be there for 5 months,so we will be living together all that time.I know we will grow even closer than ever :-) . oo i'm really in love with her and i know how much we both love each other :-) . But even with this love it is still hard when we talk about our family.I hope she knows every secret comes out sooner or later.
  14. Yes I'm truly dedicated to her,i know i will always be.Everything i do is to make her happy and give her a good life together.About the giving up part,i know i would always have feelings for her even if we didn't end up together,but i was prepared to just be friends,and still always be there for her.Me and her would have been very very close even if we didn't become a couple.We are like best-friends.She is a very important part of my life even if we didn't end up having a relationship.All i can do now is always try to make her happy and hope she is content with out relationship and our life together now.But now we are looking towards our first baby being born :-) Honestly i never thought any of this would even happen in the first place.Because cousin relationships in the Philippines is a big no no,and i was very sure even though she said she loved me in a way you should really love someone compared to her bf.I never thought she would choose me,i was expecting her to just choose her bf and not me.I was almost so sure she would choose him.I know a part of her wanted to choose him over me.I told her i can't offer her a easy life with me,we both know its going to be very very hard,also i'm not rich,the only thing i can offer her is that i will love her and only her.
  15. Everything is going good still,we just talk on YM or txt and i call her using voip damn .20cents a min.We are planning a trip down to batangas by the beach for like a late honeymoon together :-) I really miss her so much especially now since i want to take care of when she is pregnant.And of course she misses me,but when i'm back in the philippines we will be living together.
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