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  1. I already know my cousin and I cannot be married legally in the philippines,but we still plan to get married,its a religious matter anyways.So we might not be married legally in the philippines,but we will be married through the church.Also If we can i will try to bring her to the U.S. and get married in a state that allows Cousin marriages.Just so my property and inheritance will be passed to her and my son.
  2. ^^ what i did with my cousin was write a letter and gave it to her.I wasn't there when she read,i just left it on her bed.Then sent her a txt message saying i left something on her bed for her.She sent a txt message back saying we need to talk.At first she thought i was joking or playing a trick on her.So we sent about 600 txts back and forth talking about the subject.Then we met face to face and talked about it.I told her up front what i felt about her.She took it well ,she was very surprised and shocked which is understandable.After i left the Philippines we are still in touch we talk on ym,
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