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  1. Roma, I think the one killed on the bike was Dale, and I saw her profile the other night after I posted this, and got curious. Now, I can't remember it again...LOL Sux getting old. I want to think the other young girl that was gone by the time I got here could possibly be the one from the other couple in that video, but something in my memory isn't clicking it fully. I do know her/their family reaction was similar. I just want to think for some reason the girl I'm thinking of was either in school to be a teacher, or had just became a teacher. I think she may have actually came here a
  2. OpenUmbrella, I've not watched TV for 7 or 8 years now, to any extent. I don't have one hooked up to antenna or cable/dish, only a DVD player, and I've not had that on in months. I've been away from here for the better part of 4 years now, so, I had no idea this Dr. Phil thing was in the works. I think a couple from here may have ended up on it, but I'm not sure. As I say, I've only heard it was a farce, and that certainly does not surprise me in the least. I suppose the worst incidence was the Tyra Banks episode. True bait and switch. We had a couple go on there, and they were pum
  3. Trevor, I only approved this post so I can reply to it openly. You are absolutely correct that no amount of assurance about your intent will change my mind. Don't blame me for not believing you, don't even blame you. Blame your industry who have been consistently dishonest for decades. And, from everything I see at the moment, is only getting worse. Here's what REALLY has my dander up, and why you are getting bit by me. You come in here, you do NOT read (or if you do, you ignore) the ToS, and the part therein about media. You just jump right in and start soliciting. THAT ALONE c
  4. Fair enough Reach, The junkyard dog is going to bite. I warned him, put him on moderation for 30 days, and he somehow did it again in another thread.
  5. Trevor, I'm only going to tell you this once. Leave this site, do not contact our members, and never return here. No member here has ever had any sort of a good experience in the last 10 years, and they will not have a good experience with you. You will exploit them. You will never present the facts on religion, genetics, or legalities factually. I have encouraged members to NOT get involved with the likes of you in the past. Some of them have. To a couple, they have ALL been exploited in sensationalized BS programs making them out to be some sort of stereotypical hicks. You may clai
  6. flubbergasted, At 25 and 21, and having the history you do, you two are plenty old enough for "The Talk." It's well past time to spill your real feelings. Both of you. You're either on the same page, or your not. But, not knowing is causing you pain, and her too most likely. Now, to your bigger issue. Having been here a while, and picking up nuances, I'm going to assume you are from India. It's the only place I know of that cousins consider each other brother and sister. Emotionally, and culturally, I get it. Genetically, BIG difference. Legally, not so much, assuming you are Hindu.
  7. Holy crap Boss, I knew I hadn't heard from her in a few days, but I had no idea she passed. I'm so sorry to loose her. She always seemed to have some word I needed to hear at the right time. Other times, we would just talk about nothing. I just looked, and the last time we talked was two weeks before she passed, so, three weeks ago. It doesn't seem like it's been but maybe a week, but, the phone says that was the last time we talked. I will miss her, that's for sure.... And, yeah, time to focus on your well being, having done your part for her.
  8. Praveen, If I'm doing the math correctly, the two of you are second cousins, and, so far as we know, you are correct, and second cousins are allowed legally everywhere we know of. That does not mean you may not face some societal stigma, especially being Hindu, and, I will assume, in India. But, legally, I do believe you are correct......
  9. Oh wonderful. looks like another Tyra blind side hit piece. From here on out, if I see a producer in here asking for "volunteers", I am going to reply to NOT be looking for victims here, and that they will be smacked with the banhammer if they ignore me. I am beyond sick of good people being used in these hit pieces for ratings. I'll not be a party to it, and I'll not allow our members here to be further abused by these scallywags. If you are a producer, or from a production company, consider yourself warned........ the junk yard dog is back.....?
  10. FreeSpirit, Since this was double posted, I deleted the copy. Now, as to advice. You will find this community to be very supportive of cousin relationships, UNLESS one or both are married/in other relationships. Our advice is going to be to stop the shenanigans with the cousin, do everything you can to salvage your marriage, and should that NOT be possible, divorce BEFORE continuing to carry on with your cousin. Kinda the TL/DR version of our standard donation to this sort of party, so don't be surprised if this is elaborated on by others.....
  11. I like eggplant Nat, but the way I like it isn't very healthy. I like to slice it, put it on paper towels for a while to pull the water out of it, then eggwash and flour, then fried like zucchini. I can eat a plate of it that way...?
  12. I wish we still had chat. I'd get quarter and Nat in there and we'd chat a bit.... ;)


    1. quarter25


      That is a bummer, would love to chat with you Hawk ?

    2. quarter25


      And Nat as well of course ??

  13. Anon, Please DO calm down. You don't mention where you are, and I'm not going to either, but, as a mod, I can, and did, have a little peek. Your parents are WRONG. So far as we know, second cousins are legal to marry anywhere in the world, and, provided my index is correct, where you are, even FIRST cousins are perfectly legal to marry. You DO NOT have to end it, you just have to go to the information pages on the main site, get you and her up to speed, then, your parents, and anyone else who would care to discourage you. If they reject the facts, well, as we say around here, "You can't
  14. Hawk

    we want marry

    Anjali Arya, First, for the 10,000th time here, I will tell you now, that there is no such thing as cousin sister or cousin brother. It is a cultural thing, and, I feel very confident in assuming you are from India, as that's the only place I know of that has this misguided view. Now that we have my pet peeve out of the way, let's dig a little deeper, shall we? If he is your father's cousin's son, then he is your SECOND cousin. SO FAR AS WE KNOW, 2nd cousins are legal to marry anywhere in the world. THAT SAID, India might would be the only exception I can think of. It will be up to
  15. Because he's a spammer. We've got the bots out of here. We've ended up where an actual person has to set down and make an account. Use to, there would be tons of accounts with links such as this, but never any posts. They get paid for each account they create, and for each click it generates. It was my pet peeve, and the reason I took a mod position. At one point, Boss left the site open, and EVERYONE was a mod. I sounded the alarm, but, while I had the mod privileges, I took the liberty of deleting nearly 300 or so of those type of accounts. The site was locked back down, but I was asked if I
  16. Simplycomplicated, Good to hear. Do stick around. It sounds like you will be the voice of experience sometime in the not so distant future. Maybe you can change you username to:
  17. Mick3, OK, we got you. We only need one post. It may take us a while to get to you, but, here goes. Unlike I'm known for, I'll try to make this short and sweet. I have a "broken record speech" to young members, but haven't the time to go into it now. Here's what you need to do. Put this all on the back burner. First of all, I should tell you that genetically and traditionally (up until a little over 100 yrs ago) it is NOT incest. You may as well get that out of your head now. In some places, LEGALLY, it's considered to be, but you are WAY short in the tooth in this deal to be worry
  18. Cory, No, at least not legally without a judge ordering it. UNLESS, the phone is either in his name, or, on his account. Then, yes. But, to what avail? If he does, and goes to court, it makes him look like a creeper. If he does it illegally somehow, he's screwed. If it is his account, and he goes through the trouble, it makes hm look bad. It's sour grapes my friend. Let him hang himself. DO NOT play into his drama. If it was me, here's what I would do. I would copy the statute. I would give it to him. I would tell him "Have a good long look at this. Read it SEVERAL times till it si
  19. Cory, Then he's blowing out his piehole, and she needs to call him on it. Tell him to lawyer up, or shut up. If I were her, I would say "You haven't actually read the statute have you?" He obviously hasn't, or, he has minimal comprehension skills. If he says "Yes I have." Then she can say "Well, you didn't get it, and you had best have another look before you start wasting money." Hey, give him a copy! If he still insists, just tell him to lawyer up, because she's going to get one, and make him and his lawyer look like fools. In fact, I HAVE used that line before when I was threatened wi
  20. Simplycomplicated, Odd that we have two members of late from Illinois, asking questions of a legal nature. I'm from Illinois as well, and I'll give out the standard disclaimer (you already realize) about us not giving legal advice and blah, blah, blah. Now that that's out of the way, lets do try to walk through the technicalities. There are some "gray" areas, BUT, you MAY have a way around that. 1 & 2) As far as the letter of the law, "by adoption" is NOT spelled out verbatim in the statute with regards to cousins. HOWEVER, you two are not related by adoption, you are "unrelate
  21. Cory, If she's going to be talking to a judge, then I'll assume she has a lawyer. If not, I'd advise that she get one. If she does have one, I would assume it would possibly be the one who did the divorce, or, arranged the custody and visitation to begin with. Either way, feel free to copy my reply, send it to her, and let her show it to her lawyer. He (or she) can go in to court, and say "Your Honor, this is much ado about nothing, at least LEGALLY. If they choose to have a relationship, there is NO difference LEGALLY than any other random person, OTHER THAN, at least for now, they cann
  22. David, Your future is what you make of it, including all the twists and turns beyond your control that naturally go with it. I'd like to remind you again, when this dinner date happens, do not point out the elephant in the room. You let her point it out, if it gets pointed out. You do not want to push her toward going out of her comfort zone. You want to draw her into yours. If you seem needy or clingy over it, it will turn her off big time. If, on the other hand you are discrete about it, even to the point of nonchalant, it could make her question whether if, at some point in the
  23. Dragan, You are certainly old enough to test the waters. We usually recommend what we call 'the old tried and true' "If you weren't my cousin, __________" line. Fill in the blank as is appropriate to you and your particular situation, and tone/direction of the conversation at the time. "I'd want you to be my GF", "Love to date you", etc. If perhaps this classical musician should come up again as a topic, you could segue into it that way. As a Mod, I can have a little peek as to where our members and guest who post are at. Not to be nosy in any way, mind you, but to determine the le
  24. Cory, First, I'll reiterate what Nat said about us not being lawyers, and not giving legal advice. BUT, that said, here's the skinny in Illinois. Illinois has quietly stopped prosecuting cases of incest between consenting adults. I've not heard of a case going forward here in the last three or four years. Probably longer. Even with that, cousins were never on the list to begin with, other than, IIRC, an older cousin who was effectively in a supervisory/trusted guardian type role to a minor cousin. THAT, could possibly still get one in quite the bind. However, that does not seem to be the
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