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  1. LostWithReason, I'm going to say he feels the same as you. Whether it's been there as long on his part as it has yours remains to be seen. I have a feeling he's just as nervous about his feelings as you are. I'll also assume your being so cautious all this time ("I've never been one to take risk without knowing 100% for sure that a situation is correct,") has led to caution on his part as well. However, his behavior betrays his feelings, even if subconsciously. If this relationship of yours is pretty much over, don't drag it out, call it quits. We don't go for infidelity here, and, even
  2. LostWithReason, If your grandfathers are brothers, then you two are second cousins. If you are seriously considering a relationship with him, then you need to button up any loose ends on your part. Beyond that, see above. You two are surely old enough to proceed. Get your facts in a row for any nay-sayers in the family, and don't worry about what anyone else says. The parents of your children don't get a say either. With second cousins being legal in all 50 States, if they say they will take the kids, smile and say "Try....". I personally would love to go before a judge and say "Your Honor
  3. LadyC, The thought that they could be 1C1Rs did occur to me as well, seeing as there is the age difference.... But, usually, first cousins know it. It's 1C1Rs that think they are 2nds, and 2nds that think they are 3rds, and so on.
  4. LostWithReason, Second cousins are legal to marry in all 50 States, and pretty much everywhere in the world we are aware of. Even Texas. I'm not doubting your actual relation, but are you sure you are second cousins, and not first cousins once removed? If either of you is the first cousin of one of the parents of the other, then you are 1C1R's. If one each of your parents are first cousins, then indeed, you are second cousins. (As in, one of your grandparents and one of his grandparents are siblings) This is one of the more confusing aspects of how the old family tree branches out, and one
  5. I've always been more of a David Gilmore guy than a Roger Waters guy. But, I saw this several months back whilst, well, lets not go into what we were doing.... Anyhow, I find myself looking it up once a week or so since then. This is Part 1, Part 2 should show up as the first vid on the top right if you have the time to kill watching the whole thing. One of the links is to the whole DVD for any die hard Pink Floyd/Roger Waters fans.
  6. Keith Cambra, You don't want to play around in Texas. Or Wisconsin. Nevada either, as I recall. Possibly Oregon and a couple others as I recall. I would have to go back and look to see for sure. Texas and Wisconsin are the worst, I do know. Sexual relations between first cousins are felonious there, and would most likely be pressed. The others, while it may be felonious, maybe, maybe not. Rhode Island, Ohio, and Illinois have quietly decided to not prosecute any incest cases involving consenting adults, although cousins are not on the list there. Who knows what would actually happen anywher
  7. Shahzad, At 19, you two are certainly old enough to set down and have a long talk and find out how you feel about each other. I know that probably makes you nervous, but, you need to ask her, so you know whether there is the possibility of a future together or not. Now is the time to find out, before you are older, and have wasted time either not being together if she does feel the same, or not looking further for your life partner if she is not interested. You didn't mention where you are, so I won't either, but I did have a little peek. You are lucky, in that where you are, it is not o
  8. naren, See my reply to your other post in Help/Advice.
  9. nessa76, I won't say it won't work. I have a pineapple in The Room that has made a baby pineapple once, and I'm waiting on it to make another one...
  10. I had the same issue the other day Boss
  11. Tom, No, you don't ask her for sex. You're too young for it, or you wouldn't be here asking such a question. 6 years from now, go for it. For now, put this energy into getting your schooling out of the way, staying close enough that in several years, when the two of you ARE old enough to step it up, you're smart enough to do so, and be able to deal with the consequences. What are you going to do, if now, at your ages, she says yes? Well, I know what you'd do, but, what would you do if she said yes, and then got pregnant? Humm? That IS how that whole thing happens you know. Folks older t
  12. Moon Potato, While my situation isn't EXACTLY like yours, I do know about being estranged from the cousin. Me and mine had what we call our little "moment" a little over 3 decades ago. I know about weird. We let it get weird. (read awkward) We walked away from the whole affair, and it was awkward, for 30 years. We were all but totally out of contact with each other for that time. We saw each other on very rare occasions at a family function of some sort, and she was at one of our class reunions, I forget which one exactly, probably our 20th. We would speak, but never of us. It happened,
  13. Personwithoutanaccount, You need to be "young cat with an account" and join. I REALLY have to dust off my "broken record speech" to young members and lurkers, and get it back out there in the ether for y'all. At the age you are, there is no reason the two of you cannot begin some basic groundwork for a future together, provided you're both on the same page. To figure that out, you may as well try out the old tried and true "If you weren't my cousin" schtick. BUT. I'm going to tell you right now, at your age, you are NOT going to be able to hide it. Since your family unit seems to no
  14. Roma, I got mine back up by going to my forum profile, in the "Personalized Picture" section, choosing "Upload an avatar", then clicking "Browse". It will either take you to "Pictures" on your computer, or "My Computer", where you will click through until you find "Pictures". Click the picture of your choice, then hit "Open" and it should load it to here.
  15. sassy , If he is your grandpa's brother's grandson, he is your second cousin. So far as we know, second cousins are legal to marry everywhere. WAY out in front of where you two are at this point, but, good information to have under your hat if things ever do progress further. There is no reason for you to think that you are "closer than you should be" either, unless there is something physical going on in which there is reluctance on one or the other's part. Since you don't mention any such thing, I'm going to call this (so far) platonic relationship perfectly healthy for a pair of youn
  16. Hawk


    JackQ, Don't be quite so quick with the pity for him, and others with disabilities. Most people with them find a way to cope just fine. You may be underestimating the human spirit too much. Many do find love, and have families even. Many times the children are NOT affected by the same disability as the parent(s) either. At least here in the U.S., the ADA has greatly improved access to not only buildings, but, by extension, society at large. Those with disabilities now have more opportunities than ever to succeed and live full, prosperous lives......
  17. Closetomydream, Unlike quarter25, I AM quite the fan of beer. I am kinda picky about my beer though. I want to taste it. But, I don't want it too odd either. My beer of choice is Sam Adams Boston Lager. Before that, the one that got me off Busch in tight times and Michelob in good times, was one called Pete's Wicked Ale. I've not seen it in quite some time, and I don't think they make it any more. I was having one one evening, and a couple friends said "If you like that, you'll like Sam Adams". I had one, and was hooked. In this area, there are several vineyards/wineries. They do fest
  18. seema, He would then be your second cousin. We have a hard time nailing down the differences in the laws in the 50 United States. We here are generally clueless on the various Marriage Acts in India. However, If I have read it correctly, second cousins can LEGALLY marry. DO NOT quote me on this, you would have to read the Hindu Marriage Act. In it, first cousins in the North may not marry, but as is somewhat customary in the South, cross cousins can. Remember, this is first cousins, and your interest is your second cousin. That is why I think it is probably technically legal. However, as m
  19. Love me some Yorkshire pudding... I made it once with the drippings of a prime rib. Yummy.
  20. august, Welcome back, it has been a while..... Details girl. Details. Where did you go get married? I'm fairly sure the Philippines still doesn't recognize it, so, has that been a problem? Has the family come around any, or is there still drama?
  21. Hawk

    Eagle Cam

    All, I don't know if any of you have ever seen any of the several "eagle cams" out there, but here is a favorite of The Good Widow, and her students. When she isn't using the smart board in her room, she streams this for her students to watch. This pair of eagles have been nesting on Berry College in Georgia since 2012. They've returned since then each year. This season, the female laid two eggs, on Jan 6th and 9th respectively. They hatched over the weekend. She was hoping they would hold off and not hatch until after this 3 day weekend, but, they did hatch on schedule. The feed is live, b
  22. Brandon, Probably that she likes you. Now, whether that rises to the level of her wanting to date you too, remains to be seen. She may have feelings for you too, OR, she may have been practicing her "flirting" skills on you, who would be considered a "safe" person for her to do so with. How old are the two of you anyhow? Why don't you join, and start your own thread either in shoot the breeze or advice?
  23. Jaxter, If I were guessing, I would say she's busting your chops a little, and is probably extremely flattered..... At 18, you're of age, so, call her on the flirting if you want. But, be advised, she's WAY out in front of you in maturity. You may think you're mature, and even BE mature for your age, but I'll assure you, she can chew you up and spit you out in real short order. I'm in no way implying she would do so, only that she's able. Voice of experience here. I ran after the older women hard for a long time. My first wife was not quite that much older than me, but close enough. I
  24. John Smith, Since this is the "Signs to know if your cousin likes you" thread, I'd say from the sound of it, that, yeah, she likes you. How deeply into the shared love it goes is your issue. If you would like, have a look at the "Sharing your feelings with your cousin" sticky thread at the top of the "Help/Advice" section. In it you will find what's become known around here as 'the old tried and true' "If you weren't my cousin,______________" line. The next time she's being forward with you, and nobody else is around, you tell her "If you weren't my cousin, I'd be your BF/ make you my GF/
  25. coolamster789, No, so far as I can tell, you've violated no terms here. I don't actually think the "marry each others' cousin" thing technically violates it either, but only because we've not added it to the ToS. We just redact e-mails, and strongly advise against it. I did assume you had probably thought of it, and, I see you have. I also see you have put at least a little more thought than usual into it, by realizing you aren't sure how it would work out. Smart on your part. I do realize this seems like an acceptable act of last resort. It won't work, and I'm sure you've probably con
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