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  1. Elisabetta, We can't read his mind M'Dear, but I would suggest if you are in contact with him on some sort of social media, you could flirt with him a little, and see what his reaction is. The better question is are you old enough to handle a LDR (long distance relationship) if he does? Not that it gets any easier as you get older, it just gets a little easier to maintain as you get older. Do either of you travel to where the other is regularly? If not, and he does feel that way, and you do too, you will be putting the logistics of all of that toward the top of the list of issues to work ou
  2. asiancuz_Lover, Being in the Pacific Rim, I would suggest Australia or New Zealand. I love the USA, but until we get our $#*! together with regards to our immigration policies and system, I wouldn't waste my time. If you are going to try to come here legally, there are innumerable hurdles to overcome. Of course, if you come here now, and can get a work visa, then just overstay it, our politicians are going to make you a citizen anyhow, so who knows, maybe you should just come on over and take your chances. As far as somewhere that you can go, that has a more common sense approach, go to
  3. Sex ( LOL, this is the first thing DW said. She then said "Every doctor will tell you, it's the best exercise. :laugh:)
  4. Why were you not here to keep it going?
  5. Ladies, Since I was first in this thread to the OP spammer, allow me to jump back in off topic, and ask you if you think this thread coming back to life in the last few days is because it is some sort of spam magnet, if you will? I see that besides the OP, there are two other spam accounts which have posted in this thread. It seems as if any new activity draws more spam accounts. Sorry for going so far off topic, but these accounts are REALLY a HUGE pet peeve of mine, and I'm trying to discern SOME way of ridding ourselves of them. This may be a clue...... Carry on, it is actually an in
  6. I'm Lost, All I can tell you is you're going to have to stay on your toes. She may be sending you these hints as subtly as possible, or it could be as you suspect, and be nothing. I have a feeling there might just be at least a little something there. My suggestion is the next time she send something along these lines your way, be ready. The old tried and true "If you weren't my cousin....." is as good a way as any to test the waters. Then see how she reacts. If it is negative, then you can always say "I did say IF, you know." If she reacts positively, my next words would be, "Well, actual
  7. dans, It depends on how old you are. If you are 12, we will advise you one way, if you are 30, the advice will be much different. Join up, and go to "Help/Advice" and post your A/S/L (age/sex/location) and a brief history to see if we are able to help you.
  8. It means she's getting ready to hit you with the spamhammah..... :haha:
  9. Oh august, I do hope you are talking to mannat24 and not cyclone529....
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