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  1. Why were you not here to keep it going?
  2. Hawk

    love Engagement rings

    Ladies, Since I was first in this thread to the OP spammer, allow me to jump back in off topic, and ask you if you think this thread coming back to life in the last few days is because it is some sort of spam magnet, if you will? I see that besides the OP, there are two other spam accounts which have posted in this thread. It seems as if any new activity draws more spam accounts. Sorry for going so far off topic, but these accounts are REALLY a HUGE pet peeve of mine, and I'm trying to discern SOME way of ridding ourselves of them. This may be a clue...... Carry on, it is actually an interesting question. BTW, back in the day, I may have chased the older women, but I didn't pursue any with a ring on EITHER ring finger, left OR right!!!! :laughter:
  3. I'm Lost, All I can tell you is you're going to have to stay on your toes. She may be sending you these hints as subtly as possible, or it could be as you suspect, and be nothing. I have a feeling there might just be at least a little something there. My suggestion is the next time she send something along these lines your way, be ready. The old tried and true "If you weren't my cousin....." is as good a way as any to test the waters. Then see how she reacts. If it is negative, then you can always say "I did say IF, you know." If she reacts positively, my next words would be, "Well, actually, even though you are my cousin, I'd still go out with you. I wouldn't be THAT skeered about it." Either way, it gives an opening to the dialog. And I'll tell you right now, if there is as much on both side, you are going to have to have a LOT of dialog. We didn't, and a lot of the reason we aren't together, was we assumed we knew what the other was thinking, because we could just look in each others eyes and know. A little more "actually saying it" would have been extremely helpful. Oh, BTW, NEVER fail to actually say "I love you too" if she ever says that again.....
  4. dans, It depends on how old you are. If you are 12, we will advise you one way, if you are 30, the advice will be much different. Join up, and go to "Help/Advice" and post your A/S/L (age/sex/location) and a brief history to see if we are able to help you.
  5. Hawk

    love Engagement rings

    It means she's getting ready to hit you with the spamhammah..... :haha:
  6. Oh august, I do hope you are talking to mannat24 and not cyclone529....
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