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  1. Hi new updates? Well about me.. Its been a bumpy road for us but hey its part of a relationship specially when living together right?. So far so good and im happy. 1 year and forever!!!
  2. :grin: hi guys... just an update from my story. our relationship is more than 2 years already and finally we are living together :grin: :grin: :grin: so happy. we live like a normal couple and i already have a child 4 yrs old but he consider him as his child because i had a baby from my ex-bf. guys im so confuse and troubled because my kid is turning 4 and he is able to talk and understand unlike when he was still a baby... so what should i tell him someday??? specially if we are in my parents place im scared that one day he will just say something to them... coz my baby calls him daddy.
  3. yes you?re right. 1st cousins are common couples here and yet its the most lets say a big no no at the moment here in phil. but for second cousins? ur lucky u know... coz just like Pres. Arroyo?s son.
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