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  1. Kylie123

    I heard great news yesterday

    that is Great News Nessa...
  2. Kylie123

    Cousin Couples Success Stories

    Wow Jessie..that's such a positive outlook on life. And beauriful story. I love it. I'm also happy you got to enjoy the time spent with Judy, especially right up to the end. Like you said, it could have been different.
  3. Kylie123

    Help with love letter

    What was the context behind that line she said to you "as much as I love you, I could never marry a guy like you" Why did she just randomly say that? What were you guys talking about or doing when she said that? Also she was around her family you said, so try not to let that line be the end all in you telling her how you feel. Do you see her often?
  4. Kylie123


    I'm Italian. 3/4 Italian....1/4 French. My name is all French so it confuses people. Italy is one place I want to travel to. I studied Italian in middle school through college. I too would be asked what my nationality is. A lot of people think I'm Russion. I then make "rushing jokes"
  5. I also believe you feel comfortable with her. Deep down you desire that closeness with somebody. Anybody. The fact you are cousins is irrelevant. She has taught you a lot about yourself and was your first in many ways. Treasure what you did have, and remember what you have learned from her. You will be much happier with somebody else I believe now once you figure out what YOU want and who you are. The cousin you loved, who once loved you back is not the same person you think she is........just as you aren't as you were back then.
  6. I say she has made it clear how things stand between you two. If she truly wanted to be with you, she would have told you so. This might be a phase with this married partner of her's, but you shouldn't wait around to find out. Life is too short. This is not to say things may never change........but at this point in time there is nothing you can do to "change" the situation or her feelings towards you. You deserve someone completely devoted to you, and you alone. As does she.....Be careful not to fixate on what could be. What is meant to be, will be!
  7. Kylie123

    I love my cousin

    We have officially been together since 9/11/15. We have a lot of fun when we are together.
  8. Kylie123

    Her dad knows

    Good luck.....very exciting. Hope they are supportive too
  9. Kylie123

    Second cousin wedding!!

    congratulations...love the pictures <3
  10. Kylie123

    I'm so weak!

    I love Macky's response to this. I know this is a very old post, but I like to reread posts from a long time ago to find advice. This one matched my situation perfectly to how I feel sometimes. (About myself that is).
  11. Kylie123

    Another simple poll.

    5 months difference. We are both 30 right now.
  12. Kylie123

    Will it get easier?

    CM, yes, I'm back I am still with my boyfriend. My cousin and I are 30. I can't pinpoint why I am so sad around him. I guess It's because it's a constant reminder of what we did when I see him. His mother at a family function kept wanting me to sit next to him too, which made it awkward. I didn't but she kept telling me to go talk to him. She's like " she can talk to him online, but doesn't say anything to him now" to my other family members I heard. Since what happened with my cousin, we have not done anything since. I feel happy with my boyfriend, and my choice to be with my boyfriend. It's not a longing to be with my cousin. It's just uncomfortable to be around him in front of other family. My whole immediate family suspected, and found out about us through his facebook. Though when he does leave, I do miss him. He since my other posts lives in a different city.
  13. Kylie123

    Will it get easier?

    So a few years ago, I had sex with my cousin. I regret it today, in a way because of how it has changed us. Family functions are so hard. Everytime I see him I just get so sad. I wonder how long it will take before I can feel comfortable again around family.
  14. Kylie123

    I Love Food

    im obsessed with food!