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  1. LOL yes you must...and great to hear Closetomydream
  2. I've tried them a few years ago. They are delicious.
  3. Kylie123


    I haven't made my own sushi yet either. Probably won't anytime soon. But I loveee sushi. I can eat a lot of it. Especially the raw tuna kind. Anything with avocado, cucumbers, cream cheese, and sesame seeds I love. My local Wegmans sells it, and whenever I go out to Chinese buffets fill up on it too...
  4. Nessa76, I'm just curious if you have tried those brownies yet? Or "a" brownie yet? Brownies are my favorite dessert mmm
  5. I gotta say this New Year's was very hard. emotional, but unexpectedly so. It was not only depressing to be alone on New Year's but also difficult to reflect upon the past year for me. One good memory though is how on New Year's my cousin and I connected for the first time intimately some years ago.
  6. I agree with both LadyC and Hawk. This is a nice letter but I think it needs to include something simple like..."if you were not my cousin" and let her go from there. maybe just stick with those adjectives and see what she says. I know I myself tend to write a lot and find when I do.... even if it's explaining how I feel ...I may not even get a response back.
  7. Good luck Sam675. Yes I agree with Hawk. That's why I love this place. . People do not just agree with others but speak from experience, knowledge and are really honest in trying to help others...Hopefully we were of help.
  8. Merry Christmas cousincouples. This site and its members are the best! Wishing everyone and their families a wonderful day. :kiss:
  9. I think you should not shut her out and get upset but talk about it. The feelings may not be mutual, but it would help you to talk about them with her. Her response was very nice, and respectful of your wishes. But tell her you changed your mind and would like to talk about this subject further.
  10. Bumping this up. very good advice though it is 2 years old.
  11. It is not just you. The holiday's can be stressful but make you feel happy at the same time too. It is usually the one time where we can reconnect with family we haven't seen for years or more. My ex boyfriend used to tell me that everyday should be "Christmas.....Valentine's day.. ..Thanksgiving etc" I really like this concept. I'm sure you are very excited to see your cousin Lostwithreason.....please update us on how it goes. How long have you liked him? Does he live far away?
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