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  1. LOL yes you must...and great to hear Closetomydream
  2. I've tried them a few years ago. They are delicious.
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    I haven't made my own sushi yet either. Probably won't anytime soon. But I loveee sushi. I can eat a lot of it. Especially the raw tuna kind. Anything with avocado, cucumbers, cream cheese, and sesame seeds I love. My local Wegmans sells it, and whenever I go out to Chinese buffets fill up on it too...
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    Nessa76, I'm just curious if you have tried those brownies yet? Or "a" brownie yet? Brownies are my favorite dessert mmm
  5. I gotta say this New Year's was very hard. emotional, but unexpectedly so. It was not only depressing to be alone on New Year's but also difficult to reflect upon the past year for me. One good memory though is how on New Year's my cousin and I connected for the first time intimately some years ago.
  6. I agree with both LadyC and Hawk. This is a nice letter but I think it needs to include something simple like..."if you were not my cousin" and let her go from there. maybe just stick with those adjectives and see what she says. I know I myself tend to write a lot and find when I do.... even if it's explaining how I feel ...I may not even get a response back.
  7. Good luck Sam675. Yes I agree with Hawk. That's why I love this place. . People do not just agree with others but speak from experience, knowledge and are really honest in trying to help others...Hopefully we were of help.
  8. Merry Christmas cousincouples. This site and its members are the best! Wishing everyone and their families a wonderful day. :kiss:
  9. I think you should not shut her out and get upset but talk about it. The feelings may not be mutual, but it would help you to talk about them with her. Her response was very nice, and respectful of your wishes. But tell her you changed your mind and would like to talk about this subject further.
  10. Bumping this up. very good advice though it is 2 years old.
  11. It is not just you. The holiday's can be stressful but make you feel happy at the same time too. It is usually the one time where we can reconnect with family we haven't seen for years or more. My ex boyfriend used to tell me that everyday should be "Christmas.....Valentine's day.. ..Thanksgiving etc" I really like this concept. I'm sure you are very excited to see your cousin Lostwithreason.....please update us on how it goes. How long have you liked him? Does he live far away?
  12. Yes I think there could be a number of reasons why she is acting this way now. As with any emotional event....sometimes we may just need to process what just happened. This is a good thing. Just give her some time to respond to you. Try not pushing her too much. I know with my situation for example my cousin was sometimes real distant with me. It happens.
  13. Hi ML I would start a new thread of your own, then I think you would get more advice . I can see your confusion but do not want to continue on this thread
  14. I'm just curious, when you two talk about being single....what are your reasons behind that? Has she been heartbroken? Did somebody break up with her or vice versa? I ask because maybe it could be a sign, or maybe she is trying to tell you why she is hesitant to get involved in a new relationship.... (maybe even with you). I think her not getting weirded out by your conversation is a huge plus. To me it sounds like she can trust you, and you have done the right thing in her eyes by being honest. You have only strengthened your relationship with her which is a good thing. I would not rush wanting anything more from her right now though. Maybe the next time you guys talk about being single .....say something like...well unless I met somebody like you who can understand me etc....build on what makes your relationship strong. It's strengths. Then if it's meant to be.... it will be. By then it should be very clear to both parties.
  15. Aceofspade I also want to know the same thing as unluckyinlove has asked. Knowing these answers can help us better give you advice!
  16. Wow Ben I feel so happy for you. So what happened after the kiss? Did u talk about your feelings?
  17. First of all, I just wanted to say I am sorry you had a miscarriage. Stress in any relationship is not healthy. Hopefully from this point on you can use this site to help relieve some stress and chat with others about your situations. I know personally I can relate to what you are saying. Having positive people in your life you can vent to is sooooo important. Best of luck to you and your cousin, and definitely feel free to keep posting!
  18. I think it could be how they did not want me to be drawn in and hurt as well. They kept saying he had issues and needed help, but I tried to be the only one to help him. In a way I wonder how much I really did help verses enable him. My family has a very negative opinion of him. He's burned many bridges let's say, and they cannot see the good or improvement he has made amongst the bad. Seeing the good amongst the bad has sometimes been my downfall....sooo I guess it is both them looking out for me and not wanting me to be "involved" with him.
  19. Good luck with the new house. How exciting. Any further updates?
  20. I miss my cousin so much. I know what I did was the right thing, which was to press charges against him legally.....and where he is, is a consequence of what he did not me...., and my inability to contact him for a year is what is..........(if anybody wants more detail about that just message me)...but I still miss him terribly. Beyond words can explain I decided to start a journal to write down how I am feeling. It's a little bit different though because it's intended for him to read. I hope one day to give it to him. It's helping me release all of these emotions I can't express to him right now, due to what is legally preventing us from speaking. I love him so much, and was looking forward to living with him so much. I searched for this apartment for months for us..He wanted so badly to be my boyfriend. I remember him explaining his feelings towards me. He told me he did not think of me as a cousin but a girlfriend. Remembering him describe his love towards me is still like a dream. We have had so much fun together. I know he genuinely does love me. When we were intimate it's like time stood still. I felt normal.......not crazy for liking my cousin. Everything felt right. Peaceful. All of his belongings are still here in my house. His clothes smell like him. I'm trying to let go...I am hoping he realizes what he did, and understands why I had to do what I did, but does not hate me. Family is so happy right now. They don't even have to speak the words for me to know it's because they want to separate us. They didn't want him to live with me to begin with.
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