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  1. Since early childhood in my case.
  2. You could just ask him how he feels about you
  3. If your cousin is married then he is off limits to you. You shouldn't go asking him if he has romantic feelings for you.
  4. LoveR, your post doesn't really make any sense. I can't work out who is who in your story.
  5. Hi xoxot, welcome to the site. As Serendipity has inferred, you need to look at what you are risking. I doubt very much that your parents will be easily won over to your point of view. They are still going to be very sore that their adult nephew was messing with their juvenile daughter. Any decent, loving parent would be. You mentioned that you are hoping to start college soon. Don't let this relationship override that. A good education is your insurance if things don't work out and you have to support yourself. I suggest you put your relationship with your cousin on hold until you comple
  6. I LOVE getting real, personal, handwritten letters in the mail. They are so much more friendly than emails.
  7. Hi Dakota, Feeling jealous in such a situation is not unusual and yes, he probably is taunting you as well. Your feelings for him will probably lessen over time, so there's not much you can do but ride out the storm. I wouldn't recommend trying to win him back. He's almost an adult, legally, and you still have a few years to go. Trust you original feelings. First impressions are usually right. I think that deep down, you don't really want him.
  8. I don't think I can help you. You havev to decide whose happiness is more important - yours or your mother's. I think (but I'm not 100% sure) that arranged marriages are illegal in Australia, although it does happen.
  9. Can you give us some more information? How old are you and your cousin?
  10. Hi mnmjbmc Do you think you could edit your post to make it easier to read? Please break it up into paragraphs and increase the font size. A lot of us don't come to this site until late at night, and after a hard day at the office looking at computer screens all day, a post like yours takes just too much effort to read.
  11. Same advice to you. Keep it to yourself for a few more years. Try and concentrate on finishing school with good grades, so you can get a decent job. Then you will have something to offer her.
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