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  1. Morning the passing of my beautiful loving wife/cousin of almost 14 years. She was my one true love and she is dearly missed.  

    To others out there don't be afraid of what people thing. Life is too short. Love who you love while you can. 

  2. RandC

    Cousin Couples Success Stories

    We have been married 12 years now, We have not had any one say anything bad about us being together from our family. In fact our grandfather told me on his death bed to take care of her you are good for her. we have a supportive family, And a very diverse in relationship's, that's a hole other story for another site. I can't say we are out of the closet so to speak, to everyone but those who know don't seem to care. We are happy and enjoying our life together. I wish all you the best and hope you a long loving relationship.
  3. The song speaks for it's self. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2JSUXaY-tw