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  1. hmm,, i can relate. we've been there... really hard. hmm, just realized that the song "A secret love story fits in"... :')
  2. my in laws, as well as all their clan(relatives), and specially our common relatives (from our mother's side.since our mothers are sisters).
  3. I noticed that most of you are from luzon..... :')
  4. Hello my fellows... its been so long since i signed in and reading this post of mine reminded me how i was so desperate before on how to be married with my first cousin. Now it just made me smile... becaus we already had our first wedding anniversary... we're so happy we finally got married. Truly, God finds a way... :')
  5. Anyone here who develops an app? If so, please make a cc messenger. That would be great. We could easily chat each other.
  6. Hey guys. Does anyone here play clash of clans? If so, are u in a higher level capable of creating a clan? If so, can u create a cc clan. For like us; cousin couples. I would like to join.
  7. Great balls of fire. A real life story about a famous artist who was romantically in a relationship with his cousin.
  8. Oh. You really sid buy a dvd huh. You could just download it on torrents without spending money. I just downloaded it on torrent for free.
  9. Oh this was a nice real life story movie.... but i am very disappointed about the cause of his death. He resigned from beaing a seal because of his wife's fear of losing him from wars, yet he didnt die in wars. Anyway could u please explain what "rednecks ride cousins mean? What dies redneck mean?
  10. yes ive seen that too. its such a nice movie. i love watching it .i can relate coz we're on the same track. . . first cousins. . i can relate with all rhe thibgs they did. hehe
  11. to myne .2 yrs old n anak nyo. ngaun kpa ggive up?, lucky ka kasi matatag yung pnsan mo. wag mo xa i give up. instead support him. psalamat ka gnyan xah. same tau ng parents. gnyn dn perfectionist. msyading nega. i almost gve up dn dti. buti nlng matatag at npka positive ng prtner ko .eto. wala clang mgawa o ngawa. kya wag ka pa apekto s mga cnsabi nla. sadyang knowkedge deficits lng tlga cla. tma ang rason ng pnsan mo. hndi lng yun. mrami pa. kaw din. bka mgsisi kat igive up mo xah. pinpglaban ka n nga eh. lam m n. nsa huli ang pgsisisi.
  12. strongly agree pooch. super senseful laHAT NG CINABI MO...
  13. sad to know about that ;'( but if he really loves you he wont give up...
  14. @jaycon: you are very much welcome here. kapwa tayo ditto. feel free. pre-pareho lng tayo ng pinagdadaanan ditto o pinagdaanan. @against: yes.
  15. hmm lagi ako nanonood ng show n to. maganda topics nila interesting, like these stuff talaga mostly topic nila.....
  16. payag aq basta ang kapalit assurance na I-a-allowed n ang first cousin marriage sa phil!? eheheh too much demand lang huh. heheh... hmmph, sakin lang its too risky for us. lalo na hindi lahat ng tao open minded to accept us... baka mapa kialaman pa yung mga married na ditto.... ,makaka cause pa ng trouble.... and if ever lang wag sanang itelivize nila ang site n to.... ok lng cguro yan n interview via telephone lang. yung audio lang...
  17. filipino cousin couples from philippines?i hope we can meet and share our love stories , experience and advices?. . khit once a yr lng sna. . ive notice there's a lot of youut there from luzon. i wonder if there's someone out there from mindanao?. or visayas?
  18. hello guys.... napaka majata ni pooch..... sana may chatrooms dito para madaling mkilala ang kapawa natin...
  19. FMI, you're right marriage contract is just a paper, the most important thing is both of you already considers each one of you as husband and wife... the most important thing is the truthfulness of your love for each other, the loyalty and sincerity. a lot of couples got married legally but yet just ended up in a broken family... but you know what? it would really be better to get married legally, the feeling is really different, it's such a great happiness... we just got married and we're so happy, such a great achievement, and we felt higher intensity of love... also for legal reasons, its so useful and beneficial for all of you, wife, children... like for the insurances, and dignity for you as a woman.... 'coz you can proudly fill up some forms that you're already married in the status. gone all those insecurities for living together without marriage. now I can proudly say yes whenever some of my friends asked me if are we already married. bcoz that's the usual question they asked, too personal and im sick of hearing it before coz we're not yet married.
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