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  1. So me and amanda have been together for almost 6 years and believe me, there have been HUGE ups and downs. Anyway, i wanted to share my thoughts on people who want to get romantically involved with your cousin. ( keep in my this is just my opinion nothing more, nothing less ) Live your life first, finish school, start a career, date other people. Enjoy yourself, work on yourself, become a mature adult. I have noticed over the years of coming to this place that a lot of the stories are very young people and believe me, you are going to need to be prepared as an adult to take on a relationship with a cousin. Just wait till after you have grown into an adult, after you have enjoyed so much this world has to offer!!! I know some people may not agree with me and that's ok. This is just my opinion.
  2. so your children do not know?
  3. I came across this band not to long ago. They have a very different sound. Little did i know they also had a cousin song. Its a little different then one might expect, but me and amanda love it lol.
  4. Me and Amanda interviewed via skype, Seems to of went pretty well.
  5. I spoke with them today via phone. Ill keep ya posted.
  6. That feeling eventually leaves and then you feel like a normal couple. Its kinda strange actually. been through a huge amount of ups and downs. from her cheating, to me wanting to leave but yet here we are still standing.
  7. Alright guys and ladies. the unthinkable has happened and im not sure what to do. Me and Amanda have been together for a little over 4 years now, may 2016 will be 5 years. We have been through a lot of shit ranging from me having difficulty's with being able to deal with her youngest daughter, to her brother recently passing away. Our relationship has been tested and for the past 4 years we have surpassed every test and have been doing amazing together. On to the good stuff. So for the past several months maybe 6 or little more ( i honestly cant remember ) Amanda has had what we thought kidney infections that seem to go away then come back, so about a week ago or maybe it was 2 weeks ago, she went in to have it looked at and they suggested she also get a papsmere ( misspelled i know ) So she gets all that stuff done and we go about our life. So this past Monday morning i get a call from my sister that my grandfather has had a stroke and they arent sure hes going to make it ( he did end up passing ) so my Monday started off pretty shitty from that, so i leave work early and talk Amanda into coming home from work early also just so we can be together. I notice tho she keeps telling me how much she loves me and she wants to make sure i know that.( this has happened pretty much all through the morning before i picked her up from work ) So we get home im kinda sad about my grandfather wishing i had seen him more and just spent more time with him, but while im sitting on the couch thinking about him i notice Amanda has a blank stair, and as you cousins know, you can feel when something isnt wright. SO i bug her over and over to tell me wtf is wrong with her and eventually she does. her stomach pains and what we thought was kidney infections that would return turns out to be an STD......................... About a year ago we split up for about 5 days, she slept with someone within 3 days of us splitting up... and has unprotected sex at that......... She has been at my beckon the last 48 hours and has broke down so many times Im in and out of my feelings especially since this has now taking over the time i should be using to morn the loss of my grandfather. It just sucks because we had that purity about our relationship you know. Almost every couple in the USA has cheated not all but most, and i didn't want us to be that couple you know. I wanted to be the only man she ever needed i never wanted her to have to replace me for another man and she did. its hurts like nothing i have ever felt.
  8. i think its time we start this. Amanda has a friend who has written books before, she sudjested we sit down and do like an autobiography and she will convert it into a book. thoughts? ideas? opinions?
  9. well its been almost 4 years now. we have had a lot of ups and downs, but mostly ups. family has finally all settled down, kids are doing great, our life is now in the fast lane. We have talked about marriage a couple times, and i always shoot it down by telling her im not getting married again. Well i think this spring im going to ask her. Life is good!!
  10. Other then the stupid comments. i find it pretty cool lol http://tosh.cc.com/blog/2015/02/24/keeping-it-in-the-family?xrs=synd_facebook_022515_tosh_87
  11. nsdc

    A strain on the relationship

    You make very valid points. but i will add this. shouldn't i atleast been able to explain why, before she jumped to a conclusion. as soon as i told her i was not going to bring them. she snapped. there was no, well why not, or whats wrong? or anything. I just feel it was a waste of a great morning. and of course i did just talk to her, and like always i explained why, and she apologized. These arguments that are easily avoided are just starting to take a toll on me.
  12. Hello everyone So its been a little over 3 years no since me and Amanda decided to jump ship and be together. We have definitely had our ups and downs. thank the lord it has been mostly ups. Of course with any relationship, to more you are with someone the more you get to know them. Sometimes you see sides of a person that makes you wonder if you made the correct decision to be with them. So over the years i have came to terms with a lot of issues Amanda has. I do love her after all. I will say this, she has came a very long way from what she used to be, but sometimes i ask my self if her self improvements are on a positive track or a more negative track. I need help understanding something. so here is what currently happened Me and my co-workers have decided to to a team builder, by setting up computers at a small church, and helping the youth learn about PCs. The event is every other Tuesday and since there are 5 of us, we are breaking into groups of 2, which means we would only have to teach this class once a month. So i told Amanda this morning that i did not want to bring her and her 3 kids with me today. soon as i told her that, her attitude turn to shit, she was very short with her answers this morning, and instead of saying i love you and god bye, she looked at me, said bye, and looked back down at her phone. Now i know when someone is being a smart ass, and has there nose in the air. My point is, why do women do that? I mean before i could even explain why, her first reaction is to shun me. and this happens more frequently then i like to admit. Its almost like i'm dealing with a young adult. its starting to take its tole on me. and the sad part is, EVERY time i talk to her afterwards of her acting like a damn child, she apologizes and admits she was wrong.. Its just a waste of time to get so angry for no reason!! HELP ME UNDERSTAND WHY!!!!
  13. Ill have to get Amanda in here to voice her concerns. I have a different opinion on the idea. But being she is my 1 and only, i have to side with her when it comes to concerns. Ill ask her to chime in on the subject. But i do see what you are saying LadyC.
  14. AManda and I are heavily thinking about writing a book of our trials and tribulations of being in a cousin relationship. We have had so many crazy events happen in the past 3 years, that we feel its time to start Putining a book together. Thoughts? Ideas? suggestions? This is something nether of us have any experience in