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  1. That feeling eventually leaves and then you feel like a normal couple. Its kinda strange actually. been through a huge amount of ups and downs. from her cheating, to me wanting to leave but yet here we are still standing.
  2. i think its time we start this. Amanda has a friend who has written books before, she sudjested we sit down and do like an autobiography and she will convert it into a book. thoughts? ideas? opinions?
  3. AManda and I are heavily thinking about writing a book of our trials and tribulations of being in a cousin relationship. We have had so many crazy events happen in the past 3 years, that we feel its time to start Putining a book together. Thoughts? Ideas? suggestions? This is something nether of us have any experience in
  4. But yet. behind every great man, is an even better women. Men might have some of those things. But its women who really hold the power of the world. They just have to realize that.
  5. To be perfectly honest.... Her big booty, Its just so perfect and round, not saggy or droopy. and boy can she twerk it lol. you asked
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