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  1. Her amazing skills at being a cribbage partner (we lost once over an entire weekend of a family reunion). Oh, and yes, she is smoking hot. Those are both true, however, she and I clicked on every level and simply grew closer and closer over time. When we were both going through divorce - the rest is history.
  2. Listen to your Branch President - he is correct. The church has no position on cousin marriage outside of Article of Faith 12. Consider the source of the person claiming to speak on behalf of the Church or your Branch President - if my wife and I heeded the "counsel" of her ex-husband we would be living under a rock and in a cardboard box. He does not have our best interests at heart (understandable) and I doubt that yours does either. HEPSMP
  3. Heather, The only person who knows for certain is bishop. Others may have noticed that her maiden (and first married - she kept hers, and now her married name are the same) name on her records is the same last name as mine - it is a very unique name - but have not said anything. So, we are very accepted and have had no fallout from us being cousins that we know of. Her Visiting Teachers know we are distantly related (measured by us living 1,000 miles apart when we dated) and there has been no fallout from that either. I think people accept more for who we are and how we try to treat others. I got to visit my first branch while on vacation earlier this month! Same thing as a ward - but still my first. HEPSMP
  4. We checked with our bishop as well as my wife's father who is also a bishop. We got the same response from both. Abide by our Article of Faith 12 (obey the law) that we are good to go. We married with the full blessing of both. Her ex did not attempt to block us - he might not have agreed but he also knew there was nothing he could do to stop us.
  5. Yes, my wife and I are LDS. I have not seen many posts on here from members but the occasional conversation happens and in particular the position the church or a particular bishop may have on cousin marriage. HEPSMP
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