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  1. Patrick, First,I just finished reading your story(you and your first cousin.) Thanks for relating it to us. It is love drama,rich in emotion and intimate feelings. On a practical side,I agree(with the views Hawk expressed.) Working hard and loving each other,that'll get you far in life. Since this summer,how's it been for you and Helen? Any updates? Just wondering,that's all. Patrick,thanks again for sharing your story. Going forward,I hope you and your family have many blessings.
  2. Fellow CousinCouples, As I?m typing this,I really realize just how long it has been. It?s been too long. First,I?d like to thank everyone who took an interest/responded to my many past posts. Beginning with my original post(May 31,2011),they have all focused on one subject. Starting with that first post,I?ve shared with you my dream. This involves writing a romance story in which the 2 main characters are First Cousins. With work,this has the potential of becoming a novel-length story. Unfortunately,for a time,this had to be put on the back burner. My life became really busy. Because of that,it became impossible for me to write. Thankfully,I am back on track now. In each response(from May 31,2011 and on),you?ve shared both your imput/suggestions along concerns. Each one has been insightfull,passionate,and thoughtful. I have appreciated reading all of them. Having more of these helps the creative process improve. Having mentioned this,I want to clearly explain the reason(s) for this new post. In the midst of research/story development,I have also been trying to work on a plot that fits and makes sense as well. While turning this question over and over(in my mind),an idea came out of the blue. Now,here?s my idea for a possible plot: My main male character would be a 19 year old from a Midwestern state. The summer he graduates from high school,he moves to Washington State,Montana,or Wyoming to stay with his Uncle/family. Possibly,he?s trying to escape some kind of past abuse(emotional,physical,etc.) While there,he meets and falls in love with his younger First Cousin(main female character.) As this story would be progressive,their relationship would be non-sexual(at first.) As it moves along,however,they would face different challanges/problems that could threaten their relationship. In sharing my idea for a possible plot,I hope I?ve expressed myself clearly. This is really important to me. Since my May 31,2011 original post,I have also highlighted several challenges this story would raise. Naturally,this plot idea would raise similar challenging issues. Some of these would be(not limited to): 1. A possible long distance relationship? 2. My main characters live in(may move to) states where first cousin marriage is prohibited by state law? 3. How do their families handle this relationship? My reasoning for having these 3 main questions is that they help bring clearer focus to my plot idea. All 3 fit well with it. With this new post,I am open and would welcome the imput/suggestions from other writers/readers. What do you think of this plot idea? Could it really use some improvement? Whatever you have to say,please know that I do appreciate it. Lastly,I want to again thank everyone who have responded to my many past posts. Thank you.
  3. Elijah, First,I just finished reading your story(you and your first cousin.) Thanks for posting it. It's rich with emotion,drama, and intimate feelings. In reading it was wondering(hopefully,it isn't too personal):Where did you story take place? Where did you meet your first cousin/wife? Where did you two grow up when you were young? Elijah,thank you for sharing with us your story. As you go forward,may many more blessings come to you/your family.
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