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  1. Here's to the next 20 yrs of fun n adventures that life brings you ... wait, u said sobriety hmm... so may be not cheers & hic but the sentiment's the same, right? Lori
  2. Happy New Year!!!

    Happy New Year everyone & Happy anniversary LadyC Lori
  3. Do you/have you regularly said "I love you"?

    Absolutely not, I'm not throwing those words around carelessly. I will do so at some point, but neither of us is ready for that yet. Lori
  4. one Year!

    Congrats!, the first of many happy anniversaries Lori
  5. Marie, They mean edit the post you wrote here so that they can understand your story. not edit the attachment. I read that you have a son by your first cousin & he basically said to ignore any bs from your family. Sounds about right. Other people often like to make drama about other people's lives instead of living their own. Life really is too short, we are only on this earth for a very short time. Your baby is healthy & you are happy? That's great. Enjoy it. What I don't understand from your post is, if this message on fb from a family member was sent > 6mths ago, why is it bothering you now? What has happened today or this week to make this salient? Lori
  6. How to see\read sent messages

    Click My Messages from the top menu. Then hover over the Messages tab thingy on LHS - there's an option for Sent Messages. From memory though, I believe it asks you if you want to save a copy of the message at the time you send it, so if you didn't then prob won't be there. I'm not KC so the system could easily have changed idk :smiley: Lori
  7. Need some help and advice :/

    My good friend Hawk there is far better at advice than I..... I get that you want to talk over with your cousin what did (or maybe what didn't) happen between the two of you. My view is, until you have reconciled yourself to those events, there's no point in having that convo, it may just cause more confusion, or worse, more hurt. I don't mean you have to have all the answers, no-one real has all of those, (isn't that what life's all about after all?). The risk also would be that you may speak / respond without due consideration - oh how hindsight is a wonderful thing heh :smiley: Anyways, good luck whatever course of action you choose to take. Lori
  8. ex-wife's disapproval

    Just ask the kids if they are confused about the relationship. Imho it's prob better if it's your cuz that does this. Forget the ex-wife & her wooden spoon. Lori
  9. Gabrial.S aka Ben

    Great to hear! Lori
  10. Congratulations Romalee! So what is the traditional gift thing for 10 yrs of marriage?
  11. Is there still a third party in the picture on his side?
  12. Got promoted

    Congratulations! Lori
  13. Well sure, that's kinda why I'm here Yes it is mutual on both sides although for a long long time I really wasn't sure if it was just all in my own head or what..... suffice to say, after ten years we are now on the same page - and no, I don't mean we've been together that long, it has taken us that long to avoid each other for years, then to have the internal arguments with ourselves and then to actually have the conversations with each other. And no, I still would not label us as 'together' or as anything else; it is what it is, and we both understand it, but yep, it's mutual. That's the best answer I can give from my own perspective, not sure it's any help to anyone else! Lori
  14. Congratulations to you both on your anniversary! Lori
  15. Im scared..

    Why are you lying to your mom? If she can see some of what's going on in your life from your behavioural patterns, why is there not trust and honesty in your relationship with her? I'll add that I am less than enamoured by the little you have communicated here about her verbalisations.