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  1. Hey Yellaboi2.0., Why not join up here? It can't hurt and u would have more options on this site. Well I can't exactly interpret her actions for u.Some ppl are very open like this and it isn't a big deal to them and they don't mean anything by it.They are just naturally flirtatious.Is she like this with any of her platonic friends? Or even more so,if she is any bit close with any of her other cousins does she act this way with them?Personally if it were me,I wouldn't be lettin any of my cousins(except the cousin I love)be this grabby with my booty and I wouldn't be that touchy all over there's.But that is just me.Even yet I'm pretty flirtatious,so there is a good chance ur cuz likes u. P.S. There is NO Shame in loving ur cousin.Don't let anyone make u feel that way!I'm glad to hear ur gettin over it. :smiley:
  2. Hi mohd1996, Well u really only have two options:you can find the courage to tell her OR you will have to forever keep it inside. Yes she may freak out,she may not reciprocate ur love;however,if u keep it in u will be miserable forever,always wondering and torturing urself as to what could have been,watching as she dates other guys, and eventually u receive an invitation to her wedding with another man.I can only imagine How hard it is,my cousin made the first move when we told eachother.And it was hard for him I know.But hey I was blissful!Maybe ur cousin will b too :smiley: And u said u were Muslim that should help right? At least ur religion doesn't forbid it. Also how old are u guys?Has she been brought up with negative prejudices toward the subject?Are either of u living on ur own?Best of luck :cheesy:
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