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  1. This is a difficult subject for me to answer without all up in arms because it gets me a little angry, to be honest. Everywhere you have the gay pride flag waving around...and gay marriage, to my knowledge, has never been legal in US history until a few years ago for everywhere. You have pedophilia that's trying to gain acceptance and there are people/groups that will actually defend pedophilia, saying Pedophiles are just like the LGBT in wanting to love who they love...*eyeroll* Then you have cousins....cousin couples were actually in the bible! Unlike Pedophilia....it's not sexually exploiting and taking advantage of children.....yet it's still looked at as disgusting and vile? Pedophilia's still looked at as disgusting and vile...and it's still against the law, which it always was and always should be. Polygamy and open relationships are celebrated. These are different groups trying to fight for the right and privilege to love and be accepted for who they love(Pedophilia never will, it just can't fly) Why can't that be cousin couples again? At one point in history, it was legal all over the US....but at some point down the line, states started making it illegal...I guess out of concern for how future generations would turn out. It just irks me though....why are is the LGBT being made legal and...well, I don't know what to say about pedophilia....and cousin couples are still looked at by the social circle, the media and legally as 'ick'? To me, this is so unfair....I have trouble comprehending it. So, to answer your question KC...I don't think so. For some reason, the western culture still considers this taboo and seem like they don't even want to acknowledge it or treat it like any other issue. It has to be hush hush and kept under the rug like it's something to be ashamed of.
  2. Tonight, should I say last night, "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding" on TLC, they had on a segment where this girl married her 1st cousin!I thought that was cool. :smiley:
  3. Does it cost any money to start up a blog?I read somewhere that it did....
  4. Why am I here?I was looking up 'cousin love' on the internet because all my life I was told that it was disgusting,looked down upon,not good,etc. Though I kept getting these crushes on my cousins and therewas one that just wasn't going away. So I was looking that up and I came across this site. There was a lot I wanted to say on here in relpy to posts and just to feel free to say 'I have a crush on my cousin' or 'I want to be with my cousin' and not face the looks of disgusts from my family members. I even did a 'research' paper on it for psychology...it's basically reasearch to guide my instructor to the neccessary websites. If I actually get with any of them remains to be seen...although there is this one I recently started talking to that I haven't met in person yet...but I love talking to him so.....I have no idea,lol. What have I done to be with him?: Nothing...not because I didn't want too but because I couldn't. At the time I was able to run across this cousin of mine in person,I was 14,he was 26 and also had a girlfriend. Now he's 8 states away and I just can't get to him for a lot of reasons....but life goes on I guess. It doesn't hurt knowing that he 'vanished' into thin air around the time my grandparents(his great aunt and uncle) passed away.I told him I was gonna need him because I didn't know how I was gonna handle it but after one time of texting me after it,I didn't hear from him. It made me see a lot so in a way,I'm thankful it happened. I was emotionally depending on him too much and I shouldn't have done that. Anyway,I know in the future that if anything happens with a cousin(I didn't meet all of them yet),I'll know where to turn to to feel safe in talking about it. :wink:
  5. Yeah,I totally believe in GSA too...it's been proven to me by myself at an early age!lol. I've been told it was wrong,disgusting,against God and all that and it was just looked down upon by those close to me I decided to tell,but that was when I was younger...I think people around me became more the wiser about me(although it's still looked down upon by some key people in my life). I've never actually been in a 'relationship' with a cousin but I've developed feelings/attractions towards them which people still don't understand as normal,even in this day and age.What's the westermark effect?
  6. There's this book trio I want to get and I haven't read but want to read. It's called the 'Indiana Cousins' series by Wanda Brunstetter. It's a 3 book Amish series and it's also in the christian book category.I don't know what time period it takes place in but it's Amish.
  7. Also try "No Marriage of Convenience(Avon romantic treasure)" by Elizabeth Boyle.It mentions in there cousins and I think they're also royalty if you consider the lord/lady titles.I thought it was just another romantic story involving 2 strangers getting to know each other and then somehow at the end of the book,end up totally in love with each other but this was actually cousins meeting that had no clue about each other.
  8. If you don't mind me asking,what are your ages?Depending if your cousin is under 18 and over,there could be a problem there...What country do you live in?
  9. Is there anything on third cousins?Just asking.....
  10. Twobitsgirl

    I Love Food

    I love food!......I'd see something on the food channel and then I would start craving it,lol.I love to eat.One of my favorite soups is Cream of spinach.I have been wanting to make ravioli lately but am unable to go and get a ravioli maker this time around. ......
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