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  1. we accepted our love on 24 nov 2008.. More than 3 yrs hav passed...
  2. no, we havent talked to our family members, except that she once told my brother about it, but he refused it outright. the problem is with both our families.. they will not understand this. what is the situation with you?
  3. @simple Yes, i do have a job, she too has it Both of us are in nationalised banks.. But she has already been delaying her marriage for the past two yrs, she has lost her father, and so, her mother wants to marry her now, there are other issues involved.. It is almost certain that we do not have much time in our hands, i m feeling helpless and she,.... God knows how she bears this......
  4. sorry for my late reply, I am losing hope now.. Her family is searching for a groom and she myt get married anytime soon, we keep on discussing what can be done but nothing comes out of it... @Simple, i m a hindu from north india, it is not at all accepted here I m certainly losing hope, dont know what will happen.... And dont know wat to do. I hate myself for bringing tears in her beautiful eyes...
  5. No, i havent talkd to any lawyer as yet bcoz i feel lik we wud run away instead of getting into legalities.. As simple as dat D only problem is dat our families will not be able to come out of this.. Its really complicated Dont know wat to do. What r u thinking?
  6. hello simple we both are in similar situation, can we talk, and find a solution or atleast feel better by sharing, coz it hurts like hell....
  7. dear somayloves mail me at () i am bhumihar brahmin we may be of help to each other
  8. We mat b of help to each other Mail me at (no e-mails) asap
  9. i too am in a similar situation, i m a bhumihar brahmin from north india, mail me asap: (nope)
  10. i m in the same situation, i m bhumihar brahmin from north india.. Mail me asap: (no e-mails)
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